I love capturing beautiful nightscape photography, and I’m always happy to share what I know and what I learn.
So I’ve started a series of posts with the theme ‘Nightscape Photography 101‘ – sharing tips and tricks to help you take better nightscape photos. In this seventh article in the series, I’m going to share some results from a long-exposure night test of the Canon 6D. Whenever Canon or Nikon bring out a new camera, for nightscapes photographers, the question is always – What’s it like at night?
At the IISAC2013 star party, I captured a 30 minute exposure with the Canon 6D, and for those interested, I’ve uploaded the full-frame unedited shot (just saved as 100% quality jpeg) as well as a 100% crop. I’ll let you make your own judgement, but I was very impressed with the lack of noise in the image. Even though some noise is present after a 30 minute exposure, it cleans up very nicely using a good noise reduction plugin.

I hope this post about Long Exposure Noise Performance of the Canon 6D helps you decide whether you’ll purchase a 6D or how you’ll use it!
I hope you will enjoy this series and your feedback and comments will always be welcome. Please share with your friends too! Mike Salway lives on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia and loves Photography, Amateur Astronomy, CrossFit and Karate.
Enter your email address to receive an email when I publish a new blog post or image, or connect with me on social media using the icons below. Nice work Mike, having also purchased the 6D recently I am keen to get involved in similar astrophotography. I would love to read more about this and especially how you bring back the colors (like in the final image). My name is Mike Salway and I'm passionate about photography, amateur astronomy, CrossFit and Karate.

I’m keen to inspire others to head outside and look up at the sky, and to photograph the sky.
Comments are welcome, and if you’d like any other tests with the Canon 6D, please just get in touch or comment below. Let me know your challenges and frustrations and questions about nightscape photography, and I’ll add them to the list of topics I’ll cover! I have had one night out near Barrington Tops but was a little dissapointed in my outcomes, esp when the sky was so full of stars.
I love to capture beautiful landscapes and night sky scenes, and love it when I can show people the wonder of our universe.

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