It also has a macro lens and wide lens on the other side for your normal photos (non-selfies) which is great! Taken with the wide lens, notice is has the black outline which I think is super cute and very typical of some fisheye lenses!
I know some companies have sold this for a lot of money (think $120+) which I think is crazy! Fast forward a few years later - over 185,000 people visit this website on a monthly basis and I currently have the most subscribed Asian Beauty Channel in Australia. The only thing as you may have noticed, because of the snug fit you can’t put it over a case thats thick, so I usually have to remove my case to use it which is the only downside. Unfortunately, I am not the most good looking or confident of people, so I probably don't use it to its full potential.
I have lived on instant noodles to buy hand bags, spent over 10k in shoes in one month and wore $2 dresses.
I don’t see myself keeping it on permanently but only to use when I need some wider shots so thats ok!
In the near future, I can see myself living in a smart house running Android.A newcomer has also arrived that further lengthens the list of Android-powered devices.

It has a wide viewfinder and a blazing-fast quad-core processor that can process your pictures within seconds.Is the Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 smart enough to blow other point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras out of its path? Though it looks clean and simple, I’m not really a fan of white-skinned electronic devices because they tend to get dirty more easily than dark-colored ones. There are also orange and pink variants for those who prefer brighter and flashy colors.At first glance, the Galaxy Camera looks like any ordinary point-and-shoot camera. No noticeable lag while zooming in and out on pictures and while browsing the Web.If it has the same processor as the Galaxy S3, so can you play HD games on the camera?
It’s convenient to text using your camera, but I somewhat feel awkward doing it in public. Mobile data connection is useful when you want to browse the Web and there is no Wi-Fi hotspot nearby. But, if you already have a mobile data plan on your smartphone, you can always tether your camera.For sharing your files wirelessly, you can use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, or DLNA. They are clear and sharp, and colors are almost true to life.The Galaxy Camera also shines in indoor settings. Images captured in low-light settings are still bright and not as noisy as what the usual point-and-shoot cameras can produce.To brighten up your pictures, the camera has a Night Mode that allows you to take good pictures in low-light settings.

With this mode enabled, pictures are crisper and less noisy.I found the xenon flash amazing.
A tripod is recommended.If the pro in you is dying to get out, you can use Expert Mode so you can manually adjust the ISO, exposure value (EV), aperture, and shutter speed.
On the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, however, only the ISO sensitivity was changed.Studio photosThe first set of images comprises of studio shots with ISO sensitivity set to 100 and 800 in all devices. All images were a bit noisy.The Galaxy S3 and Note 2 still hold their ground in this round. The camera was able to focus the water tanks above a tall building across our office, about 70 meters away. The camera’s lens is not detachable so you cannot replace it with another lens with a higher zoom capacity. I used the Macro preset and took pictures around our garden.As you can see here, the pictures are clear and focused.

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