Over the weekend I was doing some urban sunset chasing in Gantry Plaza State Park, located in Long Island City, Queens. Interesting side note: While shooting different angles and changing settings on my fully setup DSLR and tripod. During our brief conversation with him and his girlfriend, he expressed so much happiness with the purchase of his new small camera and he loves taking it with him everywhere he goes. Post-processing information: Lightroom 5 Adjustments, Topaz DeNoise, Topaz Clarity, and Topaz Detail.
To get a 15% discount off on Topaz Labs products, use the discount code “thephotoexplorer” at checkout. Nikon D3200 – Learn Photography Everything a budding photographer should learn to make the basics right. Learning how to begin taking photos at night is dependent on some very key photography practices. You should consider buying a shutter release cable–an excellent piece of equipment that will improve your night photography. Basically, long exposure photography is a specific technique where the camera is set to a slow shutter speed. Join Over 120,000 Aspiring and Professional Graphic Designers who receive weekly tips and Freebies! The views of Manhattan are really spectacular from this park; you are basically viewing the Midtown Skyline of Manhattan from about 23rd St to around 59th St. I was just minutes away from Queensboro Plaza, where I could take the N or R train to the Astoria Blvd stop.

Coincidentally my fellow HDR friend and blogger Luke Zeme from Sydney, Australia just did a tutorial on the Sony RX mk ii called  HDR with a compact camera.
Based out of New York, TPE aims to provided captivating images of the urban environment from NYC and beyond via different travel experiences. Taking photos in low light conditions, especially of the city, is a fantastic approach to get better in your shooting of long exposures.
When you take photos at night you normally want to include a very slow shutter speed with your shots. In my time as a photographer, every now and then, a photograph that I thought was overexposed was actually just right. This is the key reason why it is imperative to try different things.
This results to a detailed effect for the motionless elements of the image and a blurred, smeared and obscured effect for the moving elements giving it its extraordinary outcome. One of the cool things about this subway stop; is that it passes directly over highway and gives you an impressive view of the Triborough Bridge (officially Robert F. He was taking his first shots with his new camera and wanted to start off by taking some long exposure photos of the Triborough Bridge. You must keep the camera dead still if you want a slow shutter speed and sharp images simultaneously. At the other end is a small button that triggers the shutter to open and then close each time you press it. Because I had just upgraded to a better camera, I was eager to begin taking photos at night time. Put your shutter and f stop on a variety of speeds and just observe what happens. With practice and the right know-how you will be taking photos at night with ease.

This technique can be done in low-light environments but also do good in sufficient lighting.
Taking good photos at night needs a long shutter speed, a way to keep that camera rock steady and using aperture effectively.
You need one of these so you don’t knock or touch the camera when working with a slow shutter speed. This included the city skyline and astrophotography. I decided I would use the self-timer feature.
These effects can be more magnificent when mixed with creativity, imagination and playfulness of the photographer. In this article I will not only tell you how to do it, but also give you some methods in which to start taking photos at night and have them turn out beautifully. Being able to keep that camera secure is equally as important as the shutter speed and aperture. Without one of these handy little cords, you can create blur in your photo from the simple act of pressing the shutter button. In the length of time it took to make the count down to zero, the vibration from pressing the shutter open would cease.
When the cameras timer went off and the shutter opened, it gave the camera time to be still again.

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