Maybe you received a friend request from someone you don’t recognize with a lot of mutual friends. Facebook spammers are now creating fake user profiles to amass a large number of “friends” they can then sell to unsuspecting businesses. Soon after you accept requests from these fake users, you start getting invitations to join Facebook fan pages.
Worse yet, now these spammers have access to personal information you’ve marked as viewable by friends only. About Light Point SecurityLight Point Security was founded by former National Security Agency (NSA) employees with 30 years of combined experience in both offensive and defensive security. It is an award-winning and internationally recognized company with customers ranging from multi-national financial institutions and federal government agencies all the way to SMBs and individual home users. Its flagship product, Light Point Web, is an isolated web browsing solution designed to thwart even the most sophisticated attacks. WRITING4U MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY is the Number 1 Writing Company in the UAE, offering efficient and effective content writing services.
Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person. If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback. So if we’re at a business event and we’re sharing photos and videos, that gives other people a chance to see the quality of content that we have at our event. Before you can sell someone a specific thing, they need to be comfortable that you’re a brand, that you exist.
A lot of small businesses are challenged in terms of how much they can spend advertising and marketing themselves.
What about people who think social media is time consuming because there’s too much background noise?
One of the things my clients learn very quickly from me is that Facebook and Twitter offer highly efficient lists as a function.
Let’s say you’re a small business in the Hills Shire, and you know some of the people you want to work with are also out here.
I ask people all the time what they know about using lists on Facebook or Twitter and often they really aren’t aware that this even exists. Thankfully, the improvements have been positive and they’ve given us certain things such as Facebook Live. People need to find the time to learn, at a workshop for instance, what each platform’s strengths are. If you have Instagram, use it as a photo wall of events you’ve attended, businesspeople you’ve met, politicians you’ve met. The next day, people were seeing all this content from the event – people who may not even have been aware it was happening. Right now, the ‘ideas boom’ is what the government is promoting widely as the solution for Australia. Article Writers AustraliaQuality content writing services that can help you bring more visitors to your website! When you walk the floors of industry trade shows and speak with IT security vendors, one of the most predominant endpoint security myths is “assume you will be compromised.” Of course, this is a fallacy, but as a result of this axiom, the security industry has become obsessed with detection, but at the cost of less protection. Unfortunately, there are a lot of shortcomings with an IT security model based on detection. The reason this myth persists is because “assume you will be compromised” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Common endpoint IT security solutions focus on sandboxes, antivirus (AV), host-based intrusion prevention systems (HIPS), exploit mitigation (EMET), and hardware-assisted security (SMEP), yet a single public exploit for a Windows kernel vulnerability bypasses all of these solutions, even if they are stacked one upon another. Additionally, emerging technology trends, such as cloud computing and mobile employees are relocating corporate assets beyond the corporate perimeter, increasing the need for effective endpoint protection.
Beyond the sophistication of attacks, there is also a balance between security and operations. Therefore, an effective endpoint protection solution must be able to securely enable both legacy application and new computing models from sophisticated new attacks without breaking them.

The reason it seems like endpoint security is a losing battle is because the current IT security model is broken.
Threat detection systems rely on signatures to catch cyber-attacks, but the more signatures an organization has enabled, the more performance takes a hit.
In order to stay ahead of unknown threats, organizations must adopt an architectural model that is proactive. A robust endpoint protection solution should address the hurdles we discussed earlier, securely enabling legacy applications and new technology initiatives from sophisticated new attacks.
Instead, we should be considering endpoint protection solutions that are passive and proactive. If you get a friend request from someone with mutual friends, send your real friends a message and ask them about this person you don’t recognize.
Remove anyone you don’t recognize, especially if they’re constantly inviting you to join Facebook pages. We take pride in delivering client centric quality content that are relevant, engaging, unique, searchable and powerful.
This week we spoke to social business consultant Richard Wolff for his take on how to use social media to create business opportunities. It’s to help people and organisations find out what about LinkedIn or Twitter or Instagram is special to them, and to use each platform to create a profile and find ways to truly engage with the community. It’s about finding an authentic way to use each platform, not just to send out information, but to listen in on the communities they care about – their clients, their prospective clients and their business community.
Their social media, their Facebook and Twitter, was as you would expect – just used for a few isolated posts such as their events. The idea is to give them a true social media network that supports them and creates a buzz around their events.
If we’re tagging the right people, putting the right mentions and the right hashtags, the level of awareness is growing. If they create a decent profile on each platform that’s relevant to them, if they create and curate content for their business, and if they like, comment and share other people’s business content, this over time will deliver them an advantage.
You can set up lists of clients that you follow, private lists, lists of prospective clients, lists of competitors, other community associations and businesses – each one its own separate list. You might have two or three dozen businesses or associations in a list, and you just want to know about the content coming from those businesses.
It’s a pity, because it’s the difference between having a filing cabinet with folders, and having your paperwork scattered over the office and wondering why you can’t get to anything.
Video is a brilliant medium to share services, goods and events, so Facebook Live is an amazing product. Even as an individual, can you use it to monitor an area in your business using segmented lists?
That way, people who don’t know you can get an instant understanding of what you do in business and who you know. At the commencement of the event, they can let the audience know that photos and videos will be shared, some live and some after the event.
While there wasn’t a specific hashtag for the event, the common thread was the mayor and the event was at the council. So if you’re at a business event and it’s all about intellectual property and innovation and R&D, you can tag it #ideasboom. If you believe you will be compromised then you will make investments in detection and remediation, instead of considering more effective forms of endpoint protection. In the recent example from Bromium Labs, the focus was exploiting the kernel as that was the common weak link across all the widely used endpoint legacy technologies. The simultaneous deployment of multiple solutions sharing the same weakness is not satisfactory.
Sophisticated attacks may incorporate malicious Web sites, email or documents that have been developed to evade detection. When a mobile user connects to an untrusted network, it is imperative that attacks don’t slip through the cracks.
Primarily, operations is concerned with ensuring that applications run, while security is concerned with compensating for vulnerable technology.

For example, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework organizes five basic cybersecurity functions: identify, protect, detect, respond and recover. The good news is that it seems the security industry is finally starting to realize that reactive solutions, such as anti-virus, are incapable of detecting and protecting against unknown threats.
Organizations face a dilemma, balancing performance and security, which typically results in partial coverage as some signatures are disabled to maintain performance. For example, micro-virtualization delivers hardware-isolation, which isolates users tasks from one another, which in turn protects the system from any attempted changes made by malware. We can conclude that detection has failed because it is a reactive defence that attackers have learned to evade.
One example is to deploy hardware-isolated micro-virtualization, which provides a secure, isolated container for each task a user performs on an untrusted network or document.
It cannot negatively impact performance or the user experience or else users will work to circumvent its protection. Dissertation writing Help in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Help on Dissertation in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar , Dissertation Writing Consultancy in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,GCC. Thesis writing in in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, GCC.
He explains why it’s all about building lists and finding the right way to connect with your audience on each platform. When I got involved, I said that if you can harness the energy of your 300-plus members when they post on Facebook and Twitter, we can pick some of that content to share and curate back to the other members. Someone who was at the event can connect with someone else they didn’t even speak to, and someone who didn’t get to attend will wish to the next time. So when you’ve got content to share, you go directly to a relevant list, whether it’s in Facebook or Twitter, and you pick the lists that you need to engage with. They may not know who you are, but you can certainly put them in a segmented list called ‘Hills Community’. Then if someone is searching for current content, your content may show up and they may retweet it, republish it, and give it a much bigger reach. By all accounts, Target had deployed technology that did detect the attacks against it, yet it did nothing to remediate the situation. It is a vicious cycle: assume compromise, invest in detection, compromise occurs because of inadequate protection, threats are detected, incorrect beliefs are validated, repeat into the next budget cycle. For example, an organization may have developed its own legacy application that uses outdated and unpatched versions of Java to run. Ironically, these reactive defences, such as signature-based detection, actually require quite a lot of activity with its constant updates and new signatures.
Micro-virtualization can protect against known and unknown threats without the need for constant signatures and updates. Likewise, if they start to follow our pages and set their notification settings higher, they can get updates in their feeds, engage with the chamber, and get the updates from other members.
Similarly, industry analysts promote an advanced threat protection model of prevention, detection and remediation.
This approach to containerization on the endpoint also enables superior introspection with real-time threat intelligence, which can provide insight into attempted attacks that can be fed into other security solutions. They are non-intrusive, they do not negatively impact workflows and they avoid frequent updates.
Let’s set you up with a good bio, a photo, a summary and lists of organisations and people that matter to your personal needs.
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