The Aussie actress exploded onto the Hollywood scene in 2013 with the Wolf of Wall Street, playing opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. She most recently played Jane in Tarzan, and Harley Quinn in the highly anticipated super villain flick Suicide Squad. As for James Bond, Idris Elba recently ruled himself out of the race, after he was rumoured to be in the running for the role. Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox. The reason I initially decided to take a stand and encouraged my female friends to do the same was because men simply weren't listening or learning. When Laura first showed me how she was responding to these messages I thought it was hilarious, but I was also inspired to take action myself. The truth is all types of women can relate to this problem, we had a doctor of psychology and even Sophia Bush show support.

Her slinky, saucy character Naomi made Margot one of the most sought after actresses today. I've had a huge social media following since the MySpace days and I remember it used to happen regularly back then. It doesn't matter how many of these messages I receive, it's never any less appalling or shocking to see. It's trueA that not all menA commit these acts, but all women have been victims of harassment in some form or another in their lives and we just want to take the opportunity to use our platform to speak for those women whose voices aren't being heard. That was eight years ago and as I've moved my following to each popular social media outlet as they've emerged, I've watched this problem grow at an alarming rate.
It's a confronting thing and always leaves you feeling unsettled.A lot of backlash has suggested that because we take "sexy selfies"A  we are deserving of these messages, which I think shows a bigger picture of victim blaming and rape culture. I don't think a lot of people are aware of the frequency at which this actually happens.The reactions since the story came out have been really varied a€“A I've been told I'm doing "the lord's work" and I've been called every disgusting, degrading obscenity under the sun.

This is the same mentality that makes authorities ask "what were you wearing"A to victims reporting serious crimes such as assault and rape. But for every angry guy telling us we're asking for it because of the way we dress or accusing us of just wanting attention, there's at least five women thanking us for using our platform to speak out and take a stand against something that happens to so many of us, and that is what really matters.
It's about time we start taking the focus off teaching women not to "ask for"A this type of abuse and start to hold the men who do this accountable and teach them to respect women. A few have responded saying our message is invalid considering our audience is men, and to that I say well what better people to address this issue than people who have a following that does this. It wouldn't have the same impact if all our followers were women as they simply don't send dick pics!

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