As all of us know that indoor plants are amazing decorative items that are known to brighten up any room with living energy and color. We have previously featured quite a few projects and inspired decor ideas using galvanised pipe. Equipped with plenty of hanging and shelf space, this reclaimed wood and galvanised pipe clothes rack can be moved around from room to room - or for those that rent you can take it with you when you move! Some reclaimed timber and galvanised pipe and you can easily put together a mobile clothes rack or rail for added storage space in any home. Modern Small Beach House Design in Peru by Javier Artadi Arquitecto - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Beside this, Indoor planting is a fun loving activity which not only decorates your home in a natural and green way but also cleanse your environment. However, according to the researches besides creating a pleasing and inviting look, they are also known to impart a myriad of benefits.
Plants not only work as a cleanser but also refresh and add color to our home in a very natural and beautiful way.

Many people take interest in indoor gardening in order to decorate their home in a natural sense. A general rule temperature is between 65-75 degree Fahrenheit during day time and 10-15 degree cooler at night. Add other outdoor decorative pieces to these outdoor spaces, such as exterior drapes, tall plant, outdoor lighting, green and fresh landscape, etc. Now we would like to show you a complete range of galvanised pipe clothes racks and rails that will inspire you to grab your power tools and rush down to your local Builders Warehouse or salvage yard!
Heavy duty castors allow for mobility, while a double hanging rail and bottom storage shelf provide plenty of space for clothes and footwear.
For a modern look, rather than industrial style, use PAR pine and copper pipe, or spray galvanised pipe with Rust-Oleum Universal in a bold gloss, metallic or hammered finish.
Different indoor plants require different indoor conditions, while many others may require special treatment, grow light or humidifier. Don’t change the temperature of your indoor plants rapidly as it can cause damage to your plants.

Heavy duty casters providing mobility and the perfect solution for urban dwellers needing extra storage space for their clothing. It’s the perfect beach getaway designed in modern style with great connection between indoors and outdoors. Architects took right rectangular container and cut on some of its faces to achieve control of sunlight and some visual effects. This container consist of the living room connected to the terrace with the indoor pool and one more smaller container which hide all private areas. This modern house is one of those projects which were build in the beginning of the century, made its contribution to reinventing the beach architecture and became great holiday home for city-dwelling couple and three their children.

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