Etta and I collaborated on a couple of newborn photo sessions a few weeks ago and I thought I’d pass along some tips I picked up along the way.
I’ve read that the best age to take newborn photos is in the first 14 days, while the baby is still very sleepy.
Choose a spot in your house that gets good natural light, then open the blinds, curtains, etc.
I also turned on the white noise machine we have in the bedroom to dampen the noise of the house and keep her calm.
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Win awesome FREE stuff in our regular competitions and giveaways plus insider knowledge of money saving discounts. Hang colourful, and black and white things, things that move, and things that make noise over your baby’s cot. Let your baby follow things with their eyes – move your face, a rattle, or a coloured toy in front of them. Sing and help your baby do action songs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Incy Wincy Spider, Put a Spot Over Here, Round and Round the Garden etc.
Give your baby safe objects from around the house to explore the shapes and textures – plastic things from the kitchen, pots and pans, paper, empty tins with lids, velvet, fur, lace, towelling, cardboard, fine sandpaper etc. Use rice, pasta or a bell to fill a plastic container – make sure the container is well sealed. Roll a soft, brightly coloured ball to your baby and teach them how to stop it and push it back to you.
Hang rattles or similar noise-making toys where your baby can kick them, or put socks with securely attached bells ob your baby’s feet so they make noise when they move their feet. Make fun instruments from up-turned pots and pans with wooden spoons, or two saucepan lids for cymbals. The Bub Hub Crew is the name we have given to our esteemed team of award-winning* staff writers.

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I have a newborn and was trying to take some pics of her on just a blanket on the floor the other day. I was a first timer for my daughters newborn shots (with my other two we had professional shots).
I have one shot of my two daughters together (not shared here) that is among my most favorite photos of all time. Tap the bottom of your baby’s feet gently in time to a song that you are singing for example Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
Take your baby outside and hold them where they can see things moving – streamers, trees, washing on the line. Play aeroplanes with your hands – fly through the air and land on your baby’s tummy!
Hold a toy to your baby’s side and fly it over their head and land on the other side so your baby can follow the toy with their eyes. Let your baby feel different surfaces, let them sit and crawl on the grass, feel stones and leaves with supervision – some objects can look like a tasty treat!

I wanted to sneak them in before her skin started peeling or she got a weepy blocked tear duct or cradle cap or all that other ugly stuff. It definitely gives you a sense of pride doing it yourself, especially when people ask you what studio you got them done at.
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Float small objects such as flowers or corks in the water and let your baby reach and splash.
She was in a onesie, but she was just crying for most of it (I was the only one home, so no helpers).
The natural lighting was best in our living room, so I used the couch to hold up the white sheet and used the boppy on the floor under it for positioning. But remember: the person on the other side of the computer screen is someone's mum, brother, nan or highly intelligent but opinionated cat.
She’ll be out of that 2-week window tomorrow, but hoping day 15 or 16 is still okay over here.
This Gaorui Cute Stylish Sling Wrap Carrier Swaddling Sleeping Pouch Nursing Papoose Bag for New Infant Newborn Baby _ Multiple Color and Pattern is what you want.
I just use my on-camera flash (still very much an amateur here), but I use a product called a Light Scoop. It’s just a piece of plastic and a mirror, but it bounces the flash onto the ceiling allowing the light to diffuse over the whole room. If you’ve ever struggled to get well lit photos indoors, the Light Scoop will be nothing short of a revelation.

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