To be honest I’m glad it happened because it gave me time to reavaluate my camera gear so I decided to sell all my lenses and upgrade to new ones. The recent webinar sponsored by Topaz Labs and co-sponsored by HDRsoft, makers of Photomatix, went extremely well. As you might have guessed, the image above is Captain Kimo’s famous Jupiter Lighthouse Full Moon shot, and now it’s being printed on FanOculars!
For my next two months in Thailand I’ve decided to get a Canon Rebel T3 to take all my HDR exposures. Hello Kim, sorry to ear about your camera, but like you said it’s maybe a good time to change your gear. I phone made this HDR Photography more easier by introducing these effects in their IOS 4.1 .
The Canon 5D Mark III is the first in the Canon DSLR range to hit the market with in-camera HDR capabilities. This entry was posted in Equipment Review, Photography Technique and tagged 5D Mark III, Canon, HDR.
I’ve been in the market looking for a smaller camera setup to take with me to Thailand. Kim, as you know from the mill image, my BEST image was taken with my cheapest lens and camera, the Canon Rebel Xti. I just returned from Maui, Hawaii where I got to use the Sony NEX 7 mirror-less micro four thirds camera to take a lot of bracketed photos to create HDR images with. After the last two years offering up as much support as I can through email and in person for friends and web visitors alike, my first ebook, “How To Take HDR Photography” is finished and available for purchase!

How To Take HDR Photos is a new eBook that simplifies the process of taking HDR pictures so that anyone can do it. To celebrate, for the next week only you can get $10 off the purchase price of $30 by using the Discount code: FirstInLine. When David Ballou, President of FanOculars, LLC, contacted me about putting my images on these cardboard binoculars I was skeptical.
I love to share useful information with the people and prove my level best to provide quality stuff on my website.
With 5 possible HDR effects and the ability to vary the number of stops between bracketed images the 5D is promising a lot.  But how would it hold up when tested in the field?
The latest version provides a fresh new interface that simplifies the process of creating great immersive content. The first camera that I bought was a Sony NEX-5 because it was super small making it very portable. It took me over a year to write and edit the book, which would have gone much faster if I had not been so busy at work!
You will learn everything you need to know from What Camera to Buy, to Advanced Editing Techniques. Select this setting and use the right directional button to widen the bracketing to the widest setting. The new camera has a much faster rapid shot that should improve the Automated Exposure Bracketing (AEB) setting for taking HDR pictures much quicker.
They sent me an email saying there was corrosion in the camera and the cost to fix it would be $800.

Last time I used only the Canon S90, and it did a fantastic job but I want something a little more, but not as heavy as my full frame camera. First of all HDR imaging is not to make a photo unnecessary colorful and unrealistic artistic image.
The only challenge would be to find a scene with the right lighting to take the camera through its paces.
Plus it had a crop sensor which gave me more image to work with when processing my HDR exposure… so I thought. After playing around with it for a day, there was no doubt that the Rebel was perfect for what I needed. Use the link below to watch the video and get access to the original exposure to view and work with.
I was looking into the Sony NEX-5 but after processing a few HDR exposures from that camera I sold it and went with the Rebel instead. This technique is used for controlling contrast and shadows of a picture and also changing colors of a image to make it more clear and beautiful. By using this technique anyone can take more than one picture with different exposure and can mix up these images for better look.
I hope you will like this collection and leave your comments at the end of this post and let us know about your feedback.

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