The Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino was located next door to the Luxor where we spent the first 3 nights of our stay in Vegas. All rights reserved full copyright please contact me for licensing and prints are available on request. When I was wondering around looking at the wealth of inspiration outside the front doors of the hotel I turned from my viewpoint of the Luxor and took a few steps towards the Mandalay Bay. Well I've booked a little boys trip to Barcelona with the skaters from Yorkshire and I'm already giddy as hell about it despite the fact that we dont fly until April!

The most amazing golden glow immediately caught my eye with the warm desert sun glinting of the detailed metal work on the hotel. I've already started my bucket list for Barcelona and I've been researching the area both for photography opportunities and the night life which sounds amazing in itself. I adjusted my stance a few times until I managed to get the sunburst on the corner of the hotel. I'm really thankful my dad took me on this little adventure, showing me some of the sights he had come across in his travels.

The Mandalay Bay Casino opened in 1998 and is connected to the Luxor hotel via a monorail and shopping centre.
Otherwise no immediate travel plans but I do hope to get out and about a bit more around the UK this year.

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