The cherry blossoms were just emerging as we enjoyed this central city park.  A great place for people watching it is adjacent to the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) and the Natural History Museum – both on our list for our next visit to Shanghai.
We stayed at New Harbour Service Apartments where, for the price of a hotel room we stayed in a three bedroom apartment.  This four star property also has a lovely indoor swimming pool and is a ten minute walk from the Bund. Thank you to Shanghai Chang Feng Oceanworld for hosting us during our visit to the aquarium.
Subscribe to Bubs on the Move's newsletter to keep updated on great places to visit with kids, travel tips and giveaways. I hadn’t associated cherry blossoms with China either Lisa, but they were very pretty and not yet in their prime. Thanks for hosting Friday Daydreamin’ Becca – it gives me plenty of motivation to keep traveling internationally when I see what everyone else is up too! The cherry blossoms are spectacular – I associate them with Japan and it had never occurred to me that they would be so beautiful in Shanghai. My younger daughter has been asking to go to China since she was 3 years old and I’m still trying to figure out the best timing and how to do it.

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