A great photo will be taken from an unusual angle, a time of day when the light is softer, or during moody weather. Monochromatic photographs work because the lack of colour means the viewer has to concentrate on the content of the image.
Submitting the photographOnce you have got all the great shots you want, you will need to select the very best image in your set. Competitions will change judges, and judges will change what exactly they look for in an outstanding photograph, but it still remains true that the best way to figure out what kind of photograph will win this year is to look at past winners. In my quest to find the right #NMTvotw, I ran into a lot of really good singers, singing some amazing #NMTsongs, but the quality of the video just didn’t allow the singer to make the cut.
With that in mind, I was able to find a really good quality video AND a really good quality singer. Send in only recent videos, so that we know you’re still performing and supporting our artists. Special Christmas Discount!50% off prints and 10% off BooksUse discount code xmas at checkout', CAPTION, 'Christmas Special')" onmouseout="return nd();">Christmas Discounts up to 50% Off. Judges, who are people with their own preferences and biases, compare one image to another and decide, often with very few guidelines, that one is better than the other. Below are some tips and techniques that will take your photographs from fun snapshots to outstanding works of art. If you are willing to go out rain or shine, roll around in the mud and get really uncomfortable just to get the perfect shot, that determination will show.

You will be able to capture unexpected moments, unusual subjects or uncommon perspectives, and these are the creative elements that judges look for.
Unfortunately, not all images are bold enough to make a big statement when converted to black-and-white.
Judges will look at all the photographs in large groups, selecting the ones that stand out for their shortlists. Compare your work to former champions, and you should be able to get an idea of which of your shots will be most successful. Similarly, many people miss out their chance to win just by submitting their photo in the wrong file upload size or print size. We enable you to design and print your most important memories, in the most beautiful ways, at the best prices.
Take goofy pictures of you and your friends, or of unexpected sweet moments that you wouldn’t have a chance to capture with a camera. Meet Sarah Snydacker, singing I Want Them… by #NMTWriters Goldrich and Heisler¬†and congratulate her on being our second #NMTvotw winner. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Don’t worry about whether or not there is a competition running that you can submit to.
If you are going to submit a black-and-white image, make sure the intended effect is in fact happening.

If you do the same when selecting which shot to submit, you have a better chance of picking one that grabs judges’ attention. And it almost goes without saying that you must have it submitted by the deadline.If you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to find more success in the photograph competitions you enter. I’m working on another little project to share some newborn photography ideas with you, more specifically some ways to pose your newborn baby to make them look super sweet for taking some pictures of them. There are certain things they look for, particular criteria that they expect the winning photographs to meet. One of my favorite lenses to use while I’m taking newborn pictures is my 100mm macro lens. By taking the best photograph you can and submitting it, you improve your chances of winning drastically.
It gets in nice and close to the baby’s little face, fingers, or toes and captures some beautiful images.
I think it’s important to photograph the soft ¬†flaky skin, the wrinkly little feet, and the paper thin finger nails. They grow bigger pretty fast, so this lens helps me document those details and capture those memories for the mamas.

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