What Tom Carter is best known for is burly 1st descents in the Eastern Sierras in the 1980s. Tom is also the lead guide for Ruby Mountain Heli Ski in Nevada and he’s the guy who taught my AIARE Avalanche 1 & 2 classes back in 2003 (he reminds me a ton of my dad).
Tom guides paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe during summers and has decided to start extracting the tires he sees all over the lakebed.
Gibraltar is an overseas territory, which is as a crown colony belongs to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is located in southwestern Europe on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula and has a great strategic importance, as strait of Gibraltar is linking the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and furthermore also Europe and Africa.
Gibraltar is located on the north side of the strait of Gibraltar; this is also the place where Europe is closest to Africa, the most southern point of Europe. It’s amazing for two things; firstly because of the two totally different cultures and secondly it’s quote unbelievable, that Africa from this point is so close.
And believe me, this is something totally different that you are use to, while visiting places in Europe.
It’s something like, when people visit India for the first time, and they say, it’s a Big culture shock.
Gibraltar history In year 711 Gibraltar was conquer by the Muslims Arabs and the Berber people. It is named after Tariq ibn Sijadu, the Moors general who knew and was familiar with the strategic importance of Gibraltar, and has commanded to place the fortress there, around Gibraltar. This attack was a total surprise for Spaniards, because they weren’t attacked at dawn, the morning as usually, but they were attacked during the afternoon siesta. From year 1730 onwards, Gibraltar was confirmed with a peace agreement in Utrecht, as a British colony. There is a still tension, which goes long back, between Great Britain and Spain, as Spain wants to acquire Gibraltar back. Gibraltar and the famous monkeys Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where monkeys live in liberty.

These are the barbers, also named Magoti monkeys (scientific Latin name is Macaca silvanus). Gibraltar’s strait which is connecting the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea is of great strategic importance for the armed forces, therefore the United Kingdom has a fleet of Royal navy base in Gibraltar. From the east side we could see from far away a steep cliff, named Upper Rock, which is located above the bay of Algeciras. I also shouldn’t forget to tell you, that Gibraltar is a free tax zone, therefore a lot of tourists decided to visit it (while there are in south part of Spain). While you are there is also worth visiting museums, where you will find out a lot of interesting things about Gibraltar’s history. The 10 beaches below are some my favorite beaches in Asturias and Cantabria, Spain  There are many many more to choose from but my list includes different types of beaches ones and ones which I personally visit often with friends and friends. La Franca is a family favorite and only a 5 minute drive from our rental house in Asturias.
The main center of San Vicente de la Barquera is only a short walk from the beach where you can find a good selection of reasonably priced restaurants. You can access the beach by car are alternatively walk to it by using the coastal path which runs from Unquera to Llanes. It is a beautiful beach with lots of small rock pools for kids to explore and is good for swimming although sometimes you can get strong currents there. Pechon itself is a nice village and has some nice restaurants which offer menu del dia and tapas. You can also drive up to the hill that overlooks the beach and get amazing view along the Cantabrian coast. The place does definitely not reflect the name and the only thing you will find here is crystal blue water and soft white sand!
How To Get From Santiago, Chile to Bariloche, Argentina:When Is The Best Time to Ski & Ride in South America? In the past, barbarian monkeys lived also in the southern and central Europe, and so far, Gibraltar monkeys could be their descendants.

This beach is a little bit more hidden away than some of the other beaches listed here and for that reason you will tend to find more locals on the beach rather than tourists. There aren’t any shops or restaurants near by so it is better to take a picnic with you.
Make sure you you don’t visit during high tide because there is very little beach to see.
To arrive to the parking you have to drive through the little lanes of the village of Niembro. Again the beach is set in beautiful natural surroundings and is probably one off if not the most stunning beaches in Asturias. It can get busier in the summer but it is still definitely worth a visit and the the town is very nice. When you arrive at the top of the village you descend into green fields where you can park your car. The beach is frequented by nudists but if you don’t fancy taking everything off there is no problem and many people go there are not nudists. There are also 2 good restaurants right next to the beach so you can easily spend the whole day there.
The only building close to the beach the Arcea Hotel Mirador de la Franca where you can have a nice lunch. Alternatively it is a great spot for a picnic or if you are staying at our house it is easy to pop back home for lunch.

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