A DSLR is faster, allows you to do more creative things with your photos by offering infinite control over composition, will have an inherently longer lens, and will take better pictures nine times out of ten, even if you simply use “Auto” mode and let the camera do the rest. If you can’t be bothered, we’ll break it down for you here: Shutter speed is how long the lens stays open to allow light through to the sensor. Now that you have purchased and investigated your camera, it’s time to have fun with some of its strong points, such as depth of field. You can take some incredible shots of your kids with your DSLR’s scene modes, believe it or not. Sure, I’m no Anne Geddes, but I had fun taking these jumping and running shots with my camera’s kid mode.
Anyway, the whole family photo thing got me thinking about how the holidays generally mean a whole lot of picture-taking going on! Since I am married to a professional videographer and work with the talented ladies over at Small Fry Blog who deliver stunning images on their blog everyday…I decided to ask them to share their best advice for taking great family photos this holiday season.
Click on the picture to learn more about the wonderful people I am very fortunate to work with!
One Good Things By Jillee in partnership with Small Fry Blog is giving away either an iPhone5 OR a Canon Rebel DSLR Camera to one lucky winner! All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite photography tip! Winner must be 16 years or older and will be randomly selected and announced Monday December 10th. Technology has improved so much today that, it is common to see high quality expensive digital cameras in one’s hands but the question is – do they really know how to take professional pictures?
I often see people taking out their cameras and zooming to get a clear focus of their subject. Experimenting with different clicks at various angles is the right way to get hold of creative snapshots.
You need a strong imagination to create compelling images that arrest the viewer’s attention. At the same time, encourage team members to offer insight and add their unique flavor to the project. RAW images occupy a lot of space, so select a card with enough capacity to store an entire day’s worth of shooting. The advantages are that the colour and other adjustments will all be exactly the same, you will have better highlight detail and sharpness and it is also easier to change the numbering to suit your own filing system.
Having said that, it is always nice to read how someone else approaches a particular type of job and I am sure he is a fine photographer.
I think I’d rather shoot myself in the head before I took up women’s high fashion photography! Amazing captures!There’s always a story behind every capture the photographer makes!I love how he got that"candidness"in every photo.Awesome pictures, great location & photography! The foremost aspect of taking good portrait photography is to set up your camera according to the circumstances. When placing your object to take the photograph, make sure that the sun light is not directly hitting your camera lens. After you have made up your mind in framing the subject, ask them to maintain eye-contact with the camera. They delve into the hobby because they have a new addition to the family, and soon realize that their digital point-and-click cameras are just not good enough.
Sure, these cameras are more expensive, but the quality of the images will be worth it for years to come. Depth of field is the amount of your image before and beyond the focal point that will appear in focus. For example, my camera’s portrait mode opens the aperture to let as much light in and adjusts to a higher shutter speed to account for that increased exposure. These modes usually put a higher emphasis on shutter speed and slightly boost or saturate background colors while leaving skin tones alone. Frame your subjects off-center. Go against your natural impulse to center all your photographs. Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice taking photos, the easier and more intuitive it will become, and the better photos you will produce! Believe it or not, majority of them aren’t aware of the right ways of clicking pictures and if you happen to be one among them then this article is sure to help you.

If you are well versed with the basic photography techniques, then every picture you click will become a masterpiece. However, you can’t bring your ideas to life without a working knowledge of basic photography skills.
Throwing together too many visual elements can overwhelm an audience and obscure your message. Although clients will often provide specific guidelines, you’ll have a lot of flexibility in the execution. If you clearly express your creative vision, they will know how to contribute their talents. RAW allows me to blow the images up to billboard size if needed, and JPEG-small is better suited for Web images. Using one card lets you avoid having to interrupt the flow of shooting or keep track of multiple sets of photos. I direct movement when posing my shots because it makes the models look more natural and creates interesting effects on the clothes. Using small Jpegs straight out of the camera results in lower quality and is only recommended if you don’t have time to process them before sending them off.
For instance, if the light is low in that particular area, one must open up the lens for a longer time period in order to allow the light to pass for more time. The best time for taking a good and perfectly balanced picture is to take it in the morning or in the evening.
Focus them properly to capture their facial expressions if you are taking the head-and-shoulder frame shot, and then take your photo. Not only are these cameras too slow to capture a child’s fleeting expressions, they can’t quite capture the subtle mood of, say, a toddler asleep in a pool of sunlight on the floor. For example, my Nikon D60 has a portrait mode and a kid mode; both are very useful in getting excellent pictures of my little guys. With this mode, you won’t get any movement in camera, and photos will have a narrower depth of field, giving that fuzzy, out-of-focus appearance to the background while keeping your kid’s face sharp. Translation: You can take pictures of your kids running and jumping and freeze the motion, while making the backgrounds more exciting. Capturing detail and emotion is so much easier no matter what equipment you have when you get on your subject’s level, invade personal space if necessary!
When shooting in the day, turn off overhead lighting, find a window and put your best face forward toward the light.
If you have a zoom lens, stand back a few feet and zoom in to throw the background out of focus and isolate your subject from the background. Don’t be afraid to take several pictures of the same thing using different settings on your camera. Kids and babies are notorious for wiggling at the last second, so make sure you have plenty of options to choose from. Many people extend their arms to see the image in the camera’s viewfinder before snapping the picture.
While some shots look nice centered within the frame, off-center compositions can give your photos an artistic feel.
To succeed, you must breathe, sleep and live photography, and constantly focus on improvement. Study lighting and composition, and explore how various camera settings affect your images. Plan which shots will help you accomplish your goal, and arrange an itinerary of poses, angles and props before you begin. When devising a timetable for the shoot, give yourself enough wiggle room to compensate for the inevitable delays. Make up artists, hair stylists, technicians and many others contribute to the final product of a fashion shoot – your image. Above all, keep things fun; people perform better if they are comfortable and enjoying themselves.
RAW delivers enhanced picture quality and greater freedom and flexibility during post-production.
I like making angles happen with their arms and legs while posing, and also add movement into the images. If you have already taken hundreds of pictures of your family, but have thus far failed to achieve the consistency of taking good pictures regularly, and want to take a good and more professional looking photograph then you must keep some simple guidelines in your mind while taking the shot.
In addition, setting up the white balance according to the natural light is also extremely necessary to capture the perfect and true colours of that specific object along with its surroundings.

It will not happen when you are taking pictures of your family, but it could become a factor to distort your picture if you are working as a professional photographer. Instead, flashes reflect off this and that, shadows appear that never existed before, and skin tones look washed out, blown out, or altogether unnatural.
I love to take photos of kids with shallow depth of field, making the child’s face perfectly in focus while blurring the background.
Especially for children, candid is key and will capture a feeling better than any forced smile will do.
Show the freckles and the flaws, those are the things we treasure as mothers and we want to remember for years to come. Use that natural light, its where we all look best, and it will make your photos feel natural and inviting. Outdoor in sunny conditions you might be able to get away without it….but for close-ups you will get better images using a tripod.
Most digital cameras offer automatic settings that do just fine, but taking the time to learn about manual settings and tweaks is well worth the time.
You can even use the video feature on your Smartphone, then take a screen shot from the video!
No matter how expensive instruments and technology you have used but if the song turns out to be boring, everything else fails. We The Team, Believe In Giving Right Information And Thus, Every Article Is Deeply Researched & Written By Quality Writers. In this article, I will cover the unique mix of imagination, professionalism, technical skills and leadership abilities that a fashion photographer must employ.
Produce uncomplicated photos using solid fundamentals before adding more complexity to your work. Although preparation is crucial, spontaneity often produces the best work, so allow yourself the freedom to be creative on the fly. Make sure you have everyone’s contact information, and keep replacements ready in case of last minute cancellations. It offers broader color palette selections, a variety of exposure adjustments that help evoke a desired mood or emotion, and the ability to greatly increase image size for larger format viewing and printing.
He makes the point that RAW files take up more space on the card, so why add the unnecessary Jpeg files?
Furthermore, make sure that the subject is absolutely comfortable with the background, lighting and all the other objects that you are going to include in the frame.
Make sure that you apply the rule of third while framing the subject, as it will enhance the results of the captured picture.
Here are some helpful hints on taking frame-worthy kid pictures, every time you pull out your camera. This is especially helpful when you are, say, in a nursery full of toys that can distract from your photo. All great things, and so much more valuable than sitting with folded legs and arms in our laps!
Ultimately, you control the shoot and are responsible for the outcome, so don’t hesitate to take charge and give direction. If you are one of these people who think that “F-stop” is a dirty expression and not a measure of how open or closed the aperture on a camera is, it’s time to reconsider. You might actually figure out what all those buttons and knobs do, and some manuals even help you learn the very basics, like the difference between shutter speed and F-stops, and what ISO means.
Old-fashioned eyeball viewfinders also reduce shakiness, as it requires you to keep the camera still as it’s pressed against your face. Unless there is something eye grabbing in the snapshot, people will never find it interesting.
For more fun with depth of field, you can purchase an even longer zoom, such as a 55-300mm lens, to further decrease the depth of field. For this, you require dividing your frame along 3 horizontal lines & 3 vertical lines equally, leaving you with a grid, where you got to put your subject. These telephoto lenses are also wonderful for snapping very candid photos of your kids, who often go into turtle mode or mug for the camera if they know they are being photographed.

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