Love these tips ?? Especially like the one about getting down on their level – I never thought of that. In 2003 the BBC created a documentary celebrating the Seven Wonders of the Industrial World. The SS Great Eastern: Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the Great Eastern is an iron sailing steam ship and was considered to be the largest ship ever built at the time of her 1858 launch.
The Brooklyn Bridge: Taking over 13 years to construct and completed in 1883 at 5989 feet long, made the Brooklyn Bridge at the time the longest bridge in the world. Bell Rock Lighthouse: Located in the North Sea across from the coast of Angus, Scotland is the Bell Rock Lighthouse, which is the oldest sea washed lighthouse in the world. The London Sewerage System: During the early 19th century, London used the River Thames as an open sewer which due to the city’s growth, became outdated and started causing a foul stench and disastrous consequences for public health in London. The Panama Canal: The Panama Canal is one of the largest most difficult engineering feats ever to have been built in the world. The First Transcontinental Railroad:Also known as the “Pacific Railroad,” the First Transcontinental Railroad was the first rail system to connect the Eastern and Western seaboards. The Hoover Dam: Located on the border of Arizona and Nevada, the Hoover Dam was considered to be the largest concrete structure ever built in the world.
Glass-like water reflected the suns ray as we skimmed over the flat calm surface of Bunaken National Marine Park on Siladen Resorts’ comfortable dive boat, the flat island of Bunaken and the 800m tall volcano of Manadotua just behind, making a beautiful backdrop.The bright sun plays a very strong part in the beautiful reefscapes we shoot under the surface in wide-angle underwater photography.
Paul McCartney strums an acoustic guitar on a sofa in his London office, humming to himself as he tries to recall a melody from his adolescence – one of the first, never-recorded songs he wrote with his teenage friend John Lennon, on their way to starting the Beatles in Liverpool. A lot of the things we did in Hamburg were instigated by me, then taken up by the other guys. Does it have to be a unanimous decision – you, Ringo, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison?Yeah. How would you characterize your relationship with Yoko now?It’s really good, actually.
Is there anything left in the vaults that is worth releasing?That’s the question: Is it worthwhile?
What potential did you see in 1963, when you and John gave them “I Wanna Be Your Man” to record? The guy who turned the Beatles down at Decca Records happened to ask George if he knew anyone worth signing. In your work with younger artists like Kanye or Dave Grohl, do you feel the challenge that you had within the Beatles, especially from John?
How hard was it to balance your music and fame when you and Linda were raising a family in the Seventies on a farm?It was more hippie culture. Have you had to change your expectations as to what constitutes a hit compared with what you knew in 1966?I’ve given up trying to figure it out. We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries. If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away.

Mom always has some kind of camera with her, worst case it is her phone but that works in a pinch. It took us a while to figure that one out too, but it’s so fun to let loose and get down on the floor with them to take a photo. It’s incredible the features that are coming out on the new ones now…wish you the best! A civil engineer by the name of Joseph Bazalgette took over the job of building this underground infrastructure. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested.
Not only does it feed the beautiful soft and hard corals found encrusting the deep walls that Bunaken is famous for, supplying the whole marine food chain from tiny crustaceans to whale sharks, but the sunlight can also be used to enhance the colours or to act as a focal point in your imagery.
My passion grew into a profession, becoming a partner in the distribution of INON products in the UK and developing a comprehensive underwater photography course.
On one occasion, McCartney does an impression of Lennon doing a Gene Vincent number during the Beatles’ bar-band days in Hamburg, Germany.
I rely on the experience and knowledge of what would have happened if I’d brought it to the Beatles. But it came after a few albums that were much darker, even sadder, like Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.
How did the biggest band in the world succeed as parents amid that madness?It’s the Liverpool roots. When you reissued Ram in 2012, it got raves, but when it first came out, in 1971, it took a beating.That album popped into my mind. Of course, in the world of smart phones, this one isn’t that much of a problem anymore. You are correct that most people don’t get down to dog level to take a snap and that is so important! They’re also wondering what the heck you’re doing down there, so you can get some gems when it comes to their facial expressions! He built a modern sewer system that purified the city and resulted in the end of the epidemics of cholera and typhoid that had sickened the population. And in October, he caps his touring year at Desert Trip, the festival where he is appearing with old friends including Bob Dylan, the Stones and Neil Young. No one would have got off their asses to come out from the suburbs into the city to make Let It Be. Was it hard to write songs after Linda’s death and during the personal difficulties that followed? But, those photos did come in handy when we decided to write a book; we were able to source the photographs ourselves. We hope you enjoy and come back often - Scott Gietler, Owner of UWPG and Bluewater Photo & Travel. Dropping over the side to amazing 40m+ visibility, the sunlight streaming into the water, I could immediately see the reef undulating with life.

I was very privileged to be asked to test prototype equipment for INON Japan and my images feature on their website and in their brochures. One of the pleasures for me, when we take our bow at the end of the evening, is there’s five of us. And we’ve just recently upgraded to using our iPod to take photos because our digital is showing signs of wearing out. We weren’t going to sit down and write a song so much as talk and spark ideas off each other.
John and me, we were kids growing up together, in the same environment with the same influences: He knows the records I know, I know the records he knows. The four of us coming together, with all these roots – there was a sensibility that we would want to do it right, in the family way. It plays into your self-doubts, even though you overcame those self-doubts to write that song. My enduring passion has always been to showcase our amazing underwater world, highlighting the fragility and conservation of it through my photography. A perfect wide-angle photo subject!Lining up with the turtle, I adjusted my camera settings and approached carefully so as not to scare the turtle.
All of my contemporaries, who are still pretty cool, don’t have it, because things have moved on. Looking lazily at me, he was unbothered as I took several shots with my brand new Canon EOS 6D camera in an INON X-2 housing with 2x INON Z-240 strobes. I had the new Canon 8-15mm circular fisheye lens so was interested to see how the extreme fisheye images would come out. I remember Mick onstage in a gray jacket doing his hand-clappy thing [claps hands in quick rhythm]. So we got in a little cupboard – a closet that had microphone leads and things, with a drum kit, amps turned to the walls, one mic for John. This lens is limited underwater as it can only be used in the 8mm position or the 15mm position because it produces a whole black circular frame around the images at 8mm, which is acceptable. Large sea fans, whip corals and sponges protruded out from the wall, making perfect subjects to practice shooting - both into the sun and with the sun at my back.
This had the advantage of lighting up the reef, giving more available light, but was difficult to control when shooting towards the sun. With the strobes on manual, I took several images lowering and increasing the power of the strobe until I got the lighting I wanted. As other photographers had their heads down photographing critters, I moved up towards the shallows where the late afternoon sunlight threw beautiful slanting golden beams across the sand to where large congregations of orange starfish gathered readying themselves for the night feeding frenzy.

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