Depending on the kind of jewelry youa€™re photographing, you may want or may not want more shadows.
If youa€™ve taken the time to setup a small photo studio for your jewelry, you shouldna€™t have to use your cameraa€™s flash to light up the product youa€™re selling.
You can never overlook the importance of how your frame your subject, especially if ita€™s a diamond ring or a gold chain. Although costume jewelry and fine jewelry are crafted from different materials and have different values, many of the same rules apply to the care of both types. It's tempting to put your jewelry on as you get dressed in the morning or prepare for a night out. Although occasional exposure to hand and body lotion won't damage most fine jewelry, it can destroy the finish on costume pieces. No matter how careful you are when wearing your jewelry, it can also sustain damage during storage. Before you try to clean any of your jewelry items, it's essential that you know about the materials used in constructing your treasures.
It's helpful to have all your jewelry care supplies in one place so you can clean and repair your items without having to hunt down the necessary tools and materials. If you clean your jewelry, it may seem sufficient to pat it dry with a chamois and then store it. Cleaning and minor repairs are something most people can accomplish at home; however, there are some repairs that are best left to professional jewelers.
The Toronto-based Hot Pop Factory brought us their first collection of jewelry called Stratigraphia.
Last year we talked to the Shapeways company who have been stampeding their way through the 3D printing market by allowing the masses to print their designs by way of the internet.
Quite possibly the pioneers of 3D printed jewelry, Nervous System took us for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how they developed their Cell Cycle line of 3D printed nylon and stainless steel jewelry that’s based on cellular patterns. Building on her architecture background, designer Alia Hasan formed Archetype Z Studio and brought her design ideas to a smaller scale in these pieces influenced by modern architecture.
Designers Orlando Fernandez Flores and wife Lucia De Conti designed MYBF (My Best Friend), a line of 3D printed jewelry that looks like giant outlines of fancy gemstones.
San Francisco-based Fathom & Form Jewelry uses a combination of techniques, including 3D printing, to create their architecture inspired line of geometric jewelry. Beautiful designs but one thing that i noticed is that most of the accessories are in geometrical shape..
Our business is available for hire – we are experts in designing for 3D printing and love custom designing for clients.

Even if you dona€™t have a home studio, ita€™s still a bad idea to use your cameraa€™s flash to take pictures of jewellery. The photographer arranged the wedding rings to make your eye flow through the image from the upper left hand corner to the bottom right hand corner. Whether you own mostly costume pieces of have an extensive fine jewelry wardrobe, knowing how to care for your treasures is essential.
You should always remove your jewelry when working with your hands or engaging in activities that involve chemicals or abrasives. In addition, build-up of lotion products can lead to more frequent cleaning of your valuable items. There are very different procedures for cleaning diamonds or zirconia rings and pearl jewelry, for instance. Often, you'll find a stamp on the back or inside of a piece that may tell you the metal content.
From diamond engagement rings to fashion jewelry, every items looks better and lasts longer when you know how to take great care of it. Here, we take a look back at some of that trailblazing, 3D printed jewelry that’s graced these here interweb pages of Design Milk. The designs reminded us of those old Tetris or Q*bert game graphics with their layers of  geometric goodness.
She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and writes about her life, inspirations and creative pursuits on her element75 blog. When youa€™re photographing pearls, like the ones above, you want to emphasize their roundness. Of course, good macro lenses can cost as much as $500, so ita€™s best to try to borrow one from a photographer friend.
Your buyers will know that you didna€™t put much time or thought into photographing your product, and thata€™s what brings out the bargain hunters.
This will help you command the high prices you deserve, perhaps saving aunt Mable from financial ruin or coming up with enough money to send her and her hubby on European cruise.
But before I throw more money around I am trying to figure out if it is really different from what I have. From proper storage to gentle cleaning, taking good care of your jewelry can help you get the most out of your collection. Whether you're wearing diamonds or rhinestones, the chemicals from make-up, hair products, and perfume can damage your pieces.
It's best to put lotion on your hands or body after you've taken your jewelry off at night.

Particularly vulnerable materials include pearls, wood, plastic, precious metals, and some gemstones. You can protect your pieces by using specially designed travel jewelry cases or jewelry rolls that will keep you special items safe and tangle-free.
Certain types of costume jewelry should never be submerged in water, while special mild polishes can restore the shine to sterling silver necklaces. Wait at least an hour after cleaning any piece before you put it back in your jewelry box or case.
Use your judgment and take your time, and you'll keep your jewelry wardrobe looking as good as new. The more detailed your photos are, the better, and proper lighting helps bring all those details out.
The softbox will get rid of the shadows in your producta€™s picture, and the studio lights will illuminate your jewelry from both sides. That means using one studio light at an overhead angle so the shadow gets cast underneath the pearls at an opposing angle. Because the light it so powerful that it masks all the little nooks and crannies that give your buyer an impression how valuable your jewelry is.
You want buyers who are willing to pay a premium, not resellers who are looking to make a quick buck.
Put some curves into gold chains, and avoid placing your jewelry in the center of the frame. Unless youa€™re selling a lot of jewelry online, or you want an excuse to get into macro photography, youa€™ll probably do alright without one.
I have kept it because I keep thinking I am going to make some great under ground video eventually. You'll find yourself taking better shots by using just two or three tips!Prepare to learn photography the fun way!Simple and effective tips and techniques. With a small and inexpensive studio setup, you can get professional grade jewelry images using your own point-and-shoot or digital SLR camera.

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