During the media event, I had a short hands on experience with the various Canon cameras that were launched.
These are my personal thoughts, impressions and views from my short hands on experience during Canon’s media launch event. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Do you see all of the lego photos in the gallery and on the web and get just a little bit jealous that you don’t have a macro lens?
You can take it a step further by purchasing a device that attaches your lens to your camera, eliminating any extra light sneaking in.
After a solid afternoon of really going for stellar shots, you’ll be lucky if you only have some grass stains on your knees and elbows. While we weren’t exactly spelunking for troglobites, we students at Eddie Dunbar’s insect photography walk certainly did our fair share of squatting, crouching, and flipping over rocks. The April 20th walk at Joaquin Miller park was in partnership with the Insect Sciences Museum of California (ISMC), founded by Dunbar.  Dunbar is currently training volunteers in insect identification and photography skills, since this year marks the beginning of ISMC’s ambitious plan to create a field guide to the insects of the whole Bay Area, to be completed in 2015. Wherever you go for photos, plan to stay there for a while.  Bring water, food, sunblock, and a hat. Have a rock-steady stance when taking photos.  If possibly, put both your elbows and wrists on the ground to steady the camera. Write down your goal for the day.  What are you looking for?  How do you plan to go about finding it?

Good notes include location, date, time, weather, plant prominence, colleague names, and mood. While we didn’t get great pictures of every single critter we saw that day, we managed to get a decent sampling of the diversity. If you missed this walk but still want to be a part of creating the guide, the next ISMC event will be the Del Puerto Bio Blitz on May 4 to survey the insect ecology of the area.  It will go into the evening, and yes, black lighting will be involved!!  Check out the ISMC website for more information. A big thanks to Eddie Dunbar from the Insect Sciences Museum of California for leading the walk and identifying the insects in the photos above, and to everyone who came out to our very first Wild Oakland event not around Lake Merritt. Please DonateWild Oakland is all-volunteer-run and we depend upon your donations to offer our programs. A very special announcement… Wild Oakland is joining forces with the California Center for Natural History! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
When I was invited to the Canon Singapore media launch event for the various Canon cameras announced, I was looking forward to get a short hands on experience with the Canon EOS 100D.
Overall, I am impressed and I would love to test and review  this World’s Smallest and Lightest DSLR camera, for all my readers here to know and make a decision if they would like to purchase this Canon EOS 100D! This method may expose your lens and sensor to dirt, dust, and grime, so please proceed with caution! When you go to the next step you’ll discover you no longer have control over your aperture.

Put the lens the wrong way around so that the portion you screw onto the camera is now facing your lego. This is when you’ll discover that shooting macro often means holding your breath as you make tiny forward and back movements to find just the right spot. Reversing your lens gives you a similar look to using a macro lens or extension tubes without the extra cost. And don’t forget about your phone camera- most of them can take pretty good pictures anymore. For more detailed technical information of the Canon EOS 100D and 700D, you can drop by here and take a look! I’d suggest protecting the lens mount area by holding it facing the ground so nothing can fall into your camera or onto your lens. Thanks for your tips, it is difficult but I think with a little practice it could be better.
The magnifying glass also helps achieve sharper, closer photos with camera phones that are not iPhones, Androids, etc (ie.
You can buy an adapter to reserve mount your lens to make it a bit easier, but I’d get extension tubes before I bought the adapter.

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