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The health consequences of that are big: Heart disease, high blood pressure, immune system issues.
As long as you've got trees around and you're using these kinds of methods, you can have a good experience at home, in your garden. Even in a three-hour walk, we see a reset of the nervous system, where people start coming back to a healthier baseline. On a psychological level, we find people become more relaxed, happier; they seem to have more of a sense of inhabiting their lives in a way that feels right to them.
People say that after one walk or a series of walks, they find it transformative in the sense that they start looking at their life in a new way. If you ever thought that a Monday night wasn’t a great time to go to a concert – put the Brothers Osborne on stage, and think again! It would not have been a Brothers Osborne concert without “Stay a Little Longer” and “Rum”, both major hits for the brothers, and both a part of their 5-track, self-titled EP. BR OS are currently working on a new album, and shared some of the music they are working on for that new release. I can honestly say that John Osborne is probably the best guitarist I’ve seen on stage in a very long time.
I’m going to end this with a few more pictures from last night’s show, and that recommendation from Country’s Chatter to you – that you find a Brothers Osborne Concert near you, and get your tickets before the sell out. In addition to their web site, take a minute and check out their Facebook page, and please remember to “Like” it while you are there.
In a tweet announcing the special nod to the legendary singer who died on April 21 at age 57, the channel also promised that more acts will be announced at a later date. Following last week’s nominations announcement, CENTRIC has now revealed the surprise lineup of hit-making performers and presenters for the 2014 SOUL TRAIN AWARDS.

BET Music Matters is prepping for the release of their very first compilation album entitled BET Presents Music Matters Vol.
BET Music Matters is a multi-platform initiative that identifies and exposes new ground breaking artists and music across BET and Centric properties, as well as through national tours and monthly showcases. The album contains new music as well as previous tracks not commercially released from mixtapes or remixes from the likes of Miguel, Marsha Ambrosius, Mack Wilds, J. While the cash prize and other perks have not been announced, comedic actor, Tony Rock will host the show. Black Friday seems to come earlier and earlier every year, including a recent trend to moving it to Thanksgiving Thursday.
As we were evolving, we developed this great capacity to respond to threats in our environment, the fight or flight response.
We go maybe a quarter to a half a mile in that time, so we're not hiking, you don't have to be fit. They're away from their devices, they're not in traffic, they're not watching the 24-hour news cycle. You get off the freeway where at all times in your mind you're aware that every second is a life or death decision, even if it seems routine. We're just being present, tuning into our bodies, remembering that we have bodies — there's something about that that appears to be good for us. As you might expect, the audience was smaller than anyone would have liked, at opening night of the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va. In addition to those two songs, we got to hear all of the other songs on the EP – “Arms of Fire”, “Shoot From the Hip”, and “Love the Lonely Out of You”. If everyone else on that stage decided to run off and grab a bite to eat, he could have carried the show alone until they returned. They have a lot of great pictures on Instagram, and videos you can sit back and enjoy on YouTube.
The platform has helped launch the careers of some of today’s hottest talent including Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, J. Curtis showed off his vocal talent and impressive gimmick of playing the guitar off an app on his iPhone. Only hard-core shoppers venture out on Turkey Day, while some people prefer to wait till the traditional stroke of midnight on Black Friday.
Stroll the scenic boardwalk and check out the 50-plus retail outlets, and take a break for happy hour or dinner at one of the many bars and restaurants. But the spacious shopping districts and plentiful parking also make it a fine choice to spend Black Friday. Featuring national chains, brand names and excellent anchor department stores, the mall is also surrounded by other shopping opportunities, like Walmart, Best Buy and other big box stores.

Perhaps its the spacious, open area that gives Market Common a more relaxed feel for shoppers who don’t like all the pushing and shoving. Featuring rows of national retail chain stores and local mom-and-pop shops, both Tanger Outlets are starting their Black Friday celebrations at 6 p.m.
Special guest performers include Chris Martin, Usher, Eddie Vedder, Cat Stevens, Ellie Goulding and Yandel.
We evolved out of the forests and there's something really deep in us that has a sense of recognition of forests. He is so entertaining all by himself, and so good your eyes just get fixed on him when he works. The pictures you’ll see below were all taken on-stage, and will include John and TJ (naturally), band members, and even our world-famous WXBQ Rabbit and his on-air crew who were there to introduce the show.  And, they were there because fans love The Rabbit! The LP is being released on June 23 in conjunction with the BET Experience, a 3-day concert event at L.A. With the good news ringing in, even better news dropped today and that’s the line-up for the BET Experience! There’s also plenty around to keep the kids occupied, from movies to a park playground. So our nervous systems are doing something they're not designed to do: They're keeping us constantly a little bit on edge.
The ideal scenario is a fairly nearby forest with a fairly thick and developed canopy, where it's quiet, the trail is very gentle, easy to get to, and there's a stream.
They each have an obvious sense of humor that must make a road trip with them a real experience. TJ told us about his ride from the hotel to the fairgrounds in a police car – where he ended up being on the losing end of a fake arrest. John and TJ walked out on to that stage and worked as if they were performing in front of 25,000 people. If their goal for the night was to put on one of the best shows southwest Virginia ‘fair-goers’ have seen in a very long time…Goal accomplished! And, they left all of us with this piece of advice for you – if you can only go to one concert this year, pick the Brothers Osborne.

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