No matter which option you pick, make sure that the sunset can actually be seen from your chosen location and nothing blocks the view to the west. New photographers often take sunset photos with nothing but sunset in the frame, which is generally not a good idea because the sunset alone is not enough to create an interesting photo. Of course, you could also use subjects other than people, but keep in mind that whatever you shoot against the setting sun will usually turn into silhouettes, so make sure that your subjects have an interesting and clear outline just like human subjects do. If you include many subjects in your sunset photos, you want to make sure they don’t overlap.
When you’ve found the perfect day, the perfect location and the perfect subject, it’s time to take the perfect sunset photo.
You should also take the shot from many different angles until you find the one that works best for that photo. If you’re on the beach or next to other bodies of water, try placing your smartphone just an inch above the water and carefully take the shot using the volume buttons of your phone (it works on iPhone and some other smartphones). You’re likely to get lens flare and white blown-out ares if you include the sun in the frame. Finally, when you’ve taken the perfect sunset photo, it’s time to make it even better in post-processing.
For color photos all you really need is the Tune Image module in Snapseed, where you can play around with brightness, contrast, ambience, saturation and warmth sliders until you find the perfect combination for each photo. While sunsets are renowned for their beautiful color, it’s sometimes a good idea to make your sunset photos black and white, especially if your goal is to emphasize contrast or if the photo suffers from lens flare and has large overexposed (white) areas. For that I would also recommend Snapseed, but before doing black and white conversion try increasing ambience to +50 or more, especially if you want to make the clouds stand out.
You do this by reaching at the location you plan to take your pictures at least 30 minutes before the sun makes it way down. Another way how to take good sunset pictures in Aruba is to incorporate other objects into your picture. Wouldn’t you feel guilty if you didn’t make enough pictures of a beautiful sunset? A silhouette is a picture of a subject or object against sunlight so that only the outline of the subject or object is showing. If for any reason you don’t receive your confirmation email after signing up for my newsletter, use another email. For as long as humans have had the ability to recollect and capture precious moments through paintings and especially with photographs, the art of taking pictures of the sun as the day transitions to night and vice versa has been constantly practiced by photographers professionals, graphic designers and amateurs alike. Alexis Thompson is a former Mountain Backpacker and a 26 year old mother of 2 daughters, Sophie and Rhian. TDM - Top Design Magazine was founded by two guys who are passionate about design and development.
We are constantly looking for new ideas, concepts or news so if you want to promote your idea, send us an email and we'll publish it.
To convince you that it’s possible, I will use some of my pictures and tell you what I did to improve them.
I will be talking about sunset pictures as well as giving you a general overview on how to improve every type of picture!
You can achieve this result  in many ways, sometimes even with a shot taken from a crappy mobile phone. On my edited photo the colors are very intense because  I was trying to recreate the scene as it was in real life, and the colors were THAT intense. Here are a few examples on how I changed 1 parameter, in this case the shutter speed for different results.
Downside:In poor light conditions you always need a tripod, or a surface to keep the camera still when shooting. This is a good example on how challenging it is  to take good shots when it is already too dark, this is why you should know how to use the manual settings. When you know how to use the manual settings properly, you’ll take much better pictures! Many people asked what kind of camera did I use when I started and which one I use now, so I listed my Photo equipment below. When I was a total beginner (back in 2008) I bought a Canon Point and Shoot ,which is totally great as it has automatic and the manual settings so you can practice a bit before spending some serious cash on a DSLR.
This is the Canon EOS 700D , the better version of my current camera, a Canon Rebel T1 (now discontinued by manufacturer).
Click here to know more about the GoPro3+ Silver Edition (update as we speak: I’m switching the silver Edition with the new version! It’s fantastic for videos but the quality, but the resolution and colors of the images are spectacular too. I did read them several times and they are the only books I would NEVER SELL under any circumstance.
In this article I will give you very practical and straight to the point tips on the best ways to organize and find the pictures you want within seconds.

Let me know if you have other tips and tricks or if you want to discuss some of mine, just leave me a comment! Interesting comment as when I decided to switch and buy my new Full Frame 6D, I was not quite sure whether to buy a Sony instead. I have the Canon 70D and really recommend it if you were ever considering moving up your gear a little. Thats a super helpful post, photography skills is something I lack and am always trying to learn.
With amazing golden colors, long shadows and strong directional light sunsets are among the best times during the day to practice photography. Obviously you can’t take sunset photos on an overcast day, but at the same time you don’t want the sky to be perfectly clear. There are endless variations in cloud formations, literally making each sunset a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.
Beaches are probably the most popular location for sunset photography, but you can also take great sunset photos next to any body of water, in the mountains, or in a large open field.
Since you can only see the outline of your subjects in silhouettes, your photos can quickly get confusing and generally won’t look as good if the subjects are overlapping. If you take photos of moving subjects like people, you will have to press the shutter many times until you capture the moment just right. Some of my favorite sunset photos were taken from a very low angle, allowing me to position the subject with nothing but sky in the background. That way even tiny waves will look huge, and everything that’s reflected on the water will be unpredictably distorted. In some photos that will look great (especially if you make the photo black and white), but normally you should avoid including the sun in your photos, which you can either do by leaving it out of the frame, or even better, hiding it directly behind your subject.
The best app for editing sunset photos is Snapseed, and it’s available for free on iOS and Android. To get a beautiful golden sunset I typically increase ambience, saturation, warmth and contrast, and decrease brightness a bit.
Afterwards you can convert the image to black and white using the B&W module, where you can also change brightness and contrast to further improve the image.
Now you are fully equipped to take and edit sunset photos that look great, create lasting memories, and in many cases look better than the actual sunset looked in real life. I don;t have an iphone but it will definitely help with my cell phone photography on the occasion that I do it. Even though I only use the iPhone, these principles can be applied to any smartphone and in fact any other camera. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. That’s why we have seen plenty of images of sunsets and sunrises everywhere – especially on the internet. I shall present to you the factors that affect the overall quality of a sunset or sunrise image. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message. Here you will find the most interesting news, tutorials and resources related to all branches of design and web programming. You look at that beautiful scenery in awe, you shoot as that sunset were the last one you’ll see in your life, and when you check the results all you have is a bad copy of what your eyes are witnessing. I’m using my travel pictures as an example, because I know what kind of light there was when I took the shots and how I edited the images in post production.
When the shutter remains open for a long time any movement can result in a blurred picture. If you decide to use this setting alone, the camera will set the shutter speed automatically. I will explain what I did wrong and I will give you some more tips to improve and learn from my mistakes. Since I chose to use only one manual setting (the shutter speed),the camera chose the other settings for me.  I could have used the full manual options to have total control on the shot. When you master one setting,  move on and try the others to finally  combine them and find the perfect balance. You can read a million books, but if you stay in your room staring at a computer screen you’ll never improve. This is a very decent camera, professional enough to take great shots BUT, when someone asks me for advice on DSLR’s I always suggest to buy the body and the lenses separately.
I obviously couldn’t cover everything in this article but  you will find many of the notions I’ve learned (plus a million more) by reading these amazing books! I will also explore some of the coolest editing programs available (and it’s way shorter than this one I promise! During my trip to Africa, I’ve met a guy with a Sony and the pictures were impressive indeed.

I like it for travel photography because it can shoot video and pictures well, and has a flip LCD screen that comes in handy. I usually set my sony Nex5 to “intelligent auto” mainly because I assume the camera is more intelligent then me! I can’t give you a straight answer on that, there are specific websites on the topic so I’d say you better check them out, they will have more information! In this article you’re going to find out everything you need to know to take and edit extraordinary sunset photos with your smartphone. In fact, all my best sunset photos were shot with partially cloudy sky, and interesting cloud patterns always add a nice character to otherwise plain photos. When choosing the location you should also consider the availability of interesting photography subjects, which we’ll cover next. My favorite subjects for sunset photos are people, which is why I prefer to take them at crowded beaches, boardwalks, busy parks and other places with a constant flow of people.
I really like Snapseed because it offers precise control over some key adjustments that are needed to really make your sunset photos stand out. You should play around with these adjustments until you find the best values for each photo. For thousands of years humans that have traversed the earth have used it as their guide during the day, and an indicator to tell time.
But if you were to take an excellent sunset or sunrise image, what factors do you need to consider?
That’s why in both cases, three questions are to be asked to wholly determine what makes a perfect sunset or sunrise image. No one wants to look at a picture and spend most of their time guessing what that image is supposed to be of. Every photographer has his or her own perspective, and every location has its own unique characteristics that make it distinctly beautiful.
They’re there to be captured, forever immortalized in a .jpg format and enjoyed anytime to give the relaxation to you and me.
Trying to edit under exposed pictures is more difficult as when you add brightness to them they will look grainy.
This is especially true if you want landscape  or sunset pictures that really stand out and look amazing. I am referring to the setting of my beloved DSLR camera, a  Canon 550D , but the settings are similar for all the DSLR’s. If you want everything on focus, you choose a small aperture which means less light and the camera will give you a longer exposure. I’m still happy with my Canon tough, but I can’t say that I envy those who carry a lot less weight than I do! Under its light, the dawn of civilization has transitioned from primitiveness to advanced technology. When the sun is too high, it’s too bright and sometimes it’s not even worthy enough to be called a sunset or a sunrise.
However an ideal sunset or sunrise picture will usually have the elements of orange-reddish light affecting a landscape.
We would like to invite you to participate in the next edition of our Travel Photography Competition. Even today, with the advent of the electric light and its predecessors, light from the seemingly inexhaustible sun is still important. It would be a waste if you have just witnessed the perfect sunset or sunrise in a long time but the image a whole lot worse than that. Though the sun provides one of the basic essentials and needs for life, it also provides a luxury to the humans that it sustains – art and beauty. I’m not going to get into a lengthy discussion regarding camera adjustments with “photographer-lingo” since it’s going to get too technical and boring. It could just include the colored clouds of the early morning or the afternoon or such, or even just a silhouette of something meaningful against an orange-reddish horizon.
If it’s too cloudy, it’s obvious that the sun will be blocked to the point that there’s no “sun” to call it a sunset or a sunrise. Many other images of sunrises and sunsets include pictures of smaller things like people, objects, structures, natural formations, trees, and their silhouettes.
A good sunset or sunrise image will not leave anything out of the scene – big or small, since sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.
Objects like a couple holding hands while strolling on the beach or a yacht with sail that’s perfectly silhouetted against the orange-red sky, or a tree in blocking some of the light, causing it to come as distinct rays can add more “quality points” to the picture.

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