Paul Krugman: The GOP has replaced economic policy with vague threats "intoned in their best Dr.
This image released by the Disney Channel shows the character Elena who becomes a crown princess in a scene from, "Elena of Avalor," premiering July 22 on Disney Channel. LOS ANGELES (AP) — The rarified sorority of Disney princesses has come a long way since 1937’s Snow White set the tone, gradually expanding to add Asian, African-American, Native American and Middle Eastern tiara-wearers. Computer-generated animation is used to create a fairy tale kingdom that, based on consultants’ research, reflects varied cultures and influences including from the pre-Colombian and colonial eras, Gerber said.

She’s already gotten it from her Latina friends, who include women of Cuban, Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage. The group has long been active in seeking Hollywood diversity and, like La Raza, was lobbying Disney to take the step.Nogales said he was reminded why by his 4-year-old granddaughter, Chloe, after they attended a recent screening of the show.

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