The market is becoming further segmented and specialized to appeal to very specific niches.
With the massive growth in digital cameras, the market is becoming further segmented and specialized to appeal to very specific niches. Most significant out of these new features is the Carl Zeiss (used in all Sony digital cameras) 15x optical zoom which is a substantial improvement over the previous high-end standard of 10x optical. Sony has also incorporated their high-end video processing chips into these cameras which increases the speed at which pictures can be taken and processed.
For 2007 the H9 and H7 are the only cameras released by Sony that feature a new technology called NightShot which apparently uses infrared technology to capture pictures in situations with almost no light. The H9 features a 3" tilting LCD screen, while the H7's screen comes in at a smaller 2.5" and does not tilt. Quote - "For 2007 the H9 and H7 are the only cameras released by Sony that feature a new technology called NightShot" It's only the H9 that supports Nightshot.. On the positive side, the focus is fast and accurate, and the camera seems to be very responsive. The H9 and H7 from Sony are targeted directly towards the family with star athletes that want to capture all of those TSN Turning Points. To deal with the associated blur that comes with such an extreme zoom, Sony uses their Super Steady Shot technology which they claim achieves image stability without having to crop the picture like other anti-blur systems do.

The H9 and H7 have ISO3200 which lets you take pictures in low light without flash to minimize blur.
Other features include a tilting LCD lens, recognizing up to 8 faces, and a high definition output port (custom cable sold separately) to view images directly on the TV. The Sony T110 DSCT110 Cyber-shot Digital Camera takes the guesswork out snapping great photos with features like iAuto and Optical SteadyShot?
Sony has engineered many features to accommodate the unique requirements that sport photos demand. Combining the fast processing with new predictive technology Sony is introducing an advanced sport shooting mode to take up to 100 continuous shots at frame-rate of 2.2 pictures per second. The flip screen is not as versatile as on the Canon S5IS, but helps taking over-the-head and ground-level pictures.
The C902 is geared more towards looking good and taking high-quality photos while the C702 caters to those wanting to take their camera phone more places with quick, easy functionality.The C902 Cyber-shot is a 5 megapixel cameraphone with sleek design and a slide-out lens cover.
It features automatic face detection, a big flash and auto-focus and 160MB of internal storage, of which you can supplement with a Memory Stick Micro. Depending on the camera settings, pictures may appear distorted, smudged or with watercolor-like effect. Sony Ericsson says it will be available around the second quarter of this year and come in some stylish colors of Swift Black or Luscious Red.The C702 Cyber-shot may not carry quite as much stylish design but makes up for it with features.

A 25mm wide-angle lens allows you to take wider shots of the scene or group in crowded spaces. It may be acceptable for printing, but, depending on how critical you are, you may find it just okay for on-screen presentations (e.g. It’s not exactly waterproof but SE says it is splash and dust resistant, making it a little more resistant to the elements that its C902 sibling. The Sony T110 DSCT110 Cyber-shot Digital Camera captures expansive landscapes with one touch Sweep Panorama or take stunning 720p HD videos with HD Movie mode. Flash performance is okay, but recycling time increases dramatically when lowest ISO settings are used. The phone will geo-tag your photos when you take them allowing you to organize them according to location. Also, Google Maps for Mobile helps identify where you are at all times and gives turn-by turn directions.The C702 Cyber-shot cameraphone comes in colors of Speed Black or Cyan Blue and is also expected to be available sometime during the second quarter of this year.

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