MATERIAL- Waterproof PU 3000mm Coated, 190T waterproof polyester for layers, 100% Polyester for Floor. About Returns Policy and Our Services Please feel free to go away us a message if in case you have any questions.
MATERIAL- Water resistant PU 3000mm Coated, 190T Water resistant polyester for layers, 100% Polyester for Floor. It is going to be more convenient and won’t have an effect on the activities of other companions while you come out of the tent.
All of our decals are made from High Quality Material which is designed to take a beating outdoors for years.

Sewing right through the method Water resistant adhesive that may make be more Water resistant. The usage of High-density B3 Breathable Mesh to make sure the graceful float of cold and hot air outside and inside in order that it will probably keep balanced for the humidity and temperature inside.
Living in tents won’t feel hot in summer and with this high-density, It is well anti-mosquito.

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