My kids were putting out Halloween decorations last year and I grabbed my camera to record the memory. We're proud to support the photography community through the Photocrati Fund, which gives $5000 grants to photographers working on humanitarian and environmental projects. We strongly recommend Imagely Hosting because we're the team behind it and it's built for photographers specifically.Read more on why it's the best web hosting for photographers and WordPress. Participate in our blog series, and share your photography with other photo enthusiasts around the world! The Photocrati Team is filled with photographers, developers, and WordPress gurus is spread out across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Technology has improved so much today that, it is common to see high quality expensive digital cameras in one’s hands but the question is – do they really know how to take professional pictures? I often see people taking out their cameras and zooming to get a clear focus of their subject. Experimenting with different clicks at various angles is the right way to get hold of creative snapshots. Sadly not all of us want to go to the extremes of airbrushing or enhancing our features on a photo editing app like some celebrities do. Believe it or not but things even as little as patterns can have a major negative impact on your photos. Sometimes Instagram filters just don’t give you what you’re looking for so you can either play about with the brightness and settings, use a different photo editing app or manipulate the sun rays by standing in front of the sun to achieve a flared look. Lying down relaxes your facial muscles which can really flatter and make you look more attractive. Angled Head: Staring straight into the camera can be bland and boring so instead, you could angle your head to the left or right side. Look at previous pictures where you have smiled and really liked the photo and stick with that smile for all photos. Practising your photography skills and getting to know your camera can help you make better shooting decisions. Changing the way you take your pictures can drastically change the way your photo looks, and the perspective of your photos plays a huge part in this. When you take pictures of a person looking directly to the lens, it can create a connection between the viewer and the subject of the photo. If you’re taking a picture of two people, you can have them look at each other in order to establish the theme of your picture.
The kind of camera you use doesn’t matter all the time, unless you rely on it to make a living. StartLocal is an Australian business directory that has many photography courses listed Australia wide.
We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. You can produce quality shots, especially now that you know how to take good picture with a digital camera. Photographs taken at night can provide a view of place that look spectacular when the night lights are on. To get the best from your low light shots, there are a few guidelines to follow that you may not typically follow during a daytime shot. As you will be taking photos that require a long exposure time, hand holding the camera to get a sharp image will be virtually impossible, unless you set the ISO to a very high value.
If you must take that shot and you don’t have a fully extensible tripod in your back pocket then use some kind of support.
If all else fails and you don’t have a tripod, or any support near by and you must get the shot then bump up the ISO. 2) ISO - Keep your ISO at 100 (or the lowest setting on your camera) to reduce colour noise. Compact cameras will always show a lot of colour noise, for many technical reasons which I will not go into here. You want decent sharpness and depth of field (DOF – how much is in focus), especially at night. If you need to take a hand held shot (see Tripod part earlier), then set the aperture to the widest your lens will go and focus on infinity.
When the sun just sinks below the horizon, there is about a 30 – 45 minute time line where the light in the sky is changing quite quickly (getting darker). The street lights will start to come on and they haven’t had enough time to warm up to their orange glow!
The speed of the shutter, or how long the camera shutter stays open, should be what you use to get the exposure at night. Recommending a starting shutter speed will depend on the time of day and the subject matter. Set shutter speed to 1 second if at the beginning of the Blue Hour, 5 seconds if in the middle and 15 seconds if at the end of the Blue Hour.
You really do need to practice these shots because what you will find is that when you look at the images on your computer, they will look darker. There are times when you do want to, or need to, shoot at full night when the sky is black.
I let the exposure burn in for just over a minute to get the London Eye and buildings as sharp objects, then I started zooming the lens, very slowly and continued zooming till the end. The concept and steps are exactly the same as if you are taking a landscape or architectural photograph. Try and compose the view so that the light from a nearby street lamp, or other source, is falling on your portrait subject. Increase your ISO so that the shutter stays open for the least amount of time whilst still getting a decent exposure without too much colour noise and the person is relatively sharp.
By using your camera as a torch, you can light your subject or even light other foreground objects. First you need a good camera and then you need to learn all the advanced trigonometry and physics necessary to use said camera.

Have you noticed how  sometimes they talk about the stuff in the pictures more than the people?
I sat there and fooled around with my camera for a minute or two because I wanted to capture what I was remembering about my own experience as a child.
We work with some of the world's leading photographers, including Michael "Nick" Nichols, Steve McCurry, Art Wolfe, and Jim Brandenburg. Believe it or not, majority of them aren’t aware of the right ways of clicking pictures and if you happen to be one among them then this article is sure to help you. If you are well versed with the basic photography techniques, then every picture you click will become a masterpiece. Fortunately, we can use clever tricks and techniques to bring out the beauty of ourselves in photos. Mentally divide your frame into thirds and put yourself off-centre as opposed to being in the middle. You could do things differently by having someone take a shot of you engaging in a fun or physical activity or looking away from the camera. Knowing your best smile can help taking pictures easier because you’ll already know what works best. If you think you are not capable of taking good pictures, you may have considered taking photography courses. Instead of shooting photos at eye level, try shooting from the hip for a change (although this can create a little bit of problem when establishing the setup of your photograph). Changing the lighting of a photo can improve it to a huge extent, creating artistic, otherworldly, or even remotely unusual effects. The bright strobe lighting illuminated the models to the level of sunlight, eliminating any and all shadows created by the models’ silhouettes against the sun. You can start experimenting with natural lighting from indoor and outdoor lights, but when you’re ready to learn more about the more technical aspects, you can take photography courses in Melbourne, or wherever you may be based in, to improve your skills in manipulating light to your advantage.
To take good pictures, one of the more important aspects you need to learn is to properly create a focus for each photo. In this sense, being out of focus is actually a method of focusing and is a completely acceptable practice in some circles. Though professionals often do not use digital cameras, it doesnA?t mean that you canA?t take good shots with one. Make sure youA?re holding the camera steady and level with the ground so that the picture does not come out blurry or slanted to one side. Imagine that your camera has three vertical lines and three horizontal lines splitting it up in equal parts like a tic-tac-toe grid. If you have a subject, then the background should not have anything else to distract or draw attention away from the subject. The lights from the streets and buildings provide a unique atmosphere and highlight the subject matter. As long shutter speeds are needed for low light photography, the colour noise will get worse over time. For you guys with compact camera’s, look at investing in a computer program to remove as much of the noise when you download to your computer. You may be lucky and get some colour as the light rays from the sun bounces around in the atmosphere and hits warmed gases and dust particles that scatter the light and create that sunset colour. The longer the shutter is open, the more light that the camera’s sensor will gather over time and therefore the brighter your image will be. What I mean by that is whether you are taking an image during the blue hour or at full night, and whether the scene you are capturing is well lit overall or has very bright areas and dark areas.
I will be constantly tweaking the shutter speed (slowing down or speeding up the time the shutter is open). I check the image on the back of the camera to see if it is bright enough and use a combination of the histogram and highlight alert to tell me how well the exposure is.
Set your camera to Aperture Priority and let the camera meter an average for the entire scene and then use Exposure Compensation on your camera to adjust the shutter speed. The camera is tripod mounted and I change the shutter speed, aperture and ISO in this transition set to try and get the best exposures. It is possible for the light to change slightly from the first to last shot, especially with moving clouds, so be very FAST!
There is still some interest left in the sky so you can still get away with taking the shot. Over 3 minutes exposure time with lens zooming thrown in to make it a little more interesting. The only difference is you have a person in the foreground of the scene which you also wish to expose well. What you should notice is that the shutter speed would need to stay open for a number of seconds to expose the background well.
They should then be a little brighter than your background scene (due to the inverse square law). Still set the exposure for the background, but now you want the flash to go off at the end of the exposure time to finally light your portrait subject. Think of this as the flash going off at the beginning of the timed exposure (first curtain) or at the end (second curtain).
The light from a flash is of a different colour temperature to incandescent or street light. Most smart phones will have an app that causes the screen to glow white and act as a torch. If you approach the picture with that in mind, you will take better, more meaningful pictures of your family. I was watching her and thinking about how great it was to be a kid, when the most important part of your day was deciding what colors to put on an egg.
Why did I reach for my camera just now and not 10 minutes ago (or not at all) then you’ll begin to take better pictures of your family immediatly.
Supporting photographers is not just a sideline activity for us, it’s one of the main missions of Photocrati.

Once you’ve mastered how to look flawless in pictures, things will never be the same again! Small erratic looking patterns can look rather messy and have a tendency to strobe, plus they take attention away from your face so avoid them if you can. To do this: angle your body to the left or right, put your shoulders back and suck in your stomach. For increased camera stability you can set up your camera on a tripod and adjust the tripod until you have the perfect shot, then set the camera timer and snap away. Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney residents have a lot of options to choose from when they want to learn photography from a professional, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to improve the way you take photos. These basics will become the foundation of your future in photography, even if you decide to turn the hobby into a profession once you improve your skills. If the subject is looking at a vase, for example, it can draw attention to the vase, leading the viewer to ask what it is about the vase you should focus on. This was taken late in the afternoon, so there was plenty of natural lighting to make it a decent enough photo. Of course, there was a little bit of tweaking done with the camera’s white balance settings, but the basic idea here was that proper, strategic lighting helped in making an otherwise normal photo breathtaking.
Sometimes, creating a blur effect naturally by decreasing the shutter speed of your camera (something that you can’t do with traditional point and shoots, unfortunately) can actually end up emphasizing the subject of the photo.
Patience really goes a long way and the lack of it can be the cause of horrible looking photos. All you need to know is how to take good pictures with a digital camera to take advantage of its capabilities.
However, if the entire scene is what you want to capture, make sure the background is interesting. This way, the facial expression, including the lines of the face, dimples, freckles, and other details, are vividly captured. Read the manual for more information on how to operate your camera, and you?ll be on your way to becoming a good photographer. That way you are not holding down the shutter for long periods, which reduces any shake and subsequent blur. I change the shutter speed every two minutes or so, typically going slightly longer each time.
Remember that because most of the scene will be dark, the camera will over expose so dial down by 1 stop.
No one can stay perfectly still for even a second so they will appear slightly blurred as they try to stay still.
When the flash goes off at the beginning of the timed exposure the camera will still be gathering picture information of the person after the flash fired. Looking through a photo album the faces all start to run together, it’s the things that make the memories special. When I see this picture now it reminds me of that memory and hopefully it will do the same for my daughter one day.
Think about what it felt like when you were a kid and climbed on a horse, then try to preserve that feeling for your son. No matter how expensive instruments and technology you have used but if the song turns out to be boring, everything else fails.
We The Team, Believe In Giving Right Information And Thus, Every Article Is Deeply Researched & Written By Quality Writers. For example: If you’re at a concert, you could stand in front of the crowd and take a picture, using that as a back ground. But the photographer went the extra mile and secured several strobe flash units and placed them strategically behind the models. If your camera focuses automatically, make sure it is at one of these points where you want the pictureA?s focus to be. You may need to turn the flash on to eliminate shadows or to add artificial lighting when it?s darker. If you are taking a picture of scenery, try taking it far farther away to include many elements. This will result in some additional image information of the person appearing on top of the person.
Although you could shoot very early in the morning when the sun is just about to come over the horizon. It will be trial and error to take a shot, check if the subject is bright enough, if not then change the exposure compensation and quickly take again. My advice is always colour balance your subject correctly and let the background turn orange.
If you hastily take pictures, you may end up wasting the opportunity to take an otherwise decent shot. When the flash goes off at the end of the timed exposure, any low light image information that the camera has gathered of the portrait subject will be overwritten (somewhat) by the brighter person that was illuminated by the flash at the end.
An alternative is to use a colour balance gel for your flash so that the light from the flash is the same temperature as your background. My technical knowledge allows me to take the picture from the proper angle with the proper light, etc, but it’s my desire to preserve the memory of my children decorating the house that leads me to create an image that is unique and so much better than a snapshot. This is a gift for my children… a memory recall button they can use 30 years from now to feel the same way I did when  I took the picture.
Unless there is something eye grabbing in the snapshot, people will never find it interesting. For this, you require dividing your frame along 3 horizontal lines & 3 vertical lines equally, leaving you with a grid, where you got to put your subject.

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