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But believe me, people won’t have the heart to help stop this if they do not exactly know how gruesome is the word “abusive” and how cruel is “cruelty”. This has been an open mistake, despite the effort advocates give to support and protect animals.
Which is why I encourage you to continue reading this to have more idea of what’s happening behind homes, shelters, circuses, farms, and abattoirs. Hurting animals by beating, dragging, tying, and suffocating is not something to be tolerated. They may not whine as much as we do if we are in pain, but the same thing happens to animals. There are laws in which certain animals must not be intentionally hurt or killed, but not all.

Do you think that cute baby elephant is naturally talented that he’s able to stand up with his two front legs for long minutes? Well, why there are still meat offered on the market everywhere if cattle, pig, chicken, turkey, and lamb are not included? What you do not see behind the scenes are the crucial training that involves unbearable pain, and no food for hours or days! The shows they give to people are undeniably entertaining and amusing, but not after the sufferings those animals have to go through.

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