However, recent reports claim that the winner is already cheating on her and they might not be able to make it together in the live finale.Advertisement This season of the reality show has been filled with a lot of controversies including issues concerning frontrunners Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers. Although fans have been wondering who Fletcher would pick, Reality Steve noted that it is Rodgers who won her heart. If that is true, then their appearance in the live finale would be uncertain.Also, there are reports claiming that Hayes and Rodgers only joined The Bachelorette 2016 for fame and both of them even dumped their girlfriends to be single for the show. Their ex-girlfriends even went on the show this season and accused the two of them of infidelity and lies, which made the fans think someone better than those two should be picked by Fletcher to win the competition.Advertisement On a good note, Rodgers’ brother, Luke, said in a recent interview that the relationship between Jordan and Fletcher is well.
Except for the fact that she is missing some crucial movies that we quote a lot, but we’re going to catch her up,” Luke said.Meanwhile, another brother of Jordan, Aaron, also has an issue with him and their family. He even told reporters that he has not seen the show even once and it has not really affected him a lot. With regards to his issue with their family, he said, “As far as those kinds of things go, I’ve always found that it’s a little inappropriate to talk publicly about some family matters, so I’m just … I’m not going to speak on those things, but I wish him well in the competition.”Clearly, Rodgers is facing a lot of issues about his relationship with JoJo Fletcher and his family. Let us all just wait and see what will happen in the season finale of The Bachelorette 2016 that will air August 1 on ABC at 8 p.m.

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