A closer look at the Xperia Z5 camera: Just how good is it?The Sony Xperia Z5 has one of the most impressive-sounding phone cameras ever made. Reviews are not really a basis to say a phone is good or bad because with everything from cars to electronics you need longer with the product to get the best out of it to suit you? Nice review, I don't understand all of the rave reviews the camera gets as I gave it a go and wasn't impressed.Also I think there are some real manufacturing quality issues around the camera on this phone. Nothing suspicious, the camera on the Z5 (and my Z5 compact) generates distinctly mixed results. Seems to me every reviewer has got something against Sony when they try to make it look as if it takes poor photos?
I have the 1020 and Z5 and yes you are right, most reviews are Samsung pawned and ironically the later uses SONY sensors as well.
Not to mention deliberately limiting the API to 8 megapixels for third party apps and then, for a year, ignoring all the pleas and cries to fix it.
Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is a terrific device and yes, it does have a 4K display (sometimes), expandable memory and dust and water resistant…but it also costs almost $500 more than the Huawei Nexus 6P.
This official SCR46 smart case in gold from Sony houses your Xperia Z5 Premium smartphone, providing protection and functionality through the incorporated Smart Window, allowing you to view incoming notifications, change your music and even take calls. Very soon the front facing camera will be 16 MP and the rear camera will only be 2 MP LOL!! Sony Ericsson, XPERIA and X10, and various products names found on this website are trademarks of Sony Mobile Communications AB, unless otherwise noted. But this summer, new phones from Samsung and Sony mean that you don’t have to make such a compromise. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will likely be the most popular Android smartphone of the year, and for good reason. The S4 Active even looks better than the standard edition, assuming you don’t get it in the not-quite-right shade of blue that my review unit came in (AT&T also offers a much nicer grey option).
The S4 Active handled dunks and splashes with aplomb, performing just as well wet as it does dry. The only notable difference between the devices is in the camera resolution — the S4 Active has an 8-megapixel shooter as opposed to the higher-res 13-megapixel camera on the S4 (the display on the S4 Active is an LCD instead of the AMOLED used on the S4, but I couldn't find any difference between the two panels in use). T-Mobile’s version of the Xperia Z is virtually identical to the global edition we initially saw at CES in January and reviewed shortly after, save for the fact that it has support for T-Mobile’s nascent LTE network and comes with a smattering of T-Mobile apps preinstalled. Unfortunately, it also comes with all of the Z’s negative qualities, such as its dated software, poor viewing angles, and not quite flawless performance. Sony’s claims of waterproofing — backed up by IP55 and IP57 ratings, industry standards to let you know that a device is water- and dust-proof — certainly held true in my tests. Additionally, these phones aren’t designed to go deep underwater or withstand freezing temperatures and extreme force as older rugged devices have been able to.
The point, however, is that it doesn’t seem to take much to make a phone waterproof these days. The takeaway from these two phones is simple: I was able to have a waterproof phone without feeling like I was missing out on a high-end smartphone experience. And I didn’t have to rely on a cumbersome and ugly case to have that kind of worry-free security.
Given that Sony and Samsung have been able to make waterproof smartphones without giving up all of the other features that people are looking for, I’d be surprised if we didn’t see more waterproof options on the market next year. Displaying Sony’s passion for perfection, this waterproof smartphone blends engineering and design to deliver beauty that lasts.
With the waterproof Xperia Z3v, you can take pictures with the best smartphone camera while swimming in fresh water for up to 30 minutes. With Xperia Z3v we bring our renowned Handycam recording technology to a waterproof smartphone. Your Xperia Z3v offers you the widest ever choice of unique camera apps—developed exclusively for Sony, and all right there in your camera. Besides the Xperia camera apps that come pre-installed, there’s a whole range of extra apps for you to enjoy. No more fights over the TVWith PS4 Remote Play, you can seamlessly switch from your PS4 console to your smartphone or tablet and take your gaming to another room. It looks like all the rumors were true, folks — Samsung was, in fact, working on a follow-up to the original Samsung Galaxy Gear much sooner than we expected.
No information on how much dough this’ll run you just yet, but we imagine Samsung will look to get back to that uncomfortable $300 price tag for the base model.
Not long ago, it was tipped that Google could come up with a new design for the software home button that is featured on devices that don’t have a physical counterpart. By now, you’ve probably spent a good enough time catching everything there is to catch in Pokemon Go.
Moans and groans around the world were heard when Niantic started bringing the hammer down on great third-party Pokemon GO companion apps like these. The latest version of the Android Wear app is notifying users of the Together watch face that Google will officially be shutting it down on Sept 30th, along with the reason why they’re doing it.
A new report on the unannounced 6GB model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 claims that the phone will sell for $916 in China.

Not only does it come from the company that makes all the best phone camera sensors, it has a higher-megapixel count than any Sony-sensor phone to date. That's why i said after using the Z5 for two weeks found to be better than the s6and the iPhone 6s in every department? The rest of the device is the usual components in the early 2015 smartphones, but the trouble is, the Z5 Premium will not be out until November or December.
This means that you would be able to take selfies in low light conditions, something else that comes across in the picture below which looks like it is shot at dusk. Casio has been making its line of Gz’One rugged smartphones for years, but they’ve always been a disappointment in one way or another, with slow processors, disappointing screens, and outdated software. Sony's Xperia Z is finally making the long trek over from Europe, and will be available from T-Mobile starting on July 17th for $99 down.
It’s got great performance, a great display, an excellent camera, and more software bells and whistles than you probably have time or desire to count.
The S4’s two capacitive menu and back keys have been replaced with hard keys on the Active, and the back of the phone features rubberized endcaps with decorative rivets to denote a slightly more rugged appearance.
But the best thing is that nothing's different: despite its added abilities to withstand water, the S4 Active offered virtually the same experience as the standard S4, which is commendable to say the least. But in practice, the pictures it shoots are just as good as the regular model, and the camera app includes all of Samsung’s weird shooting modes. That means that all of the positive features have carried over — the handsome-if-ergonomically-challenged design, impressive battery saving features, and of course, water- and dust-proof construction. Still, we called the Xperia Z the best phone Sony has ever made back in March, and that holds true today. I was able to dunk the phone in the pool (causing more than a few palpitations in my friends that were with me), pull it out, and immediately start using it as if nothing happened. Both the Xperia Z and the Galaxy S4 Active are as thin as any other modern smartphone — waterproof phones used to require chunky, heavy housing, but that's clearly not the case anymore.
I can take it to the pool or the beach, spill beer on it, and not have a heart attack when my daughter grabs it out of my hands and drops it in a puddle. Between the two, I’d choose the S4 Active, since it offers a better camera, faster processor, and a more comfortable shape.
Until then, I’ll be on the beach sipping a Mai Tai and Instagramming pictures of my feet underwater. However, since this is a non-weighted average, we reserve the right to tweak the overall score if we feel it doesn't reflect our overall assessment and price of the product. It is super slim and has a rounded aluminum frame and durable tempered glass panels, giving it a premium and elegant finish. IP rating is a test certification to measure a device’s resistance levels to both dust and water. Shoot your most important moments in stunning 4K resolution, and edit your creations right on your phone. Face In lets you use both the front and back cameras of your Xperia device, overlaying the images in a number of unique ways. Capture photos and videos with AR animations, objects, and messages, and have fun with your world.
Movie Creator analyzes your media to cluster events, detects faces and locations, and helps you turn your memories into something you can share with friends and family. With lots of apps to discover, each with their own creative features, taking pictures has never been so fun.
And since new apps are being released all the time, your camera will always be able to offer you fresh and exciting experiences. The company has officially revealed their latest developments in the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Gear Neo. We’re not sure what this will eventually mean in terms of third party development and apps. You also know that it’s getting much more difficult to play the game without purchasing in-game upgrades.
As much as most of you want to believe the company is the big bad wolf, their reasoning is neatly summed up with 1 telling image. In addition to the increase in RAM, the phone is also expected to feature 128GB of internal storage.
Add phase detection autofocus, more modes than any other rival and the Xperia Z5 sounds like the best phone camera ever.Even DXOMark has pegged the Sony Xperia Z5 camera as the best among phones. Seems to me by the pictures you took you clearly have no understanding of how to get the best out the Z5! From all of this information we will try to determine the winner based on specs and execution of design and functions.
Outside of the Japanese market, where every smartphone is waterproof, you had to make a choice as a consumer: buy a top of the line smartphone and deal with getting a clunky or cumbersome case (and the constant fear of dropping or soaking your phone), or buy a subpar smartphone that's ready for the elements. Same can be said for rest of the S4 Active’s software: it’s not missing anything you’d find on the standard model. And the fact that it’s the only waterproof smartphone in T-Mobile’s lineup, the Z might still be compelling option next to better phones such as the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and iPhone 5, even though it is very late to the game.
Shooting video underwater also worked without an issue, provided that I started recording before the phone was submerged.

Still, though, there are a few concessions to keep out the liquids: all of the ports (headphones and Micro USB) on the Xperia Z are protected by fiddly flap doors, while the S4 Active gets away with just a flap door on the charging port, leaving the headphone jack easily accessible.
The days of needing a clunky rugged smartphone to protect against the elements may be behind us, and now normal people don’t have to baby their phones as much as we’re used to. Unfortunately, if you aren’t a T-Mobile or AT&T customer, you don’t really have a great option for a waterproof smartphone that can run with the best of them right now, but that will likely change in the future. And it feels right at home in your hand with an easy-to-use interface and symmetrical design.
The ?rst digit in the two-digit IP rating indicates the level of protection against solid objects, including tiny dust particles.
Just remember that all the covers for the micro USB port, the micro SIM slot, and the memory card slot must be firmly closed. Because we know that filming with a smartphone can sometimes lead to jerky footage, we’ve developed our SteadyShot™ technology. It’s literally the same watch otherwise, though Samsung is looking to offer up a slightly different suite of interchangeable wrist straps. Thankfully, a newly-leaked animation shows it’s not as bad as we thought it would be. I have a z5 and if i couldn't take a better pictures of the same views as you then i would be very disappointed with it? Both phones offer big, high-definition displays, fast processors, good cameras, and perhaps most importantly, slim and lightweight designs that belie the fact that they are actually waterproof. In fact, if you are an AT&T customer, I’m hard-pressed to find a reason to choose the standard S4 over the S4 Active.
As David learned in his review of Sony’s also-waterproof Xperia Tablet Z, these devices aren’t really usable underwater, because the screen sees water droplets as fingertips and can start acting haywire. For starters, the camera is now part of the watch body instead of the strap, making way for interchangeable wrist bands. It became a briefly amusing game to see if I could make the screen do what I wanted simply by aiming water droplets at it. It could be easily resolved by integrating wireless charging into the device, but neither the Z or the S4 Active have wireless charging — hopefully that’s something we’ll see in future revisions.
These are the bits that actually harvest the light that streams through the lens, one of the most important elements of any camera.The Sony Xperia Z5 has a sensor currently exclusive to it and the Z5 Compact, the IMX300.
You’ll also be able to customize your home-screen backgrounds, watch faces and fonts. Sony is clearly out to give it an advantage over phones like the Moto X Style, which have kinda-similar 21-megapixel sensors.That sounds great. These are the tiny little units that actually pick up the light that makes a camera’s images, and keeping them a decent size is the key to avoiding a camera having to raise ISO sensitivity (which increases noise) and having to use more intense noise reduction software. Sensor pixel size is also one of the lead elements of providing good dynamic range.The one big issue is that the Sony Xperia Z5 doesn’t really want to take 23-megapixel images. And we also need to consider that its 24mm lens gives you a more zoomed-out view than most phones. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to focal lengths, but I’d rather have something closer to 35mm.Right down at pixel level, though, the Z5’s image is an awful lot fizzier than that of the Galaxy S6 or One A9. The issue is that this tends to completely destroy some fine details, particular in textures like the brickwork on a building. In both Xperia Z5 shots it's turned into mush where you can see bricks in the S6 and One A9 shots. The ultra-high resolution of the Z5 is ultimately a red herring.How good is phase detection?One other big feature of the IMX300 sensor is inbuilt phase detection. This is the kind of focusing used by DSLRs.If a phone doesn’t have phase detection, and most don’t, they use something called contrast detection.
All this does is to look at what the sensor sees and works through the AF range to work out when the image is sharpest, the point of greatest contrast in other words. This is rather more complicated-sounding than contrast detection, but looks at the trajectory of the incoming light to look at whether it’s heading in the right direction.This lets it judge focus far more quickly because it doesn’t have to go back an forth like contrast detection. It makes the Xperia Z5 generally very quick at skipping from close-up focusing to locking onto the far-away background.But now let’s get back down to earth. The Sony Xperia Z5 isn’t as fast as phase detection promises because there is a bit of shutter lag. This encompasses any delay between when you press the shutter button and the picture actually being taken. It’s not quite as fast as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S.I also found that in ultra low light conditions the Sony Xperia Z5 reverts to using contrast detection. And compared with the Galaxy S6 and HTC One A9 it’s actually quite slow at focusing in this situation. You may have seen something called ‘SteadyShot’ in its feature list, but this is actually something quite different.In this case at least, this means the Z5 has software video stabilisation, where the software cuts into the view of the camera, using the outer bits to buffer any juddery movements you might make.

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