Packing a sharp, 16-megapixel camera and a host of nifty shooting modes, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphones around.
From utilizng key features like Selective Focus and real-time HDR to fiddling with subtle-but-important camera settings, there's no shortage of ways to turn your S5 into the ultimate pocket camera. Like many other smartphones and cameras, the Galaxy S5 packs a high dynamic range (HDR) function. Tinkering with exposure is ideal for getting vastly different versions of the same shot, especially outdoors, as in these three images of a skyscraper I took against a blue sky above. Another exposure tool you can use is metering mode, which tells the camera what part of the photo is most important, so it will optimize exposure for that area (possibly at the expense of slightly over- or underexposing other parts). The Galaxy S5's Selective Focus mode allows you to blur out the foreground or background of a photo for an artistic effect To activate Selective Focus, simply tap the icon of two silhouettes on the top right of the camera app's interface. With Selective Focus activated, you can choose your subject by simply tapping it on the display.
Trying to capture a fast-moving object with just a single shot often ends in blurry disappointment.
To activate Burst Mode, tap the settings icon on the top left of the camera interface, and toggle burst shots on. As with many smartphones and point-and-shoots, it's best to keep the S5's flash off unless you absolutely need it. The flash also comes in handy if the sun is behind your subject, creating a dark shadow on the person or object. Your S5 will always take shots in Burst Mode with Shot and More activated, which also gives you access to features like Best Face and Best Shot for easily picking the best photos in a big bunch. This feature gives an airbrushed look to your selfies, and lets you choose from five different levels of intensity. The Galaxy S5 takes super-high-res photos by default, but you'll rarely need to shoot at max resolution to get a solid shot.
The new Samsung NX mini, the world’s slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens SMART camera allows people to take the game of ‘selfies’ to a different level. If you want people to ‘like’ your selfies, you need to take better photos and share it quicker than all the competitive selfie takers.
If you look at the bottom left in your main buttons, you’ll see an odd looking square button on the right. When you take a screenshot, after a moment it will even bring up a basic editor where you can draw on the screenshot, or write a note, etc.
Update: After the ICS update for this device, the process for taking a screenshot has changed.
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Before Apple jumped into the phablet game with their iPhone 6 Plus, there was the Samsung Galaxy Note series.
What Do You Think of the New Note?Those are my favorite new features right now on the Galaxy Note 4, and if you wondering what the downsides are, I can only think of one right of the top of my head.
And while the device makes it easy to take good photos out of the box, it does take a bit of photography know-how to get the best possible shots in every situation. The S5 is one of the few phones that offer a real-time HDR preview, so you'll be able to see the difference when you toggle the setting on and off. The first was taken at default exposure, the second at minimum exposure (-2 EV) and the third at max exposure (+2 EV).
Make sure your foreground subject is within 1.5 feet of your camera, and that part of the background is at least 5 feet behind your subject. After your shot is taken, tap the edit icon to the top left of the image, which will pull up your focus options. This mode is a great way to put the focus on a friend standing in a crowded city, for example. After that, you simply hold down the camera button to take up to 30 shots in about 3 seconds.
We pressed the shutter button as soon as the truck came close, and held it until the truck had passed by. Once you go into the settings menu and switch picture stabilization to Off, you'll notice your S5's camera focusing quicker than it did with the feature on.
If you are taking a posed, rather than an action, shot, however, turning on image stabilization will improve your chances of getting a clean shot — so toggle it on or off depending on your subject.
The S5 typically takes crisp and bright shots by default, and the flash tends to lead to overexposure. Using the S5's flash in a low-lit conference room helped bring out each of my co-workers' skin tones.
You just snagged a great shot of your best friend against a beautiful background, but someone just had to walk right behind your friend at the same time. Once you're in Eraser Mode, you can tap away anything that the S5 camera detects as a distraction, such as the hurried city walker that swoops in at the last second to steal your best bud's thunder.
But remember, you need to activate Shot and More before taking the photo, so if you are in a setting that's likely to involve photobombers, enable this feature.
I personally prefer the way my face looks in its raw, natural glory, but Beauty Face was able to rub away a few birthmarks and blemishes. If you open the settings menu and tap Picture Size, you can choose between photo outputs of 16 MP, 12 MP, 9 MP, 8 MP and 6 MP for the rear camera. When he's not writing about mobile tech and gaming, you can usually catch him playing Street Fighter, devouring Twitch streams and trying to convince people that Hawkeye is the best Avenger. To help you stand out among those people the infographic on how to take a good selfie, or… a ‘wefie is a must.

Most devices require you to hit a button combination of some kind, but on the new Galaxy Tab 2, they’ve put this feature right into the main button menu.
Initially knocked for their size, the Notes slowly but surely gained popularity, thanks to powerful hardware, incredible displays, extensive features, great battery life, and a surprisingly-useful stylus.Four iterations later and we've got the Samsung Galaxy Note 4—the most polished, powerful, and feature-packed Note of the bunch.
Redesigned with ridges across two-thirds of the body, the stylus feels much more natural in your hand than its predecessors. While that may not be big news in and of itself, Samsung has added two additional health-oriented sensors that might be right up your alley: SpO2 and UV sensors. Now, on the Galaxy Note 3, we no longer need the S Pen.Just hold down on the Back button to bring up the Multi-Window menu. Notice how the non-HDR photo is covered in shadows, while the HDR shot is bright and filled with rich colors, yet not overexposed.
To find the exposure menu, you'll have to tap the camera app's settings icon and scroll all the way down.
If you want to even out exposure over the entire frame — say, in a group photo — you can select Matrix metering.
Then, from the multitude of photos, we picked the one in which the vehicle was sharp and in the center. It may overexpose the background a bit, but you'll get a much brighter and clearer view of your subject. The highest-resolution rear-facing shots will take up around 4.25MB apiece, and you can whittle those down to less than half that size while still retaining plenty of detail, even for small prints. To see just how much better this model is compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3, check out the 7 biggest new features below. And while they may seem gimmicky, the best thing about these cameras are the selfie features baked into the stock camera app.With Selfie Mode, you can take a picture of yourself by tapping your finger on the heart-rate sensor located on the back of the device. Drag and drop two apps over onto the screen, then highlight the app you want to float.Tap on the small white circle that appears, then tap on the minimize icon to switch that app to a floating icon.
Samsung's software design was the only thing that reviewers across the web disliked almost unanimously, but if you've used a Note at all before like I have, you're probably used to it.So what do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? If the very center of the photo is most important, such as a performer on stage, try Spot metering. Rear-Camera Selfie Mode allows you to use the rear-facing camera—the camera will then automatically focus and snap a picture when it recognizes a face. A floating circle will appear for the app; tap on it to open the floating, resizable pop-up window. Finally we've got Wide Selfie Mode, where you can swivel your device in either direction to capture a wide-angled selfie of yourself and your friends.

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