When  Sony announced  the action­  camera  Sony High Definition POV Action Video Camera HDR-AS30V, many thought  it would  be a direct  attack  on the GoPro  , but this didn’t  happen  . Sony already holds a strong position in the film and television world (although it often introduces new  models),  and  are  also  very  interested  in  acquiring  part  in  the  photo  world,  and  being competitve with the products from Nikon and Canon. With the package of Sony Action camera you get the camera, battery and tray, USB cable, which is also used for charging, protective case, two stand (straight and curved) for permanent bonding, and plastic part that connects the casing and the stand. Sony  Action  Cam  leaves  a  positive  impression  especially  when  it  comes  to  physical  quality. The casing is very well done and , unlike the GoPro camera housing , much easier to open for setting up the camera. However,  it is difficult  to say that Sony has done something wrong,  because  obviously  the  first  generation  camera  was  not  even  meant  to  take  over  the throne.

Finally, Sony is making great efforts to move closer to shooting in 4K resolution for wider range of users. More on the test, we had a lofty pedestal with a  small bead head, and two elastic bands, large and  small  scale, to  set up the  camera in hand or around the head (helmet). Camera test has already been used , and it can be seen that the housing receives a considerable number of surface scratches , but it must be recognized that seems strong and durable , which is the  most  important  thing.  When  the  camera  is  in  the  housing  ,  it  is  not  possible  to  make  any adjustments , but it is only possible to start and stop recording .
Sony  has  offered  an  extremely  affordable  solution  , which  is  good  ,  since  I  do  not  see every day cheap products of Japanese manufacturers, and we believe that in near future can be espected more aggressive approach from Sony to this market segment . As you can see, whenever a lens and sensor, Sony is more than active, so no doubt it will eventually try to take as much as they can of the market, which now is successfuly held by GoPro cameras. True , he’s long past the time when the plastic in the technical world necessarily has to mean something bad , but the exact choice of plastic on the camera works almost like unfinished material .

GoPro is an advantage in this regard , although the best settings made ?via the phone in both cases , but the problem is if the Sony camera forget to include WiFi , because it is then necessary to remove it from the chassis .
After all , Sony is one of the few companies that delivers interesting news in photos and video world , almost every day . However, we should be extremely critical since the plastic still seems to be very durable to drops , scratches and shock , even though we have to conclude, based on observations . Of course , we’re talking about the camera out of the case , which is not intended for situations where it can be damaged and you should always keep it in the case in such situations .

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