Photography Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional, enthusiast and amateur photographers. EDIT: I am looking for scenario where downtown is in the background and person is in front. EDIT: I am including the picture I took with Chicago downtown in the background and my friend in the foreground. I don't have any fast lenses so I can't say how much of a difference a fast lens will make, however I know that proper support makes a big difference!
The hour before sunset is called the blue hour and gives you very rich dark blues in the sky. Fast lenses are good, and will allow you to get candids by streetlight with a high ISO but to get really good night photos you really need some kind of camera support.
Camera support doesn't have to be a huge tripod, your Rebel has the advantage of being lightweight so you could use a compact tripod or something like a GorillaPod which is more versatile and easy to carry around. You will also (if you have a choice) want to shoot in the first hour past sunset or the hour before sunrise for the best lighting.
Apart from sensor size, what D-SLR you have won't significantly affect your ability to take low-light photographs. Responding directly to your sample image, all you need to add is a tripod provided your subject is willing to stand still (as he apparently is). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged canon night or ask your own question.
Are you sick of going to a bar taking a few photos only to find out they all turn to crap when you put them on the computer next day? Obviously there is no one right answer but for just what it's worth I am picking one of them.
The higher it is, the more amplification you're giving to the various types of sensor noise. There is a short period of time between day and night, when the sky is not dark yet and when the city lights are already on. Using flash will ensure that you have the main subject sharp and well lit and the long exposure will allow you to capture the background. When using tripod you should get well rendered sharp background, when shoting hand-held the background will be blurred - but you can use it to your advantage, for example light paining - it adds a more dynamic feel to the photo.
This will allow longer exposures without camera shake, but more importantly it will let you blend multiple exposures together in order to even out the lighting (when your lightsources are in the frame e.g.
This will cause more noise, but you will want to take that hit to get the higher shutter speed you need to get a clean shot. A full frame sensor will make a difference, but the first you must do is buy fast, quality lenses. He's using the slow kit lens and I know for myself that it struggles in comparison to faster lenses. You could add a fill flash but that introduces difficulties matching the foreground and background lighting. I would be also interested to know how we take good shots of landscapes just with moonlight.

Lowering the ISO only results in less noise if you get more light down the lens to compensate. You can reduce or compensate for camera motion with a tripod or image stabilization, but this won't help if your subject is moving.
You can get lower noise and higher ISO with a more expensive camera, but even still there are limits to this.
The table is burned in over 25 secs or so, then the face of the DJ is "popped" by the flash at the end of the exposure.
I have a list of here my 10 best picks for cameras that take really good photos at night.10. This effect can be used creatively, but sometimes it is an annoyance and can ruin pictures, e.g. An off-camera setup offers endless creative possibilities, but is less portable than on-camera flash. You want your subject lit and well defined with the cityscape as a well-exposed, complimentary light source. ISO should be the last resort to getting light in the camera (not that higher ISO is not warranted). Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W570 16.1 MP Digital Still CameraIf you're looking for a camera that you can throw in your pocket and pull out at nighttime to take some happy snaps but arn't looking to spend a fortune for a camera on a 2 week vacation then this is the one you want.
The Sony DSC-W570 has this low level light technology that will take good photos at night.09.
Second, though fast lenses give you more light and thus speed up your exposure times, they also crush your DOF. In fact it seems everyone who buys this range of Fuji cameras is so impressed with it that they end up upgrading to a similar version. This camera while not as many MP as the other has a larger LCD screen camera takes great photos in the dark. Canon EOS Rebel T3This high powered DSLR camera not only take high quality pictures no matter the light level it also has a really good HD camera added as well with on board video editing options. What I love about this camera is the inbuilt WiFi connector so you can download your images without plugging it in!
This is an all in one purchase because of the low MP count you can use the lens that comes with the camera so there is nothing else to buy. If your looking for an all in one DSLR camera then you can't go past the Canon EOS Rebel T3.07.
Nikon D3100This is another all in one DSLR camera kit with HD video already built into the camera. The Nikon D3100 is one of a series of Nikon DSLR cameras that take really good photos at night and during the day. This camera also comes with the Nikkor zoom lens as part of the kit which makes for some really good closeup action at night.
The active D lighting camera makes shades light again so in the case of a dimly lit area it will really make it bright.06.
It has a monster 3 inch LCD screen that has good resolution so you can actually see what photo's your taking.

It has amazing low and dim light capabilities that make nighttime photos look exactly how you remember it. The T3i series also has a huge amount of adaptor lenses you can choose from and add making this the ultimate expansion ready nighttime camera.05.
Nikon D5100 16.2MP CMOS Digital SLR CameraNow we're really starting to get serious about cameras when we start talking about the Nikon D5100 camera. What you should know about this camera is it takes really good photo's at night but only with the flash.
My mate uses one and without the flash photo's come up dull at night but the daytime uses for this camera far out way using this camera at night.04.
Canon EOS 60D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCDOne of the best cameras I personally feel that Canon makes for this price range. The Canon EOS series camera has better HD video processing than previous camera models on this list.
It's not a difficult camera to use either despite what you'd expect for a camera at this price. This camera also comes with a lens so it's already loaded but for better zooming you'll need to buy another lens.03. Comes already with a better lens for zoom than the 60D but with way better low level for taking photos in the dark.
Probably not convenient for travelling but capturing photos at home like little Jennies birthday party when she was cutting the cake and you want a really good photo. Probably expensive for that alone but you get the idea.This camera is probably the next best thing to purchasing a professional level camera. Nikon D7000 16.2MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLRWant a really good professional camera with really good zoom. With a ground-breaking 2,016-pixel RGB (3D Color Matrix) exposure sensor that compares your picture with over 30,000 other photos to help it recognize colours when you take a photo in the dark.
This is amazing stuff because even where it's dark it helps find the light that makes your nighttime photos light up.01.
The Nikon DX3 and if you roll over to see the price you'll see why few people actually have one. The cost is only for the body and you still have to buy accessories and lenses for the bloody thing to work. Still this camera will take photos at night in the snow inside or just about anywhere and if you know how to use the damn thing the photos will come out the best you've ever seen.How to take good photos at nightThere are three things you need to know about your camera in order to take good photos at night. Most modern digital cameras in the past 3 years have instructions on how to adjust these settings.

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