Adding insult to injury, facial recognition scanners have a hard time placing your face if you’re smiling or pulling a funny face. 3.    Forget bedroom eyes, trying to look sexy in a passport photo just makes you look a bit weird and sleepy. Posts related to Tips for taking a good passport photoCyberstalking: the new way to wooHey, miss!
Do you reckon your passport photo has any influence on how much of a hard time immigration might give you??  If yes, that might explain some of my grillings! New pets will sometimes make a mess in the home until they get accustomed to their surroundings. However, for the western society which likes to think we have some influence over outcomes, no better way to think about it. It can make you look like a criminal and that’s a potential bummer at passport control. Australian passport photo guidelines, for example, require that your mouth be closed, no teeth showing and in a neutral position.
You may find her among the happy isles, smiles and empty barrels of Melanesia, or swinging her hips at a Spanish fiesta, underwater in Mexico, on top of the Argentine alps, or at home in New Zealand with her nose in a book.
Tell the children how much food the pet needs, and find a scoop that is close to that size.
Place newspapers in areas of the home, and when the pet messes on the paper, children can reward the pet with a treat. Carmel Animal Hospital is somewhere to go so that the pet can get required shots and routine checkups. This is not limited to western society at all – we all like to think that we have some influence over our outcomes.
She is delighted by difference - both people and places, and is inspired by those who follow their own path through life with passion and courage. Taking care of a pet is a good learning experience for children, and there are some ways to help teach children about taking care of the pet. If children see that there is no water, then set an empty container on the kitchen table with a label that has the name of the pet on it.

Children can also take the pet outside at certain times during the day so that the pet can be trained not to make messes in the home.
The doctor will examine the teeth, hair and bones of the pet to ensure it is growing properly. Change the jobs each week so that each child can take care something different with the pet. Examples include emptying the food dish if the food is old, changing blankets in the dog house or taking the pet for a walk if it is a dog. A dry erase board is perfect to write a schedule on because it can easily be erased each week.
Most of the time, we narrow our frame too much and don’t zoom out to see how much room there is. At other times, we are so overwhelmed by our lack of focus that we cannot recognize what our decision is. Developing an awareness of when to zoom in and zoom out is at the heart of arriving at the appropriate frame.
When discussing our decision frame, it is extremely important not to be trapped by our own rhetoric, and so we have to try our best to use value-neutral language (language that does not evoke value-judgments). For instance, there is a big difference in our emotional reaction when using the word “pollution” over the more neutral “emission.”Creative Alternatives: Did we find ourselves restricted by the alternatives at hand, or did we make a sincere effort in coming up with creative alternatives? Most of the time, when we have a favored alternative, we jump straight in without reflection.
Sometimes, we are so attached to our favorite alternative that we may even be manipulative in making sure it is chosen. Breaking our attachment and giving ourselves room to be creative is necessary in order to find out-of-the-box alternatives.Clear Values: Did we think about the important sources of value? Did we slow down to reflect on what’s important to us?Useful Information: Did we try hard enough to resolve the most critical uncertainties in our decision situation? Or did we spend our time gathering useless information that would not help our decision-making? We live in the age of “information explosion” thanks to the Internet, and can easily be overwhelmed by it.

Instead of trying to get as much data as possible on anything and everything, we can direct our attention to the information that affects what we value the most.
More fundamentally, it is important for the decision maker to recognize that information is a state of mind.
There are no probabilities out there in the universe that can be discovered by plunging into a haystack of data.
Probabilities are a measure of our beliefs about the universe, and they only exist in our head. This distinction helps keep us honest by avoiding misleading terms like “objective probability.”Sound Reasoning: Were we consistent with our values when using information to come up with the best alternative? This is the only element of decision quality that can be considered “objective.” Given all the same inputs, the process of decision analysis will give us the same answer every time.
How committed are we as decision-makers to follow through on what we believe to be a good decision?
Given the above elements, you can’t possibly judge the quality of another person’s decision, as it’s too hard to get all this information. You cannot hold on to how much you’ve sunk in any calculations on coming out ahead in the future.
This brilliant rule knocks out clinging to the past, and incorporates it in our mathematics. In our exams, when students include the sunk cost in their mathematical calculations, they get penalized for making a fundamental mistake!
The principle is treated as matter-of-fact, without a second thought given to the huge implications on our lives, which is, as it should be. Which values are material to our decision-making (as in, if we change some of our preferences, would our decisions change)?
This interaction with our own beliefs and values is invaluable, for it helps loosen our attachment to any one belief and helps create a space of reflection between us and our decisions.Only when we believe that we have done our best can we let go of all our attachments to the past and the future, and start to be present.

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