For years, Microsoft Word has included spell checking, grammar checking, and bibliography tools to help students and others polish their writing skills. Both capabilities will only be available to those who subscribe to Office 365, Microsofta€™s subscription service, however. Why this matters:A Editor and especially Researcher are certainly innovations that educators are going to have to pay attention to.
You may have already run into elements of Researcher inside two other applications: Sway makes it easy for you to find and insert publicly available art into your presentations, and Word 2016 already includes a a€?Smart Lookupa€? feature that essentially conducts a Bing search for a given term, without you having to leave your document.
Editor, meanwhile, takes the spelling checker and grammar checker thata€™s common to Word and adds a new feature to a€?tightena€? your writing.
Office 365 will also add a nifty zoom feature for PowerPoint, which looks similar to what Prezi has offered: Instead of presenting slides one after the other, a presenter can provide a summary slide that can be a€?zoomeda€? into. As PCWorld's senior editor, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other beats. All that i suggest here is to put a drop of bleach on the indicator and it will turn from red back to good 'ole white. You can think of the new Editor and Researcher tools as supercharged versions of whata€™s already there. The Researcher tool should be available today to subscribers, or after your Office 365 suite completes its most recent update. It certainly seems that Reseacher will eliminate some of the a€?grunt worka€? from a college paper, quickly finding, inserting, and citing published work. Search for a€?Yosemite,a€? for example, and Smart Lookup provides images, a Wikipedia entry, and a more general web search within a sidebar.

According to a video demonstration of the feature, Researcher expands the sources available to you, but also allows you to drill down into them without leaving Word.
Microsoft said it will apply its cloud intelligence to bring more clarity to your writinga€”for example, replacing wordy phrases with more concise alternatives.
Essentially, it allows presenters to provide a€?thumbnailsa€? of forthcoming slides inside of a summary slide, treating individual slides more like hyperlinks to different web pages. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. I'm also in the commonwealth of VA and an employer, and you cannot fire someone for making a mistake.
In the video, Microsoft shows how users could explore a topic such as a€?rainforest,a€? and then go deeper for related topics, like "biodiversity." A key feature is that users can pull quotes from sources like academic papers, and Word will automatically add a footnote with the correct citationa€”always a plus for a student cranking away on a last-minute paper. Those suggestions will be highlighted with a gold squiggle underline, versus the red squiggle Word uses for a misspelled word. Further, I was denied a warranty claim on my (UN-used) phone headphones (which had a broken microphone), because of this sticker. Make the same mistake after being warned and having written verification for that warning and then yes they can let you go, but they still cannot deduct the damages from your paycheck. This indicator is usually a white sticker located in the battery compartment of most cellphones.
Do the take $300 from your pay check or do you get fired and go to the unemployment office? The reason being that there is another one of those stickers inside the case of the phone to prevent tampering.

Clearly they have adapted to the dabbing of bleach trick by concealing the indicators beneath a protective layer. Water would have to penetrate the phone beneath within the mounted casing-not just inside the back cover. In my case, my phone is just 3 weeks old and I had wet fingers on a rainy day and pushed the buttons to turn on the display.
So now the phone company benefits by voiding the warranty because of an overly sensitive indicator. After drying it out its still works fine but I am wondering if it will trip again if I make it white.
If I bleach it, will the phone turn on?I know your question was asked 2 years ago, and I am not the person you are asking this to. If it happens to you again, take the phone apart, use a towel and pat the inside of the phone out, and throw of the excess water (shake the phone while it is apart) and let it sit for about a month. So, on suggestion from Staples (whom I bought it from), I had them send it out for repairs..

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