This summer, go retro on your road trip, tropical escape, or staycation by popping those tiny tubes of 35mm film back into your bag.
Granted, you could hire a professional and take your big dreams into a portrait studio, but who wants to do that when the chances of the stars aligning long enough for that picture perfect image in your mind to become a reality before your kids turn into tiny demons are only slightly higher than you getting a decent shower.
From smartphones to fancy digital SLRs and everything in between, moms are snapping pictures everywhere you look. When you first bought your new DSLR camera, you were certain that your photos would be just as beautiful as the ones posted all over the internet.
We spend a lot of time discussing how to best take photos of your kids, but what about the other members of your family?
Do you have an adorable toddler you’d love to photograph, but who keeps running away from you every time you pull out your camera?
Today’s tips may not prevent your child from running away at the sight of a camera, but with any luck, they may just stay still long enough to capture a smile. In all seriousness, if you really think about it, photography has so much to do with your ability to combine light, movement, expressions and movement into the perfect photographic moment. Capturing a natural smile should be easy, but it’s often one of the most difficult tasks asked of a photographer. If you’re anything like us, one of the biggest reasons we got into photography was so that we could capture beautiful candid moments of our children. With that in mind, today we’re going to discuss some easy ways to capture candid moments of your kids. The Latest in CAPTUREDaily Mom's Guide to PhotographyDid you recently upgrade your point and shoot camera to a Digital SLR? How Olympians Handle ParenthoodCan you imagine the publicity, the rush of adrenaline, the excitement and the terror of competing in the Olympics? Chocolate Chip Pecan Banana Zucchini BreadIf you're looking for a slightly less guilty treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, we've got the perfect recipe for you.
4 DIY Natural Face ScrubsLooking for a cure for dull and dry skin in these harsh winter months? Whether using a professional camera or the one on your phone, here are some tips from Rick for taking great photos in low light.
In my opinion, most pro photographers would rather not rely on a flash.  Instead, we’d prefer to use natural light.
For example, the picture on the left was taken using the Auto (default) setting.  While this isn’t a bad shot, look at the same picture on the right.
To get to the Low Light setting, go to the camera and you’ll see an “A” (for “Automatic”) in the lower left hand corner of the screen. This sounds more complicated than it is (and is by far my favorite camera feature on the One X).
You think your hand is stable when holding your camera, but it’s probably not stable enough to give a clean, crisp shot.
Hi Hussam, You can use something like a tripod, which has 3 legs and typically has a mount on top for a camera.
After long 3 weeks of wastage of time there Back end team member Ms Geeta assured me that my device will get repaired on 28 of oct.
Today finally the 48 hours passed As usual i called them, may be its 50th time & just shocked,,There is no Mr Alpesh Available.
Another quick difference is that HTC decided to focus on the quality of the sensor and not simply megapixel count.
You need a flash to add light to dark photography settings, but a flash might make your picture look blown out or overexposed. Current trends for Scandinavian minimalism suggest white is the only paint color possible for room. In rooms without natural light, shadows become quite distinct and can make the room feel even darker. The 'before' walls of this bedroom are just okay, but the strong pine green in the 'after' really claims the space.
The most common question I receive about moss gardening is from people who have decided to give up on their grass lawn in shady areas where naturally occurring mosses have crept in. After attempting to grow a lawn in shade, only to fail in producing a satisfying amount of coverage to fulfill the ideal, frustration leads to an alternative–moss.
Soon the moss is anointed and all the efforts to coax the grass is removed from the homeowners list of chores. Then the question comes, “How do I remove the existing grass and get the moss to take over?” My standard answer underwhelms as I explain that it’s best to remove the grass by hand and water regularly. Many of us have become accustomed to gardening and cultivating our landscapes with the help of sprays and chemical controls. Here are a few suggestions to create a moss lawn and to deal with a grass to moss conversion. You can also create a clean slate by applying a thick layer of leaf litter and allowing it to do the work of clearing any vegetation for you over several months. Beginning with a clean slate is often the best way to promote a self-sustaining and weed resistant moss lawn. After the area is prepared for moss,  locate and transplant from your surrounding area placing patches of colonies directly on the prepared soil. Alternatively you can follow these steps but not introduce mosses and allow airborne spores to develop into a selection of mosses that suit the conditions.
Capitalize on established patches of moss, encouraging their domination by removing competition (grass, weeds and debris) and using appropriate  watering techniques. Carefully hand pull grasses and weeds, ensuring to get the roots.
If your weeds overwhelmingly outnumber the moss, place leaf litter or black plastic over the area. Create a clean slate by temporarily removing the mosses. Think of it as taking your new moss buddies for a vacation while you do some spring cleaning. If your volunteering mosses are  pleurocarps, applying herbicides has fair odds of working.  If they are acrocarps it is not advisable.

Even though the herbicides may be easier, don’t try to accomplish this too quickly or in one application. To learn more about Moss and Stone Gardens – Where Moss Rocks!, please visit our website. This entry was posted in Moss Education, Moss FAQ and tagged David Spain, Garden, moss, Moss and Stone Gardens, Moss gardens, moss lawn, Moss Man, Moss Rocks! Moss is so very very beautiful and your playful approach goes a long way in bringing the moss gospel to those as yet unmossed!
Sylvia, the only species likely suitable and found in your area would be Entodon seductrix or Bryum argenteum.
I have moss growing naturally in all of my shady areas on my property but there were areas that seemed like nothing could grow whatsoever. Thanks Chris, identification of moss is difficult even with the help of the internet, many labeled photos are incorrect and difficult to make out necessary details.
I fell in love with moss on our honeymoon in 1961, a canoe trip in the boundary waters of Minnesota.
I live in a rental place in San Francisco where the backyard has been abandoned for couple of years.
After being inspired by this website a couple years ago, I started working on replacing my front yard with moss. Chances are your mom had stuck a few disposable cameras in your backpack and sent you on your way. But in this day and age, of course things have advanced, including film, disposable and instant cameras, and accessories, so your film experience will be anything but old news! Whether she shoots candid shots of her own perfect kiddos or she is a professional photographer, we all know a momtographer who is obsessed with all things photography. Whether this is an annual event for your family or something that happens once in a blue moon, they have a tendency to stress people out, especially mom. However, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that should make this portrait season a lot easier. With that in mind, skip the flowers and jewelry, and encourage her with the gift of photography. Unfortunately, if you’re anything like us, your muse has told you on more than one occasion to put the camera away. More specifically, what if you were able to predict the exact moment when your children moved with delight into the most perfect afternoon light to converge into that awesome moment when you were strategically ready with your camera? However, do you ever stop to consider how “framing” your shots in camera can maximize the impact a photo has long before it ever hits a physical frame? You found a hairstyle you love and want to take it to your hairstylist the next chance you get. With my HTC One X, the built-in Low Light setting, accessible under the camera scenes, makes it easy to take a great photo without getting the unbalanced look that often occurs when using the flash.
Do you ever notice how some great photos have a slightly blurry background while the subject is sharp and crisp in the foreground?
Using a tripod removes the risk of unsteady hands and makes it much easier to come away with a great shot. I often end up using the back of a chair or some other stable and level space to make sure the photo is sharp.
But Mr Asif is not available that day as said by their toll free agent so i got third new back end team mem Mr Alpesh He said me that ” the part required for device is still not arrived so it will not possible to repaired device yet. The camera and software used in the new HTC One isn’t in the same league as the prior cameras. People love to see high numbers as an upgrade but it’s just not true when it comes to camera sensors. Here are some good tips, like adjusting your aperture or manual ISO to maximize your available light. Instead, embrace the opportunity to carve out an ultra cozy space in your home filled with rich, saturated color. Converting a grass lawn to moss where traditional attempts of growing turf were used; annual seeding, adding lime, selective herbicides, and watering are one of the most difficult scenarios to work with. The homeowner begins to realize Mother Nature may be revealing a better plant for this location.
The moss however proves stubborn and seems unwilling to hold up to the occupation of its newly bequeathed territory.
It’s a hard habit to break, potions line up like soldiers at the local stores to do the job once held by our sweaty hands. This is usually due to leaves and debris that have been allowed to cover the ground and prevent any plants from accessing the soil. Fragmenting the colonies will increase the coverage but also the time needed for establishment.
A pre-emergent such as Preen Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer can be used to prohibit weeds from geminating. In about 3 months you will begin to see what looks like a green coloring on the surface of the compacted soil.
Every advantage given your new team will help turn the tide from grass (and weeds) to moss. Set the mosses aside in a shady location, laying out the patches and piling up the loose bits that were raked in a shady location.
On a dry warm sunny day, lightly mist the mosses with water, do this slowly on one area then another and repeat. As for the title of the blog post, it was used to go with the theme of the post and the photos, the connection is also in regards to the battle between grass and moss as one is changing over to a moss lawn. Yet, I think it would be helpful for those blessed with shade to know that there IS a lawn that thrives in shade.
I have not worked with the fertiloam product before, it is possible that the damage to the moss will be such that it can recover from an application.

Before ever reading up on moss on your site – I actually did exactly what you detail regarding the spreading of moss by transplanting it.
Can moss get out of hand and take over my entire yard – or is that something a long time in the making? During heavy periods of leaf fall, laying netting out can allow for the leaves to be removed by rolling up the netting like a burrito. Irish moss is not a moss at all and does not share any of the unique properties of bryophytes. Either way, using a DSLR camera can be quite overwhelming, especially with so many buttons, functions and menu screens. In fact, kids now are the most photographed generation to date and that’s because of all the fabulous momtographers out there.
Whether that camera be your smartphone, a point-and-shoot or a DSLR; between now and next May when school is out again for the summer, there will be many an event to capture.
So, what’s a mom to do when she wants so much to practice her photography skills, but her kids don’t want to participate? Not only would you be a better photographer, but you’d be a photography samurai (or something like that).
My Mind is just Blown out by hearing that because Mr Asif told the device is getting repaired the part is arrived on Monday. The biggest difference right off the bat is the clarity and depth that can be achieved by the new sensor, which I feel put’s the One in the same category as a good point and shoot. My primary camera for work is a Nikon d3s, which takes amazing pictures in the lowest light. We want and expect to have an easy remedy in the form of a spray to rid dandelions, crabgrass, nut sedge, broad leaf weeds, and even moss (ouch).
After installation be sure to water deeply and step on the mosses to ensure direct contact between the mosses and the soil. This is the early stage of moss growth and it will develop into a moss lawn in 12 to 24 months. The mosses will tolerate this for a longer period of time than the grass and weeds, thus killing the unwanted growth while maintaining most of the moss.  Check the progress every couple of weeks until the vascular plants have died. You should water the stored mosses daily and they will keep this way for a couple of weeks, if needed. By watering the mosses and fully hydrating their cells before applying the glyphosate, the absorption rate is minimized. Congratulations on having an all natural lawn, you are lucky to be satisfied with it, many are not though and seeing ten pallets of fertilizer and lime being sold at the local corner hardware store each spring (and they are just supplying the immediate neighborhood) might be why many are complaining about the resource hungry turf grasses.
I sing the praises of Eco-Lawn, a deeply drought tolerant shade-adoring lawn, that partners beautifully with shady environs and mossy beauty. It is unlikely to have the problem of moss taking over, but conditions in certain geographic ares promote moss growth so lush and rapid that it is a yearly chore to reduce or remove it from unwanted areas. Leaf debris can be allowed to collect for a month before the moss suffers, however the longer you wait the wetter and heavier the chore of removal will be. You can probably work with Bryum mosses (sidewalk moss) which are normally found growing in the cracks of sidewalks and around parking lots. One day we decided to trim them all and planning to uproot everything to create a better backyard which we can enjoy. I kept the grass cut really short, sprayed it with grass killer (Grass B’Gone), and watered the moss weekly in summer. It’s those candid moments of our little families that will allow us to step back in times years from now and remember all of those precious memories. I love the camera on the One X and X+, they take great shots to be viewed on a smaller screens, like a phone or tablet. Even if they can’t grow the grass they hoped for, the fascination that moss wants to grow offers them salvation. Pulling grasses and digging with a weeding tool seems like an impossible task for large areas, but tackled systematically it is manageable, and the least disturbing method that capitalizes on any gains the mosses have made. As with all things there can be a balance and hopefully spreading the word about alternative ground covers will help to keep it. Brooms and light weight rakes can be used with some success depending on the species of moss, but in general blowing is superior. Because of our passion for excellent photography, we have pulled together a collection of the best gifts for momtographers or even just the photographers in your life this year.
The noticeable difference with the One camera is the ability to pinch and zoom into a photo, while maintaining the original clarity and sharpness. To keep it low maintenance, I have decided to use pavers and would love to grow moss in between them.
So the question is, how should I cultivate and promote the growth of moss and remove all the weeds? You had hard copy images you could hold in your hand, and chances are, you kinda loved it.
Apply a rainproof glyphosate, carefully aiming for the intended targets but avoiding a heavy application. The moss seems to be growing on loose soil and rooting themselves on the bottom part of the weeds. The moss took over and our front yard is now about 75-80% moss and will probably be 100% by next spring.

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