The rule of thirds is a basic rule or guideline which is used by most professionals when they are looking to compose visual images.
The Rule of thirds technically helps make the picture you take look appealing and eye catching, which is what separates a good picture from a bad one. However, the rule of thirds is not a very easy technique to use and requires some practice. The first thing you need to do is to imagine a tic-tac-toe grid on the lens of your camera. Once you have gone on to stretch your imagination and created this grid, the next step for you is to take into account all of the scenery that you will be putting into your picture. Now you want to try and position your camera in a manner so that most of the objects lay on the lines which you have created inside your head. The main subject of the picture should be off center from the top line, while it should be at one of the two points of intersection on top.
The rest of the picture should be filled with objects which compliment the main subject which you photographed. The only way for you to get good at using the rule of thirds, is if you go on and take a lot of pictures and practice it while doing so.
We came across some interesting landscape designing concepts from London based designers MyLandscapes. Lighting plays a serious role in creating depth and composition, setting a mood, providing security and highlighting a pathway. For a modern edge, you can use white rocks or sand to create contrast against the foliage by highlighting the plant forms and colors in your garden. Rock gardens are good for the green-thumb challenged and provide a beautiful organic element to an otherwise stark modern space. Consider using perennials first so that your garden will look good with or without annual plants. Before you get started, take measurements and create a plan that will help you allocate your budget for materials as well as figure where to place plants, fountains, ornaments, walkways and seating areas in your garden. What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. As the name suggests this is a beautiful plant with foliage that are dual toned and the rosettes are drought resistant making it a great choice for the hanging basket plant . This purple lavender in the dwarf form is a great plant for a hanging basket because apart from just adding a touch of beauty it also fills the air with its amazing fragrance.

The flowers of fuchsia are truly showstoppers and this plant has been a hot hanging basket favorite. People who have the knowledge of art, famous artist and all will definitely know as to how to choose art for their home but for people who have no knowledge can read further to know how to choose art for your home? Some people do visit galleries and museums, which will mean that you have good sense of art and what kind of art appeals to you. Now other thing to consider when you are choosing the art for your home is the size of art. If you place the art in wrong place the whole essence shall be lost. In case you have already done the room and now you go to choose the art than remember size of art and the colors are major criteria when selecting the art to fit as per its surroundings.
There is no way for you to learn it over night, since it requires some time to get used to. Whether you’re a city dweller or a southern bell, we know everyone enjoys a place where they can sit, relax and self-reflect.
One way to achieve high drama is to use subtle accent up-lights to feature a beautiful wall, sculpture or tree.
Pine trees can be really ornate (ever see Edward Scissorhands?) and will stay green all year round! Take into account the flow of traffic and how you will define the space as well, whether by fence, wall, trees, etc.
We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. It is important to use soil, which is rich in nutrients and ensure that there is proper draining facility. Once this is planted, it has the capacity to withstand dry season and they start flowering, when the climate is warm. Plant some dwarf fountain grass in your hanging basket to add that extra texture and dimension. But most of the people have no such ideas, so well to begin with you can take the opportunities to visit the local exhibitions, art fairs, etc.
Some people like to have portrait, some people like to have village belle scene, some people like to have the beautiful sceneries for art and some people like to display abstract painting. The size of the art must not be too large that it is so overwhelming, and art must not be too small that it is lost.
When you place art and want it to be center than go easy on things like wall covering, carpeting, etc. There are two equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines, and these lines and parts are used to help capture the perfect image.

Instead, you need to take into account the sky, the grass, the trees and any other thing that is going to be potentially in the background. So we are sure that you will appreciate the beautiful contemporary roof top terraces and gardens we have featured below. Select pants that suit the particular climatic condition and decide on the place you want to hang the plant and choose accordingly. The flowers are in the shape of lanterns mostly in purple and pink, which attract humming birds making it look even more attractive. You will feel appreciated for time you have invested in order to find satisfied in art and displaying at your home. Assuming they will probably leave you curious to know more about the achievement of mastery in the great design and mood of these outdoor spaces, we’ll provide you with some guidelines that will help you design your own landscapes and create garden scenes that you and your loved ones can enjoy for years, using essential elements to create that WOW factor.
Make sure you water them often and take proper care, as hanging baskets need a lot of attention otherwise they might dry. Allow ample sunlight and you will notice that this plant remains in the best form throughout the year. You can find wonderful pieces of art, for less, and at the same time you are inadvertently supporting other businesses in the area where those artists buy their supplies. So, we have gathered some geometric pillow designs that we found online.The good thing about geometric prints is its subtle look. It is amazing that shapes and lines when combined with lovely colors could become beautiful throw pillow covers!
It is made of wool embroidery and pure organic cotton.Modern Hexagon Pattern PillowZazzleZazzle is proud to give us this pillow of hexagons! Its tassel is one feature that adds beauty to it.Chevron Embroidered Decorative PillowCourtney CachetChevron throw pillows that come in various color combinations. This will no doubt upgrade the look of your space in its lively design.We can’t get enough of these geometric throw pillows!
It has been her big dream to own a home with the touch of Green Architecture and the simple elegance of Modern Minimalist Interiors.

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