And fans immediately speculated if Ariana Grande was shading Justin Bieber with these tweets.
I don't think Ariana was throwing shade at Justin, it's the fans who keep trying to force her to be with whoever they ship her with.
So while Jariana shippers may want Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande to date, it seems she's perfectly happy with Ricky Alvarez.
Looks Of The Day: Natalie Portman Gossips With Reese, Julianne Hough Is Caught Kissing, And Miranda Kerr Flaunts Her Bikini Body! All you Pokemon GO players better stay off the game if you’re vibing at a Rihanna concert. It seems everyone is out running around playing the Pokemon GO game as it has swept the nation in the last few weeks.
Check out this Beyonce fan going off after catching another fan playing the Pokemon Go game while inches away from Bey during her Formation World Tour performance in Paris above.
It was 29th April 1967 and the Hollywood Bowl was packed with the great and good of the American establishment.
After a more than hesitant start at Motown, huge hit singles became the SupremesA?€™ order of the day and, for the first ladies of Detroit, the whole pace of Supreme life became frantic. For her part, Florence reacted with a flurry of anti-Motown lawsuits and signed an ultimately unsuccessful deal with ABC. Birdsong however went from strength to strength with the renamed Diana Ross and the Supremes. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.

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Fans are accusing the "Focus" singer and her boyfriend of slamming Bieber after he posted a flirtatious comment on her Instagram. Others wondered if she was actually calling out fans who wanted her to date Bieber after his "Damn Ariana" post.
While they haven't been seen together much lately, that may be because they are keeping their relationship out of the public eye.
TheyA?€™d come for a fund-raising concert for the United Negro College Fund and the UCLA School Of Music and the bill was made up of the Fifth Dimension, Johnny Rivers and the Supremes. Aged just 14, she was to befriend a male vocal group called the Primes which featured soon-to-be-Temptations Paul Williams and Eddie Kendricks. Pressure within the group grew as, more and more, Florence and Mary were pushed into the background and Ms. His agents quickly contacted New Jersey-born vocalist Cynthia Ann Birdsong, who as Cindy Birdsong was then enjoying success as one of Patti LabelleA?€™s Bluebelles. Professional setbacks were matched by personal lows and her life soon spiralled into pill and alcohol fuelled depression. Ironically though her voice wasnA?€™t even featured on most of the SupremesA?€™ singles as old tracks were re-cycled and newer one featured session singers. The Kardashian relationship was clearly just a fling, but he did appear to be getting serious with Baldwin.
Many of the audience knew that there were tensions in the ranks of the top-selling girl group of all time, but few expected to see a new member take the stage.

Their manager, Milton Jenkins, was so impressed with young Florence that he encouraged her to form a sister group, the Primettes. Gordy believed that the vivacious Birdsong bore a superficial resemblance to Florence Ballard and as he had big plans for Dina Ross anyway, he believed that not too many people would be bothered by who made up the rest of the trio. A planned comeback never materialized and on February 22, 1976 she suffered a massive heart attack and died shortly after admission to Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital in Detroit. Ross, of course, left the group in 1970 and Birdsong herself was to leave in April 72 then rejoin at the end of A?€™73, staying till 1976. The A?€?newA?€? member was Cindy Birdsong - who, it was hastily explained by the Motown PR people, was temporarily replacing Florence Ballard who as A?€?illA?€?.
Cindy agreed to the gig and began learning her musical parts in preparation for her debut in April. She then pursued a number of careers A?€“even recoding sporadically and joining a number of Supremes reunions.
Within months though Cindy was most definitely a permanent member of the group and Florence was clearly A?€?outA?€?.
She began drinking heavily, was often late for gigs and, according to the Motown line she became A?€?generally unreliableA?€?. That Hollywood Bowl concert proved a success and her professionalism and willingness to learn meant that in July of A?€™67 she was officially named as BallardA?€™s replacement.

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