Because he is my baby, I never had any doubt that I would do all that I could to save him, including draining my account and racking up the credit card debt.
Guess what never occurred to me, cutting back on any of the extravagant things I do for my boys. Being grateful that my puppy was on the mend and that all it took was money and some incredible doctors.  I also realized that I deserve things that make me feel good. Take a moment to think about the things that make you feel good (and it can’t have anything to do with sacrifice for others).
After a long and rejuvenating run at the gym, I realized just how little I was loving myself (as a verb). God is generous and the universe is abundant; why would I need to sacrifice myself for a dog?
After all, money is just money and there are always ways to earn more.  But I cannot lie, it stressed me out to see those bills and a $10 balance in my checking account.

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