There was no hiding Kate Middleton‘s baby bump during her April 24 appearance at the National Portrait Gallery! Kate kept her baby bump covered in the empire-waist dress, but her pregnant belly was especially noticeable when she turned to the side. The neckline was also high enough to cover up her chest, but plunged in the back to reveal just enough skin.
The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge has been revealing her belly much more recently, breaking her previous trend of hiding her baby bump underneath wool coats. There are many new challenges and changes you may face when pregnant, from morning sickness to your new body shape. Not only is all white one of the hottest catwalk trends of the year, but it is also very flattering to a burgeoning baby bump. While the idea of wearing sweats for nine months doesn’t sound so bad, you will have to dress up from time to time during your pregnancy.
Tunics – Leggings are a staple in maternity style, so why not pair them with adorable tunics. Oh, and don’t forget to sport your Lullabelly musical belt while sipping virgin cocktails at the beach or pool this summer!
Although your boobs will probably be sore and tender in those first few months, you’ll likely be able to get away with your regular bra. Once your breasts have come back down to Earth, it’s time to invest again in a new bra because chances are, your boobs are a different shape and size than they were pre-baby. Basic black pants or black pencil skirt – both are great staples for the office holiday party or a nice evening out on the town.
Just because you feel frumpy, tired or fat, doesn’t mean the rest of the world sees you that way. Look for Ruching (roo-shing): Ruching is when the fabric bunches and pleats at a certain spot.
Beauty in black: Kim also wore a black bikini as she enjoyed some time with her mother Kris Jenner and her sister Kourtney But while Kim has been criticised for her pregnancy style, her sister Khloe thinks she is an inspiration. Once criticised herself for her weight, Khloe blasted those who insult someone 'growing another life inside of her' for their weight. Gorgeous: Kim looked great in her black two-piece - the most flattering of the bunch 'You live your life and you try to make the best out of a tough situation. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
What breastfeeding tips have you found that helped with nursing and meeting your desired goals? My four-year-old celebrated her birthday this year with all the fanfare and a party, a Superhero-Mermaid birthday party to be exact.
Nobody knows how many times you will experience pregnancy, so I say, love your pregnant body.
Pregnant Belly with Gauze “We hung a sheet in the garage for our first pregnancy shot. Big Sister Kisses the Baby Take a picture of the big sister or brother-to-be kissing your belly. Loving It Up My daughter and I just finished having a bath loving all over my belly and love continued after our bath and my husband happened to capture the moment! Our Bundle Of Joy This couple was taken under low light, lower umbrella light to height of mothers belly & let the bundle of joy be the "star". Pregnancy Oil Painting Take a pregnant picture of yourself and edit it to make it look like an oil painting. A Brother Loves His Sister My son has loved his lil sister so much since the second he heard she was gonna be joining the family. Pretty in pink My husband had the idea after we took a picture of the sneakers on my belly. Watch Us Grow My Mother-in-law gave me the idea to take pictures as I grew as she was a 3 hour flight away from us. Black and White Belly Silhouette This is a self portrait done in the nude but without revealing anything.
Belly With Cute Hands I shot this picture for a woman with three children and one on the way!
Pregnancy Shadow Effect I created the pregnancy shadow effect using nothing but a regular digital camera set on low speed and flash off. Reflections on Pregnancy Reflections on pregnancy - Looking back, and to the future of Motherhood.
In Silent Prayer Prayer and Meditation are such an important part of my pregnancy and who I am. Building a Baby My friend, Kristy came over one beautiful day and took some lovely portraits for me and my husband.

Pregnancy Picture with Draping Draping something sheer over your belly is always flattering with pregnant pictures.
Shadowbelly I stood in front of a blank wall and had the light from our lamp behind me.
Favorite Pregnancy Photo I love this pregnancy photo - I hate having my photo taken but this one is great! Daddy's Turn  With the mother and father holding hands at the mother's hips, have a close up taken of dad kissing the unborn baby. Pregnancy Picture This pregnancy picture was taken by a window wearing a gauzy material out of modesty. Scarlet and Radiant I had wanted a picture that captured all of the light and bright life that I felt bursting from me during my pregnancy.
Just Waiting I wanted to capture the feeling that my friend was having when I asked her how she was doing. Kim Kardashian has dealt a crushing blow to anyone who dares to criticise her baby weight by stunning in a bronze bikini on a beach in St Barts. Opening up to C magazine, Kim - who is pregnant with her and husband Kanye West's second child - described how she suffered from pre-eclampsia during her first pregnancy, causing her to bloat - and sparking cruel criticism about her weight.
It got to the point that Kim vowed to herself she wouldn't smile in photos - because why smile for the people criticising her? Jewel absolutely glittered at a pre-Grammy Awards event at Getty House in Los Angeles on Thursday (Feb. The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge showed off her baby bump in a flattering sleeveless empire waist gown, which hit her legs at just the right length. The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, who is due in July, looked stunning in a 50s-style blue Emilia Wickstead cocktail dress. Not only is the royal baby bump on full display these days, Kate looks so happy and healthy — she definitely has that pregnancy glow! However, one of the most frustrating things for an expectant mother can be what to wear during pregnancy – is there any style that is both flattering yet comfortable?
Gleaming white conceals everything you want it to, whilst making you look chic, elegant, feminine and fresh.
Not only that, but getting dressed and looking cute will help boost your confidence on the days when you are feeling a little blue about your burgeoning belly. However, I promise you that you will wear them for the entire nine-months and then some as you work to get your body back. Tunics are dressy enough to wear to the office or out on date-night (and roomy enough when you eat too much on date night).
I’m sure anything by Katy Perry or Carly Rae Jepson will get you in the summer swimwear mood!
The Lullabelly team has broken down which bras we think are best for each month in your pregnancy. Think comfort and easy access (the cups unhook and fold down so you can feed baby quickly). If you have a plain black dress, consider adding sparkling tights or a sparkling scarf to dress it up holiday style!
Dress up basic black with chunky necklaces, sparkling scarves or a beautiful holiday broach. And the good news is an open cardigan looks good even if it doesn’t fit over your bulging belly. Plus, such accessories can become long-term pieces of your wardrobe, not just maternity wear. Look for empire-waist dresses that tie on top of your bump, or dresses that cinch below your belly. If the thought of buying a swimsuit makes you quiver, than the thought of buying a maternity swimsuit surely will rock you to the core. The styles will hopefully make you feel flirty and feminine, so you have (almost) nothing to worry about. These suits are great because they cover you up but also allow for you to easily go to the bathroom without stripping down.
Full piece suits with ruching over the tummy give you room to grow and also cover up any spots you may be sensitive about, like a belly button that has popped. Many great maternity suits come with built-in shelf bras, which help ease the weight of your pregnancy boobs. Look for suits in 2011’s colors and fabrics, which include a honeysuckle reddish pink that screams confidence or a floral print. Now I see what she means!'And asked if she had been able to maintain confidence about her body during her pregnancy, Kim replied: 'No'.
She continued: 'I commend you for not putting your head down and going into hiding like so many would.

I have 3 babies under the age of 4, which results in a busy home and very active daytime hours.
However, it can be tricky to resist appeasing your baby with a "bottle on demand" if your milk doesn't seem to be enough.
It's made from organic herbs that encourage increased milk supply and has a pleasant licorice taste. The star shared one pic of herself pouting on the beach on her Instagram account and another of herself blowing a kiss to the camera. The raven-haired stunner recently admitted the heartbreaking reason she no longer smiles in photos - admitting heavy criticism over her baby weight while she was pregnant with North 'changed who she was'. But now the star believes she won't suffer from the condition again, and she has spoken out - admitting the awful comments from people who didn't understand why she had bloated deeply hurt her. Don’t purchase an underwire bra which can put pressure on your breasts and cause discomfort.
Your feet are so swollen the only comfortable shoes you can wear are your husband’s ugly Crocs. Easy bathroom access is important when your bladder is being compromised by a growing uterus.
I love breastfeeding my babies but I've had to work to be successful in continuing longer than five months. I've found that if I do give baby a bottle, it's helpful to pump a few extra times to encourage increased supply. I've found intentional liquids are necessary; my supply is definitely affected when I forget to drink water. Fortunately there are a lot of stylish clothing options designed especially with nursing moms in mind. Now Kanye West's wife hopes to protect her children from the same pain, and praised the paparazzi for respecting her and her family more since her first pregnancy.
The singer, who is expecting her first child with 41-year-old husband Ty Murray, dressed her blossoming bump in a figure-flattering black and white frock. Usually known for her curvaceous figure and for inspiring a rush of bottom and breast enhancement appointments all over the world, the reality star has been quite demure and very classy in her outfit choices of late.
Also look for one that leaves you room to grow, especially if you’re buying the suit in your 5th month and will need it all summer long. My first baby had a rocky start with nursing and the doctor encouraged me to start supplementing with formula pretty early. In my case, my 5 month old baby is 25% on the weight scale, indicating to me that he could benefit from quite a bit more milk each feeding. Few things are more precious than nourishing your baby in the early days, weeks and months of his precious little life.
Kim has been spotted in many gorgeous all-white outfits, from a white Grecian-inspired gown and lashings of diamonds at an Academy Awards viewing party to a white lace babydoll dress and a sexy red lip when appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show at the start of the year.
My second child up and quit wanting to breastfeed once she experienced the convenience of a bottle. I've tried giving my baby an extra "top off" bottle after each feeding, nursing more often, and pumping more to increase supply per feeding. I resisted for about a month, but when she continually refused to turn her head to nurse, I gave in and transitioned her to bottle feeding. The versatile designs allow a busy mom to go about her day, seamlessly and discreetly incorporating breastfeeding at anytime. Bun Maternity tank tops are available in a wide spectrum of colors and easily unclasp at the shoulder for discrete breastfeeding access.
Before Bun Maternity, I was always stretching out the necklines of my tops, or having to bear my mid-drift under a nursing cover. My little guy is a tiny 25% on the weight spectrum, encouraging me to look into options for increasing milk supply. Bun Maternity's dresses are also stylish and flattering, made from soft knit material and innovative panels and slits for discrete breastfeeding.
He still feeds every hour and a half at 5 months old, leading me to believe he would drink much more if he had the option. Here are some tips my research has provide for increasing milk supply while breastfeeding, plus some favorites for making my nursing experience simpler. I really appreciate not having to discard style or compromise comfort while nursing my baby. From bump to baby and breastfeeding, Bun Maternity's deliciously soft and double functioning clothing fashions take moms seamlessly throughout all seasons of the baby rearing journey.

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