ANTONIA – Curated by Antonia Giacinti, this inspiring multi-brand boutique is coveted by the chicest women in Milan. District of Brera – The Brera district is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Milan.
Nilufar Gallery – Known as the purveyor of an offbeat, rarefied style, Nilufar gallery is one of Italy’s original decorative arts galleries dedicated to historical and contemporary design, as well as the work of Italian architecture and design masters, such as Gio Ponti, Angelo Mangiarotti, Gaetano Pesce, Piero Fornasetti, and Gino Sarfatti.
Villa Necchi Campiglio – An extraordinary house museum discreetly tucked away in the chaotic center of Milan.
Travel is, indeed, about 'the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown,' and yet with Natasha as your guide, you need not teeter. The Tig is a hub for the discerning palate - those with a hunger for food, travel, fashion & beauty. New York City is one of the most desired place by tourists worldwide, and has a significant influence on commerce, finance, research, technology, arts, media, fashion and entertainment that highlights the city to its best. La Liberte eclairant le monde (French) or the Liberty Enlightening the World, The Statue of Liberty has been an icon of freedom for over 125 years. A public park at the center of Manhattan, Central Park is a National Historical Landmark that is visited by 35 million visitors each year.
Times Square has been iconified as “The Crossroads of the World” and consists of the brilliantly illuminated hub of the Broadway theater district, some of the busiest pedestrian intersections, and world’s renowned entertainment industry. Commissioned to celebrate the start of space age, The Unisphere was built to represent the Earth. During your travel to New York, if you happen to take the Brooklyn Bridge, you might find it interesting to know that you travel on a National Historical Landmark which is considered as one of the oldest bridges in the US and the longest suspension bridge in the world.
For local people New York is always within reach, but non-locals need to get a traveler’s visa like the ESTA US Visa that will help during your travel to the US. If you’re traveling to the Big Apple via plane, we would suggest checking out student flights, which offers cheap flights for everyone!

Flirting with boys in Venice, when my best friend and I backpacked through the country for spring break. Less touristy than shops on via della Spiga and the Centre of Milan, this is where I go to find the most unique clothes and accessories hands down. Once populated mainly by artists and bohemians, it’s now the official design district for the city.
The gallery was founded by Nina Yashar in 1979, and today it’s housed in a three-story space on Milan’s high fashion district of via della Spiga. I wanted to create a space to share all of these loves, to invite friends to share theirs as well, and to be the breeding ground for ideas & excitement - - for an inspired lifestyle.
The ever busy NYC not only welcomes 50 million visitors annually, but is home to over 8 million people.
People flock from all corners of the world to see this Roman Goddess of freedom, Libertas, who bears a torch and a tablet with the date of the American independence declaration inscribed upon it. With its beautiful planting and naturally appearing land form that has actually been landscaped, Central Park is a place for extensive walking treks, bridle paths, and ice-skating rinks. You can find the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum or the popular Ripley’s Believe It or Not! The Unisphere is the largest global structure that was conceived and constructed rising to 140 feet and weighing 700,000 pounds. Famously seen in many movies, the Brooklyn Bridge has wide walkways for cyclists and walkers. It is obtained after submitting a completed online form of the ESTA Visa Application and clearance from the Homeland Department. Welcome to Used York City, a little piece of the Internet featuring the best of New York…as used by New Yorkers. The Monica Belluccis and Sophia Lorens, the longing for an Eat, Pray, Love kind of wanderlust, and the perfection of a scoop of nutella gelato dripping down your chin as you sit on the Spanish Steps.

Found just beyond the Duomo and La Scala, it’s an area full of fabulous design shops, antique stores and art galleries. Today, its doors are opened to the public, transformed into a cultural resource where architecture, interior design, and arts combine in a setting that evokes the golden era of Italian glamour.
It’s one of the areas of the city that’s particularly known for its nightlife, and during the summer you can take boat tours of the canals. Tourists who arrive with families have loads of fun options like the Central Park Zoo, the Central Park Conservatory Garden, a wildlife sanctuary, an outdoor amphitheater, and so on. This most iconic symbol is located in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in the borough of Queens and was dedicated to “Man’s Achievements on a Shrinking Globe in an Expanding Universe”. We hope this site encourages you to use your city and find inspiration in the little things every single day, wherever you may be! As a designer, I’m forever impressed by the Robertaebasta shops, which are sprinkled throughout the streets of Brera. The property’s exquisite style was featured in Luca Guadagnino’s I Am Love, with Tilda Swinton. Times Square is the most happening place during festivals, New Years, and the latest fashion launches. Each one of its stores is focused on a specific era, and if you ask, your salesperson will chaperone you from shop to shop. On my last visit in April for the annual Salone del Mobile design fair, I stopped by Robertaebasta and purchased a beautiful set of Roberto Rida table lamps that are going into my new office. With a family home in Italia, historical preservation projects in Lake Como, and new constructions in Milan, this interior director extraordinaire knows how to live la dolce vita.

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