I feel like I must say that family photos done by a REAL PROFESSIONAL photographer is worth the investment. Choosing a location is the first thing you want to do when looking to shoot your own family photos.
I guess this goes with out saying but  getting a tripod is a must if you plan on taking your own family photos.
My camera has a 10 second timer under the Drive Mode, which give me plenty of time to get back to my spot after focusing. I also use my iphone.It has an Canon app that is connected to my phone and lets me take photos with a shutter button.
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Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on all our latest product releases, sales, and some free goodies! When using the 10-second self-timer plus continuous shots you take anywhere between 2-10 pictures. The Opteka RC-4 Wirelss Remote Control I own this one as well and I do like it.  You have to use this one while standing in front of the camera. We think of our dogs as part of the family, so ita€™s no surprise that we want them in the family photos. Start with the right equipment: You will get the best shots if you use a camera with a fast shutter speed.
If you've ever vacationed on the Greek islands, you may have noticed Aegean Cats hanging around fishing boats.
Check out our collection of more than 250 videos about pet training, animal behavior, dog and cat breeds and more. 4 Trick Photography And Special Effects That Anyone Can Do Taking family pictures usually become boring after a while especially when you have an awesome DSLR camera and you are suddenly running out of subjects to capture. Trick photography has the potential to make any ordinary image turn it into something incredibly spectacular. HDR is basically a technique that increases the dynamic range of the pictures by combining several photos in just one shot.
These basic photography tricks can spice up your photos while teach you some valuable skills that you can later apply to more advanced trick photography and special techniques.
They have the skills to capture candid moments that you just can’t get running to the camera. This usually involves some sort of treat afterwards:0) But making it special makes THEM feel special.
She is a native of the beautiful state of Arizona where she raises her beautiful children right along side with Mr.Right.
But getting a good picture of your dog can be even harder than getting a good shot of your toddler.

Investing in a reasonably priced DSLR camera will make a major difference in the quality of your pictures. Anyone who owns an expensive digital camera would love to try trick photography and special effects on different subject to create an astonishing portfolio. Sometimes some of the techniques and special effects can be difficult to replicate if you are not a professional, but most of them are pretty easy and can be done by anyone with any kind of skill level. All you need is to simply turn on the effects and the camera will start taking three pictures of your subject – underexposed, overexposed, and properly exposed.
You’d be surprised to know that many professional photographers use this trick photography and special effects technique to create the miniature effect.
This allows the photographer to control perspective in the photo by adjusting the lens in a way that it creates a very shallow-depth of the field.
This is because this technique adds a striking effect to moving water that perfectly complements any natural landscape image. With that being said, if you find yourself in the middle of November and your favorite photographer is booked until January, this is a great option until you can get in! You want a place that has great lighting (read below for more info about that) and that portrays the type of look you’re going for.
Think of the age of your family members, how many children you have and even the height of your family members.
I also like to keep things quick because once they get tired, your shoot is pretty much done.
She believes her destiny is deeply rooted in her faith and making, creating and sharing beautiful things. The price of this one can’t be beat on sale today at only $7.95 that is a 73% savings! Just as there are simple strategies you can use to photograph kids, there are some easy tricks of the trade that can help you get better photos of your dog. Mary Bloom, staff photographer for the Westminster Kennel Club, has found many dogs are wary of the sounds made by the camera. If possible, Bloom suggests, photograph your dog in natural light or, if you are indoors, with ample lamplight.
Rather than forcing your dog to look up at the camera, Bloom recommends that you put your camera at the same height as your doga€™s face. Rather than placing your dog in an uncomfortable stay and forcing him to look directly at the camera, Bloom recommends that you photograph him doing what he naturally does. Whether you are just starting out to learn photography, or challenging your hidden passion, here are some trick photography and special effects techniques that should help you take your passion for clicking to a next level.
An image with low dynamic range will have more dark areas with bright highlights, while a high dynamic range image will be evenly balanced. Once you combine all the three pictures, you will get vivid results that cannot be achieved from any other method.

Long exposure photography has the potential to create dramatic results when done with proper method.
In a traditional flash photograph, only one flash is fired when the shutter opens, but when you use the Rear Curtain Sync option, two flashes are fired at one time – one in the beginning and another right before the closing of the shutter. If you want to wear a bright yellow shirt or jeans make sure some one else in your family has a splash of yellow.
I was born and raised in PHX so this year I just wanted something out in the desert, just a few minutes from our home. To get your dog comfortable with the camera and its noises, point the lens away from your dog and click the shutter.
This may mean getting down on your knees or lying on the floor, or persuading your dog to sit on a piece of furniture. Brachycephalic dogs, or dogs with flatter faces, like Pugs, are photographed best with the dog looking directly at the camera, while longer-snouted dogs photograph better from the side. Photographing the things your dog does on a daily basis a€” chewing on a favorite toy, lounging on the sofa, looking out the window a€” can become an opportunity to capture his unique personality, just like you would do with any other member of the family.
You can even use long exposure to capture moving lights, fireworks and spinning carnival rides at night. The short period of time between the two flashes is responsible for creating trails in your photograph that primarily suggest movement. I’m guessing the reason you got your DSLR is so that you could get those professional like photos all the time right? Or if you decided on black and white like us, make sure everyone has a little bit of that all around. If you need to use a flash, opt for one that can be pointed up toward the ceiling rather than straight at your dog.
When you are down at his level, your dog may want to investigate the camera; enlist a helper to hold onto his leash if needed. If your dog has special features, like a curly tail or long ears, play these up and make them a focus of the photo.
The pairing of the camera noise with a reward will make your dog more likely to let you take his photo. Avoid outdoor shadows by shooting photos early in the day or late in the afternoon, when the sun is lower in the sky, or by shooting on a cloudy day.

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