Blue diamonds are as rare as a couple’s love, which makes them a perfect choice for those wanting to add some special symbolism to their engagement ring. Natural blue diamonds will be small and difficult to find anything larger than a .50 carat for a reasonable price.
Natural blue diamonds come in an array of shades, from pale light blues to deeper royal hues.
Because natural, untreated blue diamonds are so rare most jewelers (other than high-end or reputable online companies as listed below) are unable to get them from the wholesalers in the first place. On the day styling is all about the visual elements of your wedding to make sure everything comes together beautifully. Quirky Parties is a Cape Town based vintage event decor hire service for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, kitchen teas, conferences or any special event. What type of content will help us to drive more web site traffic and social engagement and at what phase of the buyer’s journey?
Editorial Calendars help to add order to your tactical marketing and enable you to track content that maps to a specific persona, assuming you have more than one. Back end ROI analysis needs to be integrated into the process; as above, big data is cool but incremental revenue is the ultimate measurement of any persona marketing process. Some business have never gone through this process and as a result, marketing activities may not have targeted messaging that will resonate with the right customer.
A well done brand persona analysis process helps your business define who you are marketing to, with some degree of certainty and accuracy. It’s a disciplined exercise that can only help you define who you are marketing to, but helps you define and map out your social channels, methods and platforms.
With a wide variety of settings which can showcase the unique color,  both natural and synthetic blue diamonds are simply charming by nature (despite not always being created by nature).

First are the color treated diamonds, where they take lower quality brownish or yellowish tinged diamonds (normally unable to be sold as common colorless diamonds) and infuse them with blue color using the high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) process. Generally speaking, the dark blue diamonds (like the color of a sapphire) are almost unheard of and anything that dark would likely be man-made or color enhanced.
If you see blue diamonds being sold in stores, chances are they are color enhanced or man-made. It might be for a family get together, an engagement shoot, a wedding or for a couple wanting to spend time with each other.
Its not always easy to come up with ideas that suit your style and budget while also being creative.
The latter are a much deeper dive than a profile, giving you insights into the underlying characteristics of your optimum target. This should be deep dive research done by people who understand marketing strategy and tactics. Your integrating qualitative research: pain points, motivation, drivers, lifestyle, education, personalities that help to build a target which in turn defines tactical marketing processes. Yes, they are important, but whether or not your B2B buyer lives in the city or suburbs won’t make much of a difference as they do price comparison analysis on a high end software application. It’s all about context too, the type of surveys used, size of the survey, questions and how this data is put together to identify a viable persona. How to reach them, via what channel, frequency of messaging, types of content, sales funnel systems and back end lead capture systems. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In fact, there are many jewelry stores who have never (or may never) have them in inventory.

These are all beautiful stones and can provide the unique flair that a couple in love desires, but at a more reasonable price.
And, you need to revisit this process once every 90-180 days to ensure your marketing strategy is on target. Early on: Google search with keywords or topics, back end of the funnel, doing price comparison analysis. Historically, most blue diamonds were sold by only a few of the highest end stores in the world (Tiffany, Graff or Harry Winston). They will have a beautiful deep blue hue which usually distinguishes them from natural blue diamonds which are usually lighter in color. Read more about the 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat by following the corresponding links.
Build a road map that defines what the customers expectations were at a specific part of the journey and define what type of content you need to create to address their needs as they move through your sales funnel. They tend to be nearly perfect in their make-up because they are created in a controlled environment. Both of these types of diamonds (treated and synthetic) are substantially more affordable than natural fancy blue diamonds.

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