So factually you can take DSLR like photo on iPhone very easily, but practically your iPhone needs both hardware and software support to supplement it’s camera capabilities. There’s no doubt how significantly the smartphones have impacted the sales of point shoot cameras.
The best thing is, your iPhone is now Tripod compatible, all thanks to special Interchangeable grip included in this magical kit.
I believe BitPlay has done exceptionally well to get some exceptionally designed lenses and companion case to turn your iPhone into a DLSR.
Rookie Cam adds professional DSLR like settings that significantly helps you to take DSLR like photo on iPhone. This amazing camera app provides editing features perfect for those who wish for a more sophisticated photo editing.
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With the release of the iPhone 4, iPhones now have the ability to shoot at 5 megapixels, HD video as well as a LED flash. You don't need expensive camera gear to take beautiful car photography; some simple iPhone accessories will get you started. Hopefully you look at Motor1 and wonder how we get such good photography of the cars we drive. As they say, “the best camera is the one you have with you.” And chances are, that iPhone – with its built-in camera – likely never leaves your side. One of the more popular lenses seen at a variety of car shows, the $70 Squidcam system, is incredibly cool.
The included wide-angle lens lets you get up close and personal for those full-car beauty shots. As for the lenses themselves, they’re crafted from machined aluminum and feature multi-coated glass to help ensure superb image clarity.
Full disclosure: your humble author was a self-proclaimed Lego maniac in the 1980s – going so far as to regularly write the president of Lego USA, and being even more stoked when I’d regularly get a response. But with Squidcam’s set of blocks, it’s still easy to build up the case and add some personal touches. If a more sophisticated camera phone case is what you’re after, look no further than the Lite Camera Kit for iPhone6 from Ztylus.
And when you’re not shooting photos, the “revolver” lens system detaches, allowing you to take advantage of other accessories – like the included kickstand. By now you’re likely filling your Instagram feed with car photos and checking every five minutes to see how many likes they, so chances are your phone will run out of battery. To fight this, we always make sure to bring a spare phone charger or two to a car event or photo shoot.
Underneath that beautiful brushed aluminum casing are Samsung lithium ion cells, and they are rated to hold a charge of 3300mAh. Earlier today, reputable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the iPhone 7 Plus will likely have a dual-lens camera system based on technology Apple acquired from LinX Imaging. LinX's multi-aperture cameras pack impressive image quality in a smaller size than single aperture cameras, meaning the iPhone 7 Plus may lack a protruding camera lens and be able to take SLR-quality photos — think Canon or Nikon. We previously provided an in-depth look at LinX's camera modules after Apple acquired the company, but it is worth recapping some of the major advantages of their technology, given today's iPhone 7 Plus rumor.
For many of us the camera we are most likely to use is the one we always have in our pocket. Great for documenting subway violence- a sure seller to the overwhelmingly iPhone NYC underground crowd.
And I don't think anybody interested in doing serious photography is going to be looking at a phone for their serious camera.
Not to mention the the most basic DSLR (or best, for that matter) that surpasses the best phone camera is a crap phone.
There are a few people who buy a smartphone with the phone being the least motivating factor, but they're pretty few and far between.

So I can see somebody spending the extra bucks for a premium camera in a phone, since they'll be carrying a phone anyway. I'll not buy a 6s+ for it's IS advantage, but I'm happy to see Apple improve the cameras in every model. I think the iPhone camera since around the 5S has been as good as any point and shoots I've owned.
At this point of time, even if you are thinking to buy a DSLR then please wait, by the end of the article you’ll find your iPhone the best holiday companion for you and your family.
If you ask me what I prefer, let me tell you handheld cameras are still my first choice, they feel too good to shoot as compared to my iPhone. Here you go, there’s a physical shutter button at an easily reachable position to get the best non shaky shots for you.
Ergonomic Interchangeable Grip : Ergonomic grip is a must have requirement to turn your iPhone into a DSLR.
Interchangeable Lens System : BitPlay interchangeable lenses plays a vital role to take DSLR like photo on iPhone.
It needs it’s software companion for taking things to next level, photography is no exception. There are more than 116 filters specially designed to match all your needs, way way more than Instagram. He just loves to mirror his knowledge about Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows on his Technology Journal - GizmoStorm. GizmoStorm delivers up-to-date Android how-tos, Smartphone apps, Rooting Guides and Custom Roms in the Smartphone industry. With the kit attached, this allows you to incorporate interchangeable lens for the iPhone, making for some amazing shots! It’s true, most of us have DSLR cameras with multiple lenses, tripods, and many years of experience using them. All you need are some accessories to help you get the most out of your iPhone photography, so we picked out a few of our favorites. Switch over to the included fisheye lens for a stunning ultra-wide shot capturing those sweet bucket seats and racing wheel you put in your car. Just snap ‘em on and off to get a whole host of different looks for your budding portfolio.
So it’s with a heavy heart that we must reveal that the Squidcam system isn’t Lego compatible, meaning that Benny the Spaceman figure will need to find a new home. With a wide variety of colors available, it’s easy for you to match the case with your car. Yeah, at $100 it carries a premium price, but it’s got the premium features serious photographers crave. As with just about every other smartphone case, the Ztylus unit provides multi-directional shock protection, and takes things a step further with a microfiber-covered inner surface. There’s no screwing or unscrewing of components needed to change lenses – just a flick of the wrist gets you your lens of choice.
And if you want to push your photography even further, Ztylus offers a host of add-ons to turn your iPhone 6 into a portable, professional studio. The new hardware could lead to some significant improvements in camera quality on Apple's next flagship smartphone.
The camera modules are also capable of very interesting technology called 3D depth mapping and more.
Once you start getting into low light situations the quality dives and you need a more advanced camera. Anyways my friend, who needs a DSLR when your iPhone is much capable of capturing surreal photos for you. It is a hard plastic shell, read premium plastic, providing ultimate back and bumper protection to your iPhone.

Basically it’s a a patent pending lever mechanism that presses the volume down button to capture a picture.
Many a times I felt like slipping my iPhone from a cliff while taking an adventurous shot, no doubt I almost got heart attack everytime I risked my beautiful device.
Don’t mistake them as a plastic junk, these lenses placed inside premium aluminium casing are made for some serious business.
Photography comes with practice, in case you are not able to take perfect shot at one go, try again and again. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get close to – or even match – the quality of what we professionals do with equipment that’s much less expensive and easier to use.
Only problem with many aftermarket lenses is that they’re not compatible with the original phone’s dimensions only. Those plastic studs allow you to snap on a variety of compatible lenses, like the four that come included in this set. Or if you’re trying to make friends with the local drift crew, color match your phone case to their car in the hopes that they’ll accept you as one of their own, even if you’re still driving your wife’s Camry.
That circle you see on the back is the foundation for the Ztylus accessory mounting system, which gives you a whole lotta options. That said, I think for most people a DSLR is not a good solution due to weight, bulk, expense, etc when there are plenty of high quality non-DSLRs available. Once you get used to it, there's a button for most things and you don't even have to take your eye away from the viewfinder to make wholesale changes.
There are two grips included in the pack; Interchangeable grips allow you to switch between moments, like when you are on the photographer mode with a solid grip, or when you are in an everyday on the go moment.
Pro alone is enough to make iPhone photos look professional, but a good camera app just adds icing to the cake. So this means that, if you want to add a protective screen or a personalized case, your pricey lens becomes useless. If that’s your thing, go for it – just use one of the included macro lenses to get up close and personal with those JDM wood screws you used to secure those overfenders to your car.
Best of all, the Ztylus Lite Camera Kit also includes a lens with an integrated circular polarized filter. At any point of time I can turn iPhone into DSLR like figure and reverse it back whenever I wish.
Neither think it to be too tight making it impossible to remove nor too loose, as I said it fits your iPhone just next to perfection. If you are thinking to go beyond the boundaries in the world of photography, Rookie Cam for iPhone is a must have app and the good thing is it’s free.
What this means for you is that, when snapping those car photos, you can rotate the filter to eliminate the harsh glare you’ll find on the windows and paint. But I would not carry the Pentax around every day just in case I saw something I wanted to shoot, as I travel around for jobs.
Moreover, you can find plethora of courses on Udemy emphasising on filmmaking through an iPhone.
When I am out and about with the iPhone, I sometimes jot down locations I might want to visit with the dSLR. With Bumper Guard and Semi-rigid plastic, this case is what your iPhone needs during a free fall.

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