Meadow-rue has beautiful, lacy blue-green foliage a little bit like a Columbine or Maidenhair Fern in effect. This selection features cloud-like sprays of double mauve flowers that are outstanding for cutting. Fujifilm North America Corporation today announced the release of a new model, INSTAX wide 300. In addition, two new color versions of the predecessor INSTAX Mini 8 cameras, namely, raspberry and grape are made available.The news of the day for photographers is the release of INSTAX wide 300.
This new model is equipped with large format INSTAX instant film that is double the size of the film used in Instax Mini 8.

Clumps may be divided in early spring, but take a year or two to settle back in and reach a mature size.
Also, wide 300 comes with a built in electronic flash that automatically adjusts light conditions according to the distance of the subject from viewfinder. A close up lens adapter has been provided that facilitates macro photography.The INSTAX Mini 8 will now be available in two new colors – raspberry and grape. The INSTAX Wide 300 uses an optical viewfinder for easier image composing, a lens ring dial with a two-range focus zone setting, and a tripod socket for enhanced shooting capabilities.The new INSTAX Wide 300 also features a built-in electronic flash that automatically adjusts light levels depending on the distance to the subject.
Users can select Fill Flash when shooting a subject in a backlight scene, while a Lighten-Darken control adds high-key and low-key effects to images.

It is ideally suited for fashion photography, group shots at parties and events, landscape scenes, as well as many practical business applications including insurance, law enforcement and record keeping.INSTAX Mini 8 in Raspberry and Grape The INSTAX Mini 8 will now be available in two new colors – raspberry and grape – in addition to the current line of pink, blue, yellow, white and black. There are many ways and occasions to have fun with the INSTAX Mini 8, such as at weddings and parties, as well as everyday scenes and self-portraits. The Mini 90 combines a premium build quality with an elegant, retro camera design that offers a full range of camera functions.

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