But the truth is that the iPhone 4 is such an amazing little computer that it can be really useful on vacation -- both for research and logistics and for taking and sharing photos and video. The first step is to move your iPhone mail app to the last screen, all by itself, so you don't open it by habit.
If you're going overseas, you're also going to want to turn Cellular Data and Data Roaming off. While you're on the plane, do some trip planning with apps like Lonely Planet's city guides. There are also a bunch of travel guidebooks in Apple's iBooks store and Amazon's Kindle store, but they can be pricey and don't include phone-specific interactive features. It's also possible to use the iPhone's Google Maps app offline if you pre-load map tiles using your hotel or cafe wi-fi, and then just use GPS to track your location on the cached map tiles.
Take photos, use apps like Instagram to make them look cool, and share them instantly over wi-fi with friends and family back home on Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, Tumblr, or other services.
In addition -- or instead -- you might upload a copy to cloud storage services, such as Dropbox. And don't forget to take pics of food BEFORE you eat it, so you never forget the amazing meals from your vacation. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Denver has traditionally looked up to Seattle the way a sixth-grader stares in awe at the cool high school neighbor from down the street. UNLESS you have money to blow and want to sign up for one of AT&T's International Roaming packages.

This doesn't always work, and you'll have to deal with annoying error messages telling you to turn data roaming on. Unlike rock star cities like New York or London, Seattle is roughly similar in size and status to Denver, but has still managed to reach a level of hipness that Mile High City urbanites could look up to. It's a sprawling, ugly mess of a city, with suburbs stretching out from the freeways as far as the eye can see. No wonder all of our musicians, artists, writers and actors always leave us the second they get a scrap of fame. Seattle is the one that’s gotten lazy, so comfortable in its own cool category that its political leaders have taken to bickering over funding like a mid-level inde rock band. We turned our crumbling downtown into a center for nightlife and provided subsidies to build neighborhoods on former industrial zones.
There are parking garages everywhere, with more proposed as part of the transit expansion plan. Our city ran back home to its room, slammed the door and took a good long, hard look in the municipal mirror. We re-inhabited formerly abandoned commercial strips with unique restaurants and groceries. We grew a thriving arts district, remolded old theatres into music venues and sprouted coffee shops.
Highlands-fucking-Ranch!For months, Denver stopped going out to underground warehouse concerts and art openings. We just passed laws that will finally allow art galleries to serve beer and wine at openings.

And then we voted to pass the nation’s largest single public transportation initiative in the form of FastTracks, and began building a light rail system to connect the region and reign in sprawl.
For the second time, the Congress for New Urbanism is holding it’s annual urban planning conference in Denver next year because our city has so many examples of smart development. We were really excited last November when we began to read feature article written by Erica C.
We started shopping at Wal-Mart again, ignoring our cool independent record and book stores like Twist and Shout and the Tattered Cover. The women still wear tube tops (or, if they're older, floral sweatshirts); the men still favor large wire-frame glasses last seen in these parts around 1992.
You told me about your urban revitalization, about your progressive agenda, about your trails and waterways. Six years have passed, and all I'm left with is my dick in my hand and a vitamin D deficiency. The light rail is years late, miles short, directionally challenged, and millions over budget. I'm priced out of your urban core, your liberal leadership is limper than Nickels and Chopp's dicks, your nightlife is being suffocated, and your trails are closed from lack of funding.

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