Bird photography is one of the most popular types of animal photography and can be one of the most difficult. 1) Create feeding stations and birdbaths in areas that are great for taking pictures (offer nice backgrounds). 2) Choose a location that gives the birds a little protection and makes them feel safe from predators. 3) Determine what types of birds you want to attract and then find out what is the proper type of bird food to attract them. 4) Position bird feeders and bird baths near trees or shrubs that have areas easy for perching. Once you have a good position for your bird photo shoot, now you need to set up your camera for shooting. 2) If you can, use a telephoto lens on your SLR.  Or, if you have an optical zoom on your digital compact camera definitely use it.

Hopefully these few tips can help you attract more birds to your yard and help you capture some truly amazing bird photographs. The biggest challenge with taking bird pictures is getting the birds to perch exactly where you want them. Try to have a background in a solid color like green, brown or black as this will make the bird really stand out in your image. You can find out by checking with the Audubon Society or going to the National Wildlife Federation’s Gardening for Wildlife website for more information. By having the feeders near trees with low branches, this increases the chance the birds will land there before going to the feeder or bird bath. If you don’t use a high shutter speed, a slight flick of a tail or head movement will leave your photos fuzzy. When using a zoom or telephoto lens, you will also need a tripod otherwise your images will lack clarity.

So here are some tips for how to attract birds to your yard and how you can persuade them to perch on branches perfect for taking pictures. Try to avoid areas with sunshine hot spots (that show as a bright white spots) as these will distract from the bird in the picture. But for photographers who prefer to work on chance, you can occasionally get lucky when chasing birds from branch to branch. And if you are trying to take birds in flight or perched high in trees, professional photographers often use a 600 lens to capture good detail from far away.  Since telephoto lens are expensive, some birders use digiscoping.
The only problem is that you have to hope the bird stays on the branch long enough for you to get the shot.

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