If you’re using a DSLR camera system, you can purchase a devoted macro lens for your camera body or utilize an adapter to turn a standard lens in to a macro lens.
If you’re utilizing a DSLR or SLR film camera, a regular lens may not be satisfactory for close-up digital photography. You may concentrate on depth of field and focus by working with the focal length of the lens as you change the aperture and shutter speeds accordingly.
You can move in closer or step back a little to see which option creates the best portrayal of your subject. In the beginning, as you adjust to working with macro photography, set your scene up in a spot where you won’t have to worry about interruptions. Use a back drop of fabric or a blank wall to focus on the subject in order to keep the background uncluttered. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov has created an ingenious and inexpensive DIY camera rig capable of capturing excellent close-up pictures of snowflakes. Kljatov’s setup features a Canon Powershot A650 and a 44M-5 Helios lens from an old Russian Zenit camera taped backwards to a board. Well, simply the fact that every single snowflake is in a shape she couldn’t possibly have known existed.
I know what you mean Olivia, some of these hexagon shapes are not what we normally associate with snowflakes.

I was amazed at the one that looks like an axle – the patterned part at either end, and a segment in between. I’m sure you could take some great photos with that rig, but those snowflakes do look suspiciously like decorations on a christmas tree. Maybe that’s because the decorations from the Christmas tree are made after the real ones? It’s best to purchase a devoted macro lens for your camera body or a special adapter for your particular lens. When shooting close-ups, with a DSLR or SLR, using the manual (M) setting is the best option for getting the most creative shots. Such things as doors opening and closing, as you hold your camera close to your object, can cause the camera to vibrate and affect the outcome of the image.
This will give you the opportunity to stay focused on the subject and composition, as well as depth of field, and not worry so much about the lighting. Show me someone who sees a snowflake shape they know existed and I’ll show you a liar. While indeed no two snowflakes are exactly the same, we have a certain preconceived notion of how they are shaped. I never knew that, just like some of these, snowflakes could be even more shapes than having edges sticking around everywhere. Using manual settings will definitely give you full command of the shutter speed and aperture.

You may find it difficult to keep sharp focus on all areas of the subject at once, since you’re functioning so close with the camera and lens. As you get more comfortable working with macro photography, move into other lighting situations and work on keeping the subject lit well while improving your composition. She enjoys teaching as well as working with all aspects of photography, from developing film and making black and white prints in her darkroom to shooting digital imagery and editing it on the computer. And snowflakes are the perfect models – no two are exactly alike, so each picture will be unique! What Olivia obviously must have meant, was that she didn’t know that snowflakes were so broad in parameters. Several flakes are amazingly different, one in the shape of Superman’s crest, and one that appears to be tubular.
For example, the flat looking snowflake with the little star inside, I never knew that nature could be that complex and fascinating and I always thought that snowflakes had those edges that pointed out.
The bottom line is that you may not be able to keep every area of the subject in sharp focus.

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