You know when you try to use makeup remover, but it doesn’t quite get everything off and then you wash your face and end up with mascara dripping down your cheeks? If you’re like us, you can get pretty frustrated by the fact that celebrities always appear so darn perfect.
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Or you have a consistent layer of mascara stuck on your eyes because you just can’t get all of it off so you start picking it off and lose a bunch of lashes?

My towels used to be covered in smears of eye makeup from trying to rub it all off after I washed my face. They’re seen emerging from a three-hour pilates bootcamp and somehow they look amazing.
They just have to be caught off-guard, and then you have to zoom in on them an unreasonable amount. I've had this tub for over a year, and it's still full.You Need: Facial Cleansing WipesPreferably something for sensitive skin because your eyes are soft little creatures!

I recommend these by Say Yes To Cucumbers just in general to do a quick clean of your face in the morning.Apply Remover To Cotton RoundLike so. Not even like a pea sized amount.Place And Hold Over EyeAnd by this I mean pat the cotton round so your whole eye is covered by remover.

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