I have to admit, I almost went ahead and just bought this one straight away without looking at other options. At this point I’m still somewhat undecided… any suggestions or recommendations? I think my main concern is having enough padding to make sure the gear is safe even if it takes a few knocks and falls. I’ve just bought one of the new Jo Totes bags (Rose in teal), so will report back on how it goes! ChiGarden is the personal, food and lifestyle blog of Perth-based designer Teresa (Chisa) Watts.
It’s not real leather but it is waterproof, which would stop me shrieking and hugging my camera bag close to my body when it starts to rain.

But in combination with a decent bag it could be a cheaper and more customisable alternative. They have really nice big and chunky affordable bags (similar to number 4) and some are leather. I’m considering getting a nice chunky bag and using the padded insert (#5), but still a bit concerned about it falling out or rolling around in the bag! According to the photo on the site, it holds everything I need it to PLUS TWO APPLES, which is nice. I wasn’t sure the short straps would be comfortable for longer hauls, but it comes with a detachable longer strap. I’m not sure how well this would fit into handbags, but it looks like it would definitely go nicely into a regular messenger bag.

I love that it has lots of pockets for all those little bits and pieces, but not completely sold on the style. It is definitely on the pricier side though, and the popular colours are currently sold out. It does however only have one pocket, on the interior, and again I’m not completely sold on the style. I suppose you would want it to fit snugly or attach it to the inside of the bag somehow, as with the way I sling around my bags there’s a danger of the whole thing falling out into a painfully expensive mess.

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