It’s no secret that Outlander fans want Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe to get together in real life. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Heughan and Balfe might be following closely in Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s footsteps.
With Hiddleston and Swift taking the world by storm, rumors indicate that Heughan might be replacing the Thor star in Armani’s new campaign.
It is believed that Armani hired Hiddleston as their new model following Calvin Harris’ exit. After all, Heughan is a lot more masculine than Hiddleston and might have the better personality to pull of Armani’s campaign. According to Game N Guide, an eyewitness once spotted the pair getting a little close and comfy with each other on the set of Outlander.
So far, Heughan and Balfe have not confirmed the status of their relationship, leaving fans to guess if they are dating or just really good friends. That being said, Hall of Fame Magazine is reporting that the timing is perfect for the Outlander stars to finally get together, especially considering how they are both currently single. Apart from their single status, Heughan and Balfe have great chemistry together on Outlander.
According to Game N Guide, Balfe did speak about the possibility of a romance with Heughan. Of course, neither Balfe nor Heughan have addressed the most recent rumors about their relationship.
While the dating rumors pick up speed, Heughan was recently spotted working out in New York City. Outlander is currently in-between seasons, and Heughan was likely staying in top shape for his part as Jamie Fraser in the hit series. The new season of Outlander is expected to premiere sometime next year on Starz, though an official premiere date has not been announced.
In fact, their intense romance in front of the cameras is one reason why Outlander has been so successful in its first two years running.
They have, however, flirted with each other in interviews and clearly have a great friendship. Hopefully, fans will learn the truth in the coming weeks as Outlander prepares for another season.

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