This template can be easily customized, turning it into an email contact list, an address list or simple phone list. You can add as many columns as you want, so you can use this list for keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries, and even mark which addresses to include on your Christmas card list. The references listed below can help you set up your list for mail merge or importing into other contact list software (like Outlook and Gmail). Use this template with Microsoft Word's mail merge feature to print form letters and envelopes. Simply save the Contact List Template as a CSV file to get started importing your contacts into other software such as Outlook and Gmail Contacts. Family Tree Template - If you like to keep track of addresses for your family, what about important dates? This is a very elegant card and requires four photos & works well with both colour and black and white images. This simple card design employs one main photo and a second smaller photo to capture the atmosphere of your wedding day.

All our card designs are available in 3 different sizes (Square cards available on request). The colour of the card can be changed as can the layout of the photos, also available an option to include 4 photos. If you are familiar with our site (if not, have a look around), you’ll see that we try to bring you ideas on how to increase your living space, increase functionality and efficiency, and at the same time turn your yard into an inviting area that everyone would gladly visit.
Picture this, you got fired up after reading our post on Garden Fountains and you had one installed – ah, wonderful. Once you’ve added some great structures, water activities, and a few lovely Palm Trees, your backyard landscaping project will look just like a scene on a post card. This reminds me a lot of our family’s little beach house, I miss that paradise of a place. Come Experience The Power of the Russian KettleBell Revolution at Kettlebell Olympia – Home of A Better Body With Bells! Whether trying to keep track of all your contacts or putting together a phone or address list for a specific occasion, Vertex42's free customizable Contact List Template can help you get organized.

Nothing perks me up better than Caribbean music, specially with this gloomy weather we’re having. I get so excited when I see palm trees, reminds me of summertime vacations in the Caribbean.
Great for clubs, organizations, families or your own personal needs, the Contact List Template will help you get off to a quick start.
The template allows you to easily sort and filter by any heading, and it is ready for printing.

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