The 1100D isn’t the smallest or prettiest entry-level DSLR on the market – that award would probably have to go to the Nikon D3100. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! Canon T3 (1100D), the latest Canon entry level DSLR camera, gets a considerable boost from its predecessor, Canon XS (1000D). While we don’t doubt the durability of the 1100D’s smooth and shiny plastic casing, it doesn’t impart a particularly premium feel. What is surprising, though, is that only a couple of years ago you could get an entry level DSLR for under ?300. Some of the improvements are inherited from higher-end Canon DSLR such as 63 metering mode, DIGIC IV processor and video recording feature. Canon T3 will be suitable for beginners who are looking for their first DSLR camera. Likewise, while the finger grip easily accommodates three digits, it would really benefit from a rubberised finish to make it feel more secure in the hand – something the Nikon D3100, Pentax K-r and Sony A290 all offer.Anyone new to using a DSLR might initially feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of buttons cluttering up the back of the 1100D.

There are 13 in total including the D-pad keys – far more than any of the 1100D’s main rivals.
That said, the 1100D’s buttons are both physically large and clearly marked, and so given a bit of time to familiarise yourself with the various menu quirks, the camera does eventually become quite easy to operate.We like how the D-pad can be used to directly access four regularly used settings (ISO, Drive mode, White Balance, AF mode). The Quick Menu button is a nice touch too, and can be used to quickly access and change a selection of regularly used settings, from Picture Style settings to control over the 1100D’s pop-up flash. Once you’ve arrived on the setting you want to change, you can use the control wheel until you arrive on the setting you want.Elsewhere, the Main menu button will take you to the camera's advanced settings, while the red-dot button switches the camera into live view mode. Looking through the viewfinder you'll find nine AF points spread across the screen that light up as red dots, depending on which is being used as a focus point.
If that sounds small for a DSLR that’s because it is small for a DSLR – even an entry-level one.
In use, the 1100D’s screen proves perfectly functional for framing shots in live view and checking images you’ve already taken, however it’s not going to win any awards – we’ve even seen a number of compacts with bigger and better screens.Start-up speed is pretty much instantaneous as long as you’re using the viewfinder, although you can expect to wait a couple of seconds when switching between the viewfinder and live view.

Autofocus performance is near instant in good light although the 1100D’s built-in AF motor is quite noisy. If your subject happens to be stationary then this can be rectified by switching over to Quick View mode, which works by momentarily exiting live view mode to raise the mirror and quickly find focus using the traditional phase detection method. As regards the memory buffer, we were able to shoot over 100 full-resolution JPEGs continuously without any slowdown, although switching to Raw reduced this to about four or five frames before the camera started to choke.
In simultaneous Raw and JPEG capture we were only able to record two frames before the camera started to lock up.

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