Having just (officially) launched in Canada a mere week ago, Canadians have now had some time to scour through their cities collecting all sorts of Pokemon – from Drowzees to Jigglypuffs.
Sydney, Australia – Australia's largest city, Sydney, is the perfect hiding ground for Pokemon.
London, UK – From Big Ben to the recently opened Tate Modern, this metropolis oozes bucket-list worthy experiences.
Disneyland, California – The happiest place on Earth is also a breeding ground for Pokemon. Bangkok, Thailand – While the buzzing city of Bangkok doesn’t “officially” have Pokemon…yet, there have been reports of many sightings of Bulbasaur.
Before heading to any of these destinations, just make sure to take your eyes off the screen and soak in the beautiful sights of each location.
He has been sick for a while and the WWE travel schedule is just too much for Lillian to handle while trying to take care of her dad. I’ve been getting a lot of tweets and messages asking where I have been and if I’m coming back to WWE, so I wanted to let you know what has been going on and why I have been silent. THE Netherlands has the tallest men in the world and Latvia the tallest women, the largest ever study of global height has found. Overall, the top 10 tallest nations was dominated by European countries — but featured no English-speaking nation. The second-tallest men were found in Belgium, followed by Estonia, Latvia, Denmark and Bosnia and Herzegovina. WOMEN – In the women’s table, Latvia was followed by the Netherlands, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Serbia. The research also revealed that American men and women no longer stand out from the crowd as they once did.

But for those that have a Pokemon Master title in their sights, they’ll need to take their game to the next level and look beyond our borders in order to “catch them all".
From the babes on the beaches of Manly to the buzzy Kings Cross and its colourful characters, Pokemon trainers will have a field day locating all of the Pokemon here, including the elusive Kangaskhan which is only available in this region.
The “Eternal City” is best known for its imperial glory as displayed by the countless monuments and buildings from that era. While people from all over the world visit Disneyland to indulge the child within them on such treasured rides as the Old West in Frontierland or Indiana Jones in Adventureland, trainers can catch a whole lot of coveted Pokemon in-between rides. Between tuk-tuks flashing past shrines and street side BBQs, traditional long-tail boats cruising past high rises, and locals, businessmen, travellers and monks sharing the streets, Bangkok is a busy urban centre boasting culture and food as far as the eye can see. I've been through so many emotions lately that they literally have kept me up at night.
Researcher Professor Majid Ezzati, from Imperial College London, said his study “reveals the average height of some nations may even be shrinking while others continue to grow taller”.
What better way to induce jealousy among your friends than by collecting region-exclusive Pokemon (hello Mr.
Also, be sure to head to the Circular Quay area, where the iconic Sydney Opera House has been made into a gym. When in Rome, trainers will not only spot the massive stone amphitheatre (known as The Colosseum), but also Pikachu, Squirtle and Oddish.
Children may be lured by Mickey and Minnie, but there are also tons of lures to attract Pokemon here.
Talking about culture, trainers on a trip to this Asian metropolis have the opportunity to visit the incredible Royal Palace. For a city littered with well-known historic buildings and monuments, almost every street corner is littered with Poke-stops.

It consists of 61 acres of stunning buildings, gleaming spires and multi-coloured murals, and is considered Bangkok’s most famous site and spiritual hotspot. He hasn’t been doing as well as we hoped, THEREFORE, I will not be traveling weekly with WWE any longer. Which by the way, is only available in Europe) and actually taking that last-minute summer trip? Forget fridge magnets and post cards, travellers are collecting Pickachu and Sandshrew instead of souvenirs. At the Colosseum, trainers will be able to capture Espeon, Umbreon and Makuhita to name a few. After a busy day exploring the city (and catching Pokemon), trainers are in the right spot when it comes to re-fueling. Bangkok is a foodie's paradise and boasts over 50,000 places to eat, from noodle stalls to gourmet restaurants.
I will be looking to take on work closer to where I live so that I don't have to be on the road weekly away from him. It has been a magical 15-year career at WWE, and WWE Universe, I can't thank you enough for all your love and support!
It has been such an honor to introduce you to the ring and watch your superior athleticism week after week.
I thank you for not only allowing me to use my voice as an announcer but also sharing it to sing around the world. This is not goodbye as I will ALWAYS be part of the WWE family & hope you all will follow me on social media to share in my next chapter.

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