Whether you’re a snap-happy amateur or a kitted-out professional, capturing your holiday is important. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. As much as some may hate (and we really mean hate) to say it, selfies are a part of internet culture that is not going to go away. There’s something to be said about a person who does what they can to put their best foot forward, especially when it comes to appearances.
If you think that supermodels take one or two photos and are finished with a shoot, then you’re living in an imaginary world.
Nothing is more embarrassing than uploading a selfie, only to realize there’s a booger visible up your nose. Everyone has one or two angles (at the very least) that flatter their figure and their face. Lately, we’ve been hearing buzz about extreme selfies – selfies taken in crazy positions, in crazy locations, and just generally out of the norm in one way or another. Lighting is a majorly important aspect in most professional photoshoots, and getting the right lighting tends to make selfies look better, too.
Nothing is less attractive than a person who’s trying to look cool to the point that it shows through in selfies.
Make no mistake about it – having great selfies can take a little effort, but it’s effort that’s worth it.
The selfie monopod is absolutely lovely, I got mine as a christmas gift and it is very useful at important moments. The selfie stick is also very compact and light making it very easy to carry around with you.
ABOUT USWe are a specialist in products to help you take better selfie, we are the biggest reseller of selfie stick and related accessories in Singapore. My kids were putting out Halloween decorations last year and I grabbed my camera to record the memory.
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Only you are going to make sure you eat enough good nutritious food, drink enough water, get some movement into your day, get to sleep on time.
It’s incredible how showing your future-self a little love with small gestures can completely change whether today is another humdrum-normal-crappy-whirlwind day, or a sparkly-shiny-fun-happy day.
Thanks for commenting Sinead, I feel the exact same way, striving to a place where it’s effortless to be kind with myself and others.
You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this website. The statements contained in this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. November 5 By Ruth Soukup 22 Comments The act of sending and receiving Christmas cards might be my favorite of all holiday traditions. Husband and I have always sent photo cards, though some of our early photos were truly cringe-worthy. But while my camera and lens have gotten fancier it really wasn’t that long ago that I was using my Canon Power Shot to capture the shot I was trying to go for.
You want the people, not the setting, props, or clothing to be the main attraction in your photo. Learning to shoot in Manual takes a lot of time and practice, but most cameras have a few settings within Auto mode that can make for better shots. If you want to experiment with manual settings, you might also want to try shooting in Aperture Priority mode.
I probably should have put this tip first because it is BY FAR the most important element of getting a great photograph. Outdoor photographs should be taken out of direct sunlight, which causes nothing but shadows and BAD photos.
A merger is an element of the background that is positioned in such a way in a photograph that it looks like it is coming out of the subjects body or head.
A lot of kids have trouble looking at the camera, so having a point of focus other than the lens can help.
Exposure—I will often brighten my photos just a tad, then increase contrast a little as well. Subscribing via email is the best way to stay connected to all the fun stuff happening here at Living Well Spending Less, and we invite you to join more than 300,000 subscribers in receiving regular updates!
I too wish I lived closer – getting the perfect family shot at the holidays is so hard! Seriously wishing we lived in Florida (and near you!) — you are a fabulous photographer and I have no doubt that you would be able to capture the perfect shot of my kiddos! I would start with just the camera then add accessories as you start to fill more comfortable. Well you could take a TRIP to Florida to visit me and I’d throw it the photo session as a welcome gift! Just your blog by accident, i don’t live far from punta gorda and i really appreciate your advice!
However, the real answer is that my equipment has very, very little to do with why that photograph is beautiful. It all starts with composition, which is basically deciding exactly what you are taking a picture of. When you shoot a photo you should be thinking about what your goal is…what is it that you are trying to show people – what is the subject – and how can you bring focus to it for the viewer? This is my one tip I try to tell every person taking a picture – don’t put your subject in the center of the picture. You want to put the subject where the lines intersect (at the circles) – like the shed in this picture.
This basically means that instead of placing Billy and Susie, or the Eiffel Tower in the center of the photo, you place is in one of the thirds of the photo. There is one exception to the Rule of Thirds, and that’s when you are composing a shot to be purposefully be symmetrical. The 2nd easiest thing you can do to improve your vacation photography is ensuring you compose a shot for leading lines.

This is a pretty simple concept because we all know what a frame is – it is something that goes around a picture. When you are walking around a destination you often you need to look beyond what you first see. Most of us see something we want to photograph, put the camera up to our eye level and click.
If you follow these simple composition rules for your next trip you’ll come back with pictures you are proud to share.
My best advice Katie is to take a class to really learn how to use the DSLR and start shooting manual. The hand-drawn, watercolor look also helps visually imply that the complex information will be easy to understand. Whether it’s taking a selfie for a dating site profile, or taking a selfie just to goof off, you want to make a good impression with the people who are going to be viewing said self-taken photos.
A sloppy appearance on a selfie does not make you look good to potential dates, nor does it make you look good at all, really. If supermodels have to take a large series of shots before they get something that ends up on magazine covers, doesn’t it make sense for you to take multiple shots to get the best selfie with the selfie stick? Know which angles suit you, and try to keep your selfies in the general realm of those angles if you’re still new to self-photography. Whether it’s your masculine, brooding eyes, a new tattoo, or even something as simple as a new haircut, you want to make sure that something about you is emphasized. Bright, warm lighting that shows off your skin tone and fills in imperfections is a great tool to have. It can also enhance mood in a photo, and even help highlight certain aspects of your photo. Choose an interesting background, like a club, a cool room, a garden, or even an interesting alley near your home.
Selfies are a staple of an internet presence, but the truth is that too many selfies can be a major turn-off to people who are viewing your profile. These photos may seem simple enough, but they can easily help attract people to you and also help improve your internet presence.
I’m not the type who like to take selfies all the time but on important occasions like family events and gatherings I will bring it along. My phone camera is quite lousy and zooming in on far objects causes the image to become really blur. First you need a good camera and then you need to learn all the advanced trigonometry and physics necessary to use said camera. Have you noticed how  sometimes they talk about the stuff in the pictures more than the people? I sat there and fooled around with my camera for a minute or two because I wanted to capture what I was remembering about my own experience as a child. We work with some of the world's leading photographers, including Michael "Nick" Nichols, Steve McCurry, Art Wolfe, and Jim Brandenburg. I’ll be the first one to admit I struggle with constant negative mental chatter, directed at myself and others. Only you are going to go get that haircut that is going to score compliments and put you in a great mood.
If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. Any information or products presented here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
A  I just love seeing how my friends & family have changed and grown, and reading what they have been up to throughout the year. A It has always been a dream of mine to learn to take really great photographs and I have spent a lot of time studying, practicing, & improving my photography skills over the last couple of years. A Since not everyone has the desire or the ability to invest in a DSLR, I thought today I would share some simple tips for taking a great Christmas card photo no matter what type of camera you are using. A If you plan to use the self-timer on your camera, be sure you know how you will prop your camera up where you need it. A Even though the clothes are out of my price range, I love getting wardrobe inspiration from the Crew Cuts (by J Crew) catalog. A For family portraits, use the portrait setting, which will lower the aperture and give you just a slight amount of blur in the background. A Then set the aperture as low as it will go on your camera and let your camera automatically adjust the other settings.
A Unless you are a professional photographer with professional lighting equipment, you should only ever take your family photographs in natural light. A Pay close attention to odd shadows and streaks of light that can filter through trees or buildings. A Basically you should imagine every picture like it is divided by lines into thirds both vertically and horizontally, creating 9 equal boxes. A  A When you are already busy trying to remember a good lighting & the rule of thirds AND get your family to all cooperate at the same time, mergers are very easy to miss! A Putting a lot of pressure on young kids to pose like models and smile at the right moment will probably result in a whole lot of frustration, more than a few tears, and some really horrible shots. A Try tying a stuffed animal to the top of your head, or using some sort of squeaker to get really young children’s attention.
A That said, cropping can be helpful if you need to zoom in or adjust the subject to follow the rule of thirds.
Our newsletter offers a weekly dose of inspiration & encouragement, and many of our readers tell us it is the highlight of their week! I guess flying to Florida for the sole purpose of having our Christmas card photos taken wouldn’t be very frugal, huh? Love the goofy face family photo, can you give me a little tips about the lighting(direction) and the photographer’s position…Thank you so much! Of course it’s an innocent question meant with good intentions, however it does make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as I try not to roll my eyes, and instead paste on a smile, and answer them nicely about my travel photography gear I use.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a phone camera, a point-and-shoot, or a DSLR with interchangeable lenses – what makes a great photo memory of a holiday is how you take the picture, not what you take the picture with. Sure, you want to get that picture of Billy and Susie in front of the Eiffel Tower, but if you want a good picture of Billy and Susie then you want to think about composition before you click the shutter button.
A shot where everything is exactly symmetrical in the frame can also have a powerful effect.
When you first glimpse at a photo, our brain automatically starts to decipher the picture trying to figure out what the picture is of. Framing in composition is something that frames your main subject to call even more attention to it.

However photography is about moving; crouching, standing on things, putting your camera on the ground and changing perspectives. It doesn’t matter what camera you use, or what equipment you have, to do any of these simple things. The good news about selfies is that it’s pretty easy to take a selfie that looks amazing – even if you’re just an average Joe or Jane. The more shots you take, the better shot you have at getting a great selfie out of the bunch. If you’re a girl trying to take a flirty selfie, angle the camera slightly above your head.
Statistically speaking, women and men who smile during photos appear to be more approachable, and also appear to be more attractive than those who do not. No matter how awesome your selfies are, you do have to curb the amount of selfies that you have. Next time you need to upload a selfie, do yourself a favor and try out these cool tips to create an interesting, artful image that you can be proud of. I like to take shots from different angles and the adjustable knows makes it really easy to find the perfect angle for taking selfies. If you approach the picture with that in mind, you will take better, more meaningful pictures of your family.
I was watching her and thinking about how great it was to be a kid, when the most important part of your day was deciding what colors to put on an egg. Why did I reach for my camera just now and not 10 minutes ago (or not at all) then you’ll begin to take better pictures of your family immediatly.
Supporting photographers is not just a sideline activity for us, it’s one of the main missions of Photocrati. You fly through your day resenting everyone you have to talk to, and everything that you have to do, and just hating life and waiting for the day to be over so you can start the hamster wheel all over again tomorrow.
Show yourself a little love, and resentment, stress and negativity will have less and less power over you and your day. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention.
A It reminds me that even in the midst of all this busyness, even when we don’t always have a chance to catch up, we are still connected. A Put some thought into what you will wear, whether you want to use props or not, where shot will be taken, and what sort of poses you will use.
A If you plan to ask a (non-photographer) friend or family member to take the shot for you, be sure to talk to them about your vision and share these tips so that you can work together to get a shot you love. A The Rule of Thirds says that your subject should not be in that center box, but along one of the lines, or preferably on one of the points because pictures that are slightly off-center are more interesting and visually appealing than those that are centered. A Always try to take a second glance at the background before you shoot to make sure there isn’t something in the background that might look odd in the photograph. Consider what you see through the viewfinder at the moment before you click the shutter button as your canvas – and just like a painter, you decide what is going to go on the canvas and where it is placed.
If this is the only thing that you pick up from this whole article – I consider it a success – it’s just that important.
Without us being aware of it, our brain looks for lines that lead us to the subject of the picture. A good start is to go slow and look for reflections as taking a reflection picture can be a new way to showcase an often-photographed sight or simply ordinary photograph. A selfie at the top of the Empire State Building is less impressive to me than showing me the experience you had going up the building and of seeing all of Manhattan from that perspective! You can also get a little creative and use the selfie stick to take unique angled selfies that you normally would be unable to take. The selfie stick works just as described and it has become an indispensable tool for taking better group shots. Looking through a photo album the faces all start to run together, it’s the things that make the memories special. When I see this picture now it reminds me of that memory and hopefully it will do the same for my daughter one day.
Think about what it felt like when you were a kid and climbed on a horse, then try to preserve that feeling for your son. Your partner and family and friends can support and take care of you to a certain extent, but there are certain things you can really only do for yourself. We seem to live in a world where its too easy and acceptable to be mean to ourselves and others. A The best time of day for outdoor photos at the beach or any place without a lot of shade is the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset.
You can control this by moving your body around to various viewpoints, moving closer, moving away, lying down, standing on something, or turning in circles if you want!
Of course you can look for reflections in bodies of water, like lakes, rivers, and streams. If you are photographing children (or anything lower to the ground), then crouching is a must to get to their level and interact with them.
A The flashes on most cameras will immediately ruin an otherwise nice shot, adding harsh lighting, shadows, & red-eye.
Plus – it’s a great way to highlight something that is always photographed; it brings a new perspective and interest to the subject. But push yourself further and look for reflections in windows, puddles, fountains, and even beverages. To be most effective, you should try to create your overall composition so that the lines appear to be moving in or out of a corner(s) of he image.
Shooting from different angles and levels can make a huge difference between an ok and great picture. My technical knowledge allows me to take the picture from the proper angle with the proper light, etc, but it’s my desire to preserve the memory of my children decorating the house that leads me to create an image that is unique and so much better than a snapshot. This is a gift for my children… a memory recall button they can use 30 years from now to feel the same way I did when  I took the picture. I break all of the rules in this article if there is a why, when, where, or who that reminds me of a place, time, or experience.

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